We would like to invite you to a weekend immersion of life.
A life that awaits each one of us that celebrates our hearts, bodies, sexuality, spirituality and the longing for sacred community.


We wish to celebrate the gift of standing together on these sacred lands of Aotearoa amongst the global challenges and to sound a note about what is sacred to you, to us and to these lands.

Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves


Over the weekend you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, ceremonies and temples on the magical grounds of Highden Temple, a mystery school that hosts 28 acres of land dedicated to a new earth.


Eden Festival provides a full permission space, inviting safe, whole, powerful, supported embodied experiences. The offerings offer a diverse range of tools, practices, knowledge and experiential journeys into heart, body, sex and spirit. We are delighted to have both international and local facilitators, space holders - Kaitiaki, demonstrations and a team of designated emotional support people who are here for your integration.

It is our most significant annual tribal gathering where we celebrate, share and introduce new people to the tribe and re-connect with existing members. We will be living as tribe and community over the two days and invite a space of inclusivity, synergy and self responsibility.

Eden takes place at Highden Temple. 

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