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A Journey into the heart of Cacao
An ancient Mayan prophecy says;

“the Cacao Spirit will come out of the rainforest when the world goes into chaos, and help people reconnect to the magic wisdom of their hearts”

We are living in times of chaos and unpredictability. Now more than ever, humans are being called to come together and recognize the unity of all things and dissolve the old paradigms of separation.

The heart is the meeting place for this uniting energy and the consciousness behind Cacao is in total devotion to having the magic of your heart find you.

It is here to tickle you in the deepest sense.

Come join us at Highden Temple for this event entirely dedicated to opening and nurturing the heart with the wisdom of Cacao.

This afternoon will adventure you into:
- How the ancient Mayan shamans related with the Cacao Spirit
- Reveal the role the Cacao Spirit played in the Aztec civilisation
- the wide spectrum of compounds researched in the west, residing within this plant.

We will journey with a Cacao from the wild jungles of Guatemala.
This exact Cacao was handled by the natives, in a particular way to activate specific shamanic properties.

Our guide on this journey; Dreki, has been in mentorship with a Cacao shaman since 2013 and has traveled into the wild jungle of Guatemala with a native Mayan elder, to learn the ways of the Cacao Spirit.

Since coming out of the jungle, he has facilitated ceremonies all over the planet.

Dreki will also bring us on a Shamanic Drum Journey. This will be a unique somatic experience and can be very healing.

Prepare yourself on the day of the ceremony by just drinking water 3-4 hours before.

Sign up through email:

$50 NZD payable in advance
$70 NZD at the door
Your Guide  
Dreki is an international shaman, healer and ceremonial keeper.
Having accessed a deep connection to the magic of the plant world from a young age, he has studied wild medicines for most of his life.
Working directly from the essence of plants and attuning to the vibrational medicine they carry, Dreki is a spiritual herbalist and crafts medicines from around the world. He has spent the past six years working deeply with the shamanic and devic worlds in the wild lands of Iceland and holds land journeys both in Europe and abroad.
Dreki has studied and worked with plant medicines in Guatemala with his Mayan elders and is currently in New Zealand learning from the frog, the spirit of Kambo. He has a deep connection to the sacred Cocoa, a master teacher on his apprenticeship path into shamanism.
A certified practitioner of Cranio Sacral Therapy and Somatic Emotional Release Therapy, Dreki is a powerful intuitive healer able to deeply communicate with the body and the subtle energy systems.
Dreki is a keeper of ceremonies and initiations, he has facilitated men’s journeys and workshops that explore the power of embodiment, sexuality and spirit. Having lived a life anchored beyond notions of gender, Dreki has a powerful access to the fluidity of human expression and is deeply connected to the ONEness of life. His transmissions are accessible to all.
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