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There are many souls in incarnation now who carry what might be called the seeds of darkness a higher non-dual or divine darkness that is in reality a blinding light. These souls are the disciples and initiates who are able to esoterically see in the dark light . That seeing will enable them to stand firm and secure through the period of testing ahead. Indeed this is how the power structures and resources of the world will shift from the planetary personality to the planetary soul. In times of deep crisis the personality is unable to offer solutions it is blinded and revealed for what it essentially is a very clever survival system. Those who are soul-infused will be able to stand and withstand the blast of spirit as forerunners of the Externalisation process and heralds of the new civilisation. Indeed for them it will also be a time of great joy, as they will witness the things they have stood and fought for over many years finally able to break through the cracks in the old and crumbling world order. Esoterically they can anchor themselves in the future, in the time window of 2025 where the light of victory is breaking even now. There the hour is always now. These teachings are designed to provide an energetic antahkarana to that future ever-present light.

Occult Cosmology by Bruce Lyon (2010) (Paperback)

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