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The Temple Training- Love Initiation

20 September 2021 at 10:00 am – 29 October 2021 at 6:00 pm

Monday 8 February to Friday 19 March 2021
The Temple Training is a 6 week immersion.
It provides the opportunity to learn and demonstrate together the next step forward in the anchoring of the modern Temple.

Time and Location

20 September 2021 at 10:00 am – 29 October 2021 at 6:00 pm


220 Green Road, Awahuri 4476, New Zealand

About the Event


Monday 8 February - Friday 19 March 2021

The Temples of the World Soul are Landing!

2020-2021 continues to unfold as a dynamic living fire.

The world soul is landing simultaneously all over the planet. Highden Temple is a Mystery School for soul initiation, leadership, magic and the creation of soul community and we are being called to break open the energy of what has been developed here. Just as the last Temple Training expanded from one residential mandala to multiple global mandala’s around the world completing the cycle of 7, so this first Temple Training of the next cycle must also change form and vibrate its essence around the globe.

We learned so much from the last Temple Training about the power of mandala work both virtual and residential. Group soul activation forms a powerful archetypal bridge between the individual soul and the world soul and even more so when a group of people are vibrating around the globe in a portal at the same time.

We are therefore going to make this Temple Training available in an online mandala form so that people all over the planet can do their soul initiation work together and anchor the temple wherever they are.

Groups of facilitators and graduates from the first seven temple trainings will come together and support the global mandala’s. Some will be on the ground at Highden, some in Australia and some in Europe. This will anchor the energy and provide a resource for the virtual temples. Some of these temples will be in virtual form. Others will be in smaller groups of people that gravitate together on land and communities, calling for this temple training transmission.

There is a massive energetic portal open at the moment that makes it possible for those who are deeply called at this time - to fully land their souls as well as calling in the temples as a global group, in resonance with the cosmic energy alignments available.

Is there something deep inside your soul stirring wanting to be a part of what is emerging from this global period of transformation? If this Temple Training is resonating for you; If this is how Wild Love is calling for you to emerge…then please join us in the fire.

Designed to cover all aspects of conscious sacred living. It is for those who have already made considerable progress on their path of liberation and embodiment.

The Temple Training provides the opportunity to demonstrate together the next step forward in the anchoring of the modern Temple.

This is not just an online workshop but an actual living experience in group soul - be part of the source code of creative, loving, shamanic, ecstatic community. ........ THE CURRICULUM Will focus on five major areas : Awareness: - Meditation, Cosmology, Astrology, Rayology, Soul Fusion, The Void Eros: - Life force Activation, Polarity & Magnetism, Tantric Sexuality, Magic & Rituals Community: - Love & Relationship, Group Soul & Group Initiation, Living as Organism Creativity: - Unique self & Life Purpose, Synergy, Money and the Economics of Love Earth:- Shamanism, Earth energies, Working with Devas, Planetary Kundalini, Initiations & Ceremonies

And....these are just guides. The real curriculum is the living current of life force emerging through each of us and between us as love reveals to us its next great unfoldment in planetary evolution and group transmission.

THE LOVE INITIATION The initial stage of anchoring of the Highden Temple took place over three and a half years and seven temple trainings. These were the seven sub rays of the first ray which is about initiating through the use of the will. The Temple has landed and so much has already been learned about the process of group initiation.

In 2021, we begin the second cycle of seven trainings whose core essence is the second ray of Love-Wisdom. In residence at Highden and simultaneously all over the world. On the Innernet, the Internet and fully Incarnate. The first training begins in February and combines the initiatory power of the first ray with the compassion and inclusiveness of the second. Now we fully open the Heart of the temple.

The Temple Training is a call from soul. A call that does not come from the mind, desire, or wanting to come the next workshop or the next thing, but from a deeper place of soul calling that has no choice but to break open to the love that is all.

This is soul initiation work and requires three things of you.

1.That it is a definite inner calling - a vocation to be available in service to the world through the deepest part of you.

2.That you make a real commitment of time, energy and money to the process. This will involve preparation work for an initiatory journey as well as making it a priority for the six week duration of the Temple. This will require a minimum of four hours a day, five days a week. Time zones may require you to break your normal routines.

3.That you are willing to be the fullest expression of your soul sovereignty while at the same time giving your consent in full surrender to the mystery that wants to dance us all.

Here is what you can expect; A deeply intimate and transformative journey of soul initiation over six weeks 8th Feb - 19th March ( plus a preparatory week starting on 1st Feb ) - You will join a mandala of no more than 24 and a pod group of four. - You will have daily ( Mon-Fri ) meditations, pod groups and mandala meetings. - You will have a live transmission each day from Janine Ma-Ree and once a week from Bruce Lyon and offerings from other guest teachers. You will be supported ( depending on your mandala ) by Winter Icely, Regan Pryor, Robbie Griffin, Taki'h Dyandeepa, Laura Deva, Sam Pemberton, Yvette Daniel, Andreas Dreki and many others in the wider field. - You will have daily practices, rituals and interactive group processes. - There will be regular temples and rituals for the whole field. - You will have relevant reading and resource material to support the teachings over six weeks. -You will have a copy of your astrology chart and human design. - You will have the support of the mandala on the ground at Highden as well as the more than 270 graduates of the Temple Training vibrating all around the world. - You will also be connected to other people in your time zones, geographical location and the possibility of local gatherings.

COST The exchange for The Temple Training virtual is US$1750 pp. ( Our In residence six week Temple is US$6250 ). We have made every effort to keep the cost as affordable as possible for this training. Applicants with financial constraints are encouraged to seek support from their communities. ENROLMENT There is an application process to ensure the group synergy is flowing and that the programme is suitable for each participant.

Fill in the application here:

Or write to: with any questions.

What is Soul Initiation?

Landing The Temples "The temples are not just places of refuge for those fleeing a civilisation in decline or looking for an alternative culture within the prevailing system. They are more radical than that. They are the very breath of the new arriving. They are not a place to retreat but to advance in a new direction; towards the earth. Towards the earth, not as mother but lover. They are landed by free souls who have liberated themselves from the gravity of survival and necessity, yet have come back to kiss the ground, to co-create and listen to that which has been waiting in their own bodies and the earth itself, longing to be met with love and danced in freedom."

TEACHING TEAM Janine Ma-Ree will be holding the lead point supported by a teams of 7 for each mandala, made up of a triad of facilitators and 4 other support people. Bruce Lyon will be giving a meditation and consciousness transmission once a week for the duration of The Temple Training and holding point with Janine for the final initiation ceremony.

BRUCE LYON - BSc, Dip Clin Hyp, MSE, PhdE. Has been teaching in the area of esoteric wisdom, the tantric arts, cosmology and universal spirituality for over twenty years. He is on the wisdom council of ISTA, founder of Shamballa School and the author of many books. He first established an esoteric school at Highden in 2001 and has a deep connection with the land there.

LEAD TEACHER - JANINE MA-REE Janine Ma-Ree has been facilitating transformational spaces for over 25 years. She supports people to live a life of Spiritual embodiment, shadow integration, wild innocence, and from an ecstatic resonance anchored in the dark. She has a passion for the mysteries of matter, the shamanic, the holy dark and the path of the mystic.

A few years ago, Janine founded Red Earth Temple, a living temple of activated wild land. The land is her teacher, her muse and co-creator. The acres of Red Earth, combined with the womb canyon through the centre, and the Wild Innocence of the untamed bush, create a potent shamanic field for deep immersion, ritual and session work.

She created the Shamanic Womb Journey work, is lead faculty at International School of Temple Arts and serves in Wisdom Circle, lead facilitator at Highden Mystery School, and creates/co creates other offerings as they emerge.

Janine draws on 30 years’ experience in holistic health as a practitioner, presenter and facilitator as well as the many mentors, guides, teachers and experiences that she has been gifted on her life's path.

MANDALA FACILITATOR - WINTER JADE ICELY Winter is an international teacher who has been developing and facilitating trainings for the past seven years in the realms of the mystical arts, sexuality and dark embodiment.

Winter has been part of the core team and a guest teacher throughout the three years of the Temple Trainings. She is a member of Highden Governance and part of the Soul Education team developing the curriculum and teachings for the mystery school trainings.

Winter’s work penetrates ideas of gender and sexuality and the spaces she creates are beyond constructs of duality, of him and her, heterosexual and homosexual to the deeper realms of soul, the singularity that connects us all.

Winter is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor working with clients and groups through periods of crisis and soul development. She has a deep calling to bring forth the temples of the new earth, to create spaces that penetrate worlds, that merge spirit and matter.

MANDALA FACILITATOR - REGAN PRYOR Regan Pryor’s journey has taken him through a deeply embodied and felt sense of the vast spectrum of life experience available to us during these beautiful and challenging times on the earth.

He has moved through an intensive investigation into the realms of relating, the domains of the corporate and creative industries as well as organic farming and permaculture lifestyle.

After a deep calling to integrate his life experience and share more with the world through his men’s group and circle work, he discovered two great avenues to express his soul gifts and uplift and inspire the beings he came into contact with; Sacred sexuality and Youth work.

From this place of deep realisation and connection to his heart calling, Regan set out to run a retreat lodge in the Kaimais mountain range in N.Z. With seven years offering his space and holding space for youth work, week-long intensives, shamanic circles, sacred sexuality retreats and workshops, as well as festivals and community activities.

His passion for inspiring youth as well as his dedication to awakening life force through spiritual, sexual and shamanic practices lead him to a long standing relationship with the International School of Temple Arts (I.S.T.A).

MANDALA FACILITATOR - ROBBIE GRIFFIN Robbie has spent eight years delving into the deep mysteries and wisdom of ancient traditions in both Western and Eastern philosophies and practices.

As a mentor and counsellor, he empowers people to open their hearts fully and live a life of deep love and connection. Working with the deepest challenges of transmuting sacred wounding and distilling the essence as a gift for their souls’ development.

Robbie is drawn to working with the dark, matter, density, Earth, shamanic subtleties and the merging of these elements within. He is dedicated to landing the temples, experimenting with radically alternative lifestyles and bringing together heart centred communities where we can live in synergy and synarchy.

Robbie first participated in Ray V and since has devoted himself to the intricate work and teachings. He was a co-facilitator for the landing of Ray VII and is honoured to be organising and co-facilitating the first iteration of the new cycle of Temple Training.

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