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The Daka and Dakini Experience

7 January 2019 at 10:00 am – 13 January 2019 at 6:00 pm

Time and Location

7 January 2019 at 10:00 am – 13 January 2019 at 6:00 pm

Highden Manor Estate

220 Green Rd, Awahuri 4476, New Zealand

About the Event

Rewilding Temples, Highden Temple and Sex Witch Presents a one week immersion into eros, intimacy and community. Come and join us for the Daka and Dakini Experience in January 2019.

The temples have landed and we are creating a beautiful week of individual sessions with world renowned practitioners, daily workshops and evening rituals. The Daka and Dakini Experience will take place in luscious lands of New Zealand at Highden Temple set on 36 acres of gardens, forests and embedded within a conscious community. At the heart of the temple is the sacred power of eros and this week is an opportunity to explore and deepen your connection to your sexuality, to deepen intimacy with self and others, to feel more embodied as a soul.

-What does it mean to truly be alive?



-Do you have areas of your sexuality that you would like healed or transformed?

-Do you want to deepen your connection to your erotic wisdom? -Your life force?

-Your pleasure?

The week will focus on aligning you with the full potential of your life force, the power of your eros to create and manifest your soul purpose in this world.

There will be eight daka and dakini's with unique experience to guide and support your path towards empowerment through the following modalities;

~ Breathwork

~ Conscious movement

~ Touch

~ Erotic massage

~ Pelvic release bodywork

~ Emotional release tools

~ Sexuality and life coaching

~ Mindfulness and relaxation of the body and nervous system

Daily Program:

* Two hour session with a different practitioner each day

* Two hour workshop/ facilitated event

* Two hour evening temple (group activities/ rituals)

* Free time and space to connect in between!

"Dakini is a Tibetan word for a woman who teaches the deep mysteries of Tantra. Her sexuality and her whole being is devoted to the Divine/Existence/your awakening. She uses the power of the feminine, including feminine sexuality, to shatter illusions and bring the client closer to the truth of who s/he is. Being a Dakini is a deep calling that takes a lifetime of preparation, as the Dakini's own being is the main vehicle through which the catalyzing happens. By doing her own inner work, the Dakini becomes able to accurately read and potently respond to the awareness needs of the client. For that she uses both ordinary and extraordinary perception and abilities."

~ Shakti Malan

"A Daka or "Sacred Intimate" is a man who teaches tantra personally, directly and intimately – the only way Tantra is authentically taught. A Daka inspires a person, honouring him/her as a form of the Divine, and sensuality as a path to enlightenment, taking a client to the full expression of herself/himself in the world. Sometimes the client has obstacles to the expression of her/his Highest Self. He is available to support your awareness, your own spiritual development. Not to substitute for it, or to do it for you."

~ New Age Tantric Touch

The Daka and Dakini experience is limited to 14 souls called to dive deep into the living temple experience. You will be supported by 8 world class daka and dakini's. Come and celebrate life in the New Zealand summer with your soul tribe.

Cost- US 1600 includes food, Accomodation and sessions.

The Facilitators

Winter Jade Icely is a witch, mystic and wild embodier. She is an experienced teacher and facilitator with expertise in the realm of the magickal arts, sexuality and movement. Her current work is through the movement 'Sex Witch' merging her passion of mysticism and erotic embodiment. Winter has journeyed with and brought to life the feminine mysteries and goddess wisdom over the past five years. She is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor having worked with men, women and children who have experienced trauma and abuse.

Zapheria Bell is a Soul Midwife, Womb Witch, Dakini, Master Spiral Practitioner and Mentor of Leaders - yet she remains deeply grounded in her vulnerability and humanness to journey the path of student and teacher together. She is dedicated to guiding people back to their Hearts, their Wombs and stepping unapologetically into their authentic power. Using an intuitive blend of a multitude of tools including Emotional clearing, Ritual practices, Dance, Tantric bodywork & loving presence.

Her current offerings include The Evolutionary Woman program, The Womb Spiral and Inside The Temple.

Sebastien Daka is a tantra-yoga and meditation teacher, intimacy and relationships coach, Tantric body worker.

He is dedicated to spiritual growth and personal development, using the Heart as a tool and as a path.

He spent the last 16 years travelling and studying around the world and he already taught over France, Switzerland, Norway, Ukraine, Mexico, India, Thailand and now Australia.

Xavier Bouquillard is a powerful Love Warrior dedicating his life to being a channel through which Love can manifest. With full presence and gratitude and leading by example Xavier is working to heal and teach in the areas of presence, sexuality, relating and the power of the divine masculine and feminine. Studying as much as possible and being in service on a daily basis.Over the years he has studied with many teachers and masters. Moving into his own unique practices and techniques, he has recently begun offering them publicly in the form of counselling sessions, tantric healing massages, Holographic kinetics, Reiki, coaching and training.

Jasmeen Hana is of Egyptian Origin. From a Young Age she has been involved in the Ancient Mysteries and it has taken her on a journey through the world. Her studies include a BA in communications- Theatre Studies. She has Diplomas in Yoga- Ayurveda and Tantra. She is currently facilitating in the International School of Temple Arts and also offers a variety of her own workshops especially around the Egyptian Mysteries . Her passion is to resurrect the ancient mystery schools and living ceremonies. She works passionately with women, couples and groups to re-awaken life force, power and joy.

Nic Tovey blends his 15 years of experience as a practitioner of Energetic Healing, Transpersonal Counselling, Relationship Coaching and Sacred Sexuality to offer a powerful transmission in service of love. Nic has extensive experience facilitating groups and working with individuals and couples both in private practice and in the community. Nic's experience and intuitive gifts, combine to provide an integrated representation of the Sacred Masculine in service to you; grounded in presence, with a wild and open heart, and devoted in sacred purpose.

Michelle Hanson is an artist, breathworker and priestess of the feminine mysteries. Her passion is in creation and opening the channel to allow spirit to move through all of her work - from her artistry, relationships, daily encounters and space holding. Journeying deeply through layers of shame, trauma and restriction has allowed her to step onto the path of unlocking the creative potential of her soul through art, deeper embodiment of life-force, and connection. She creates safe spaces of depth and liberation for others, using breathwork as a powerful tool to help people move through unconscious blocks in their psyche and energy body. She facilitates one-on-one sessions where inner child beliefs, traumas, ancestral patterns, and past life blockages can be accessed, re-programmed and integrated. She also holds group breathwork sessions and warm water rebirths.

Regan Pryor has journeyed with the teachings of embodiment which led him to discover his soul gifts of sacred sexuality and youth work. Regan has seven years experience facilitating and space holding for groups including week-long intensives, shamanic circles, sacred sexuality retreats and workshops, as well as festivals and community activities. His passion for inspiring youth as well as his dedication to awakening life force through spiritual, sexual and shamanic practices led him to a long standing relationship with the International School of Temple Arts (I.S.T.A). Regan is now a member of the I.S.T.A faculty and lives at the Highden Mystery School in Awahuri N.Z. Regan is a passionate embodiment practitioner and offers his private sessions and group work from a deep place of integrity and authenticity; applying his deep sense of connection to the earth and his immense love for humanity and passion for awakening and inspiring the inner evolution and the landing of the soul in body.

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