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Working With The Will is an emergent spiritual science empowering the externalisation of consciousness and the fusion of soul and personality through identification with the monad. The process of planetary awakening has progressed to the point where the consciousness or soul principle is well established and gradually becoming exoteric. The principles and practices that are needed to generate a healthy, enlightened and sustainable global society are increasingly well known and recognised across a wide range of cultures. This spread is the fruit of seeds once planted in small pockets or nurseries of consciousness that might be called the mystery schools. The work of the modern mystery school is to germinate seeds of Will or Purpose through the revelation of the core energy or life force that lies not only at the core of our planetary life expression but that is not separate from the One Life of the universe. The generation of a reservoir of Will within the consciousness of advanced humanity provides the dynamic evolutionary charge required for the full emergence and demonstration of the planetary soul upon the physical plane.

Working With the Will by Bruce Lyon (2004)

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