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Agni is the Lord of Fire. Agni Yoga is the yoga of synthesis. The basic premise of Agni Yoga is this: There are no external circumstances which can defeat the human spirit. This book is targeted towards those who have some familiarity with the Trans-Himalayan teachings. But the key lies in their practical application. This is the way we fuel the fire. The book has three sections: Meditation, Study and Service. The first section describes the progression of meditative work starting with that spark of inspiration when we first make soul contact, through to full soul-identification when the initiate become an instrument of the higher Will. This section contains specific meditative exercises, alignments, mantrams, prayers and formulas to be used in the everyday practice of Agni Yoga. The Study section contains a description of the cosmic planes and subplanes, including the intricate interrelationships of the rays that create the energetic fabric of our solar system. A theory of astrological rulerships is also incorporated. If you are curious about the mysteries of colour and number, the question of good and evil, the purpose of the sacrifice of the solar angels or the mysteries of the Creative Hierarchies, this chapter is well worth a read. The leap of the Agni yogi is first a leap in consciousness. Agni Yoga is the yoga of the soul. But the fire of divine Will must be brought through Love into action. The Service section outlines the four stages for bringing Will into expression right now in our everyday lives.

AGNI - Way of Fire by Bruce Lyon (2013)

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