Touch from the Void

Touch from the Void is a four day journey into the dark.

The dark is the emptiness that lives at the core of everything. It is the ecstatic energy of life we call ‘the mystery’ that lives at the core of all things from black holes at the centre of galaxies to the atoms in your body.

This dark is not a polarity to light but the place from which both light and form arises. The dark has been called many things, ‘God’, ‘Source’ ‘Spirit’, ‘The Tao’. The dark is the non-dual nature of the universe and is what lives behind all identity- it is your essence.

Touch from the void opens the pathways for this dark to enter your body, heart and consciousness.


You will be invited to empty your mind of agendas, dissolve expectations and surrender to the arising of dark moment to moment.




 TANDAVA - (twice daily)

Often depicted in the traditional iconography of northern India, Kashmir and Tibet, Tandava is a very slow, mystical dance, movement meditation that leads to the perception of the Cosmic Body and attunement to our Infinite Nature.

The seemingly empty space around us becomes our dance partner as we slowly allow the waves of life to move our body and merge with the universe around us.



This kind of non-dual touch will reconnect the core void vibration to the physical body. That dance of cosmic dissolution into the atoms of the universe through the vibration of the body cells propels into an endless ocean of melted spaciousness.

While this touch is healing on our spiritual, energetic, physical, and sexual level, it’s certainly not about a sexual release class, but an elegant simplicity that is our gateway of cosmic surrender.

It is a type of massage that is given without fear and desire, though it suggests an intimate, delicate and innocent quality of touch as for how we would caress and touch the divine.



When we take our awareness all the way down inside our body, beneath our cells, into the core of our atoms and still deeper, we find a singularity, a whirring energy vortex. The base is one of the access points for the dark that lives inside matter and we will be descending deep into the body through the base connecting with the dark at the core of the earth.



When the dark core of our hearts open we are gifted a sublime experience of ‘falling through’ the core of another heart, galaxies merging into the singularity of ONEness together. This is the deep rest in love that we long for but rarely find as it requires the dissolving of a separate ‘I’ and ‘you’, there is no outer projection of a partner, lover or friend. There is nothing to hold and no-one to be, nothing else exists except love.


The dark accelerates evolution and its capacity to radically elevate consciousness is one of the most potent offerings for humanity. This energy can pierce through collective thought forms and mental structures that limit our capacity to know our own boundlessness, the true nature of reality. It can ungrip us from a concrete three dimensional world of predictability and logic where the boundaries of ‘knowing’ encase the multidimensional realms of possibility.



Touch from the Void is for anyone who longs to dissolve a separate self. It is for those who are willing to let something greater direct their lives. It is for those who wish to embody ecstatic spaciousness and deep stillness. No experience is required just a willingness for the self that is you to step aside. For four days of your life would you give your consent to the unknown?



+ Movement and embodiment meditations
+ Individual and group practices
+ Live demos to receive direct transmission
+ Rituals and Temples in the evening
+ Periods of stillness and silence


This immersion is designed to best serve the group as a whole. This means the experience will be specifically catered to the energy of the group.

Be ready to step into the mystery.

The authenticity of the body will serve as a barometer for the journey, forming trust and safety. As we create inner spaciousness, relax the nervous system and expand the limitless flow of love through touch.

Come with an open mind.

This is a full permission space. Nudity, erotic touch and sensuality are part of the experience.

Self responsibility and honouring your individual limits and boundaries are pillars of this journey.

All genders, non genders, sexual preferences, singles and couples are welcome!



Thursday 7th January 2021: 10am - Sunday 10th January: 5pm


- includes food and accommodation

$840 NZ - Camping
$900 NZ - Triple dorm
$990 NZ - Single room

* Spaces are limited due to venue capacity *

$200 NZ non refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.

Bank details:

Account holder: Laura Lancia
Account number: 02-1290-0228349-000
Address: TransferWise
56 Shoreditch High Street
London E1 6JJ
United Kingdom

Once payment deposit has been made please email: your chosen accommodation and any dietary requirements.






Laura is an international leader in sacred sexuality. Weaving both the dark and light, she offers a potent transmission unlike any other.
She has a unique breadth of wisdom and experience. Having spent many years studying, practising and teaching Tantra. On top of a decade in psychology. Where she worked closely with people in prisons and with people suffering from mental health. As well as Laura's mental and spiritual dedication, embodiment has been a big part of her awakening. Unlocking the incredible wisdom found in the body.
Touch and embodiment are Laura's mastery. She has an incredible understanding of how to work with the body. Physically, energetically and shamanically. As well as having a refined expertise in the realms of sexuality and working with our sexual nature.
She works intimately with clients; 1:1, as couples, groups, online and offering mentoring for others.
She creates deep powerful journeys for people to explore all sides of themselves.
Through the space she holds, her students and clients learn how to access their ability to empower and transform themselves and their lives. Her powerful, authentic and sensuous molten presence helps guide people home to their body. To their Temple.
As well as creating her own body of work, she is also a facilitator of Dancing Eros and an apprentice facilitator of ISTA (International School of Temple Arts)


Winter is an international teacher, writer and facilitator in the realms of the mystical arts, sexuality and dark embodiment.

Holding a deep connection with magic Winter offers a powerful transmission of the inner worlds and invites you to step outside formed notions of reality into a life of enchantment.

Winter’s work penetrates ideas of gender and sexuality and the spaces she creates are beyond constructs of duality, of him and her to the deeper realms of soul, the singularity that connects us all.

Winter is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor working with clients and groups through periods of crisis and soul development. She is a guide for those seeking radical transformation, who wish to unravel the layers of conditioning that obstruct the dazzling core of our aliveness.

Winter is a teacher at ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and Highden Mystery School in New Zealand. She is a member of Highden Governance and part of the Soul Education team developing the curriculum and teachings for the mystery school trainings.

She is passionate about liberating herself and others to remember the limitless nature of their dark essence. Winter has a deep calling to bring forth the temples of the new earth, to create spaces that penetrate worlds, that merge spirit and matter.


If you have any questions or queries about this retreat, please get in touch with us at


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