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Testimonials From Highden

My journey with Highden Temple began 5 years ago when I attended the first of the 6 week Temple Trainings. For me it’s been a slow burn relationship that’s deepened beyond words over the years. A relationship that has slowly stripped away layers of protection to reveal a gentle and continuing emergence of what lives at my core. This relationship has enabled me to finally feel safer in this body, in this life. I have learnt to connect to the alignment of my soul and to trust it. I am grateful to every single being who has passed through the Highden gates, listened to the calling of their soul and in some way been a part of the landing of this very special Temple.

Caroline Mae


Highden Temple is a truly enchanting place and even deeper magical experience (yes magic is real!). In my time at Highden, I learned about the intricacies of the human psyche and collective consciousness. I come from a background of psychology and mental health and already had a practical foundation in some of these areas, but this was a whole new level! Being part of the Highden experience, I was able to practice and embody archetypal elements, be an active participant of the quantum field, and learned the power of prayer and ritual (a Jungian concept playing out in real time). It’s given me tools in how to work with my inner makings, my relationships, and how to navigate the outside world with consideration and compassion for others. 



The knowledge and tools I have learnt here will carry me through the rest of my life. My heart will always call Highden home no matter where in the world I may be.


Christine Godetz

When I first arrived to Highden in 2018, it felt like so many little moments, decisions, and a knowing inside my heart finally came home to realising just how possible magic truly is. I’d been on my own journey already, connecting to soul, creativity, and the mysteries—but communing with a land, training, and ongoing group/community dedicated to the soul was a dream. These are the kinds of places I’ve only imagined or read of in fantasy films, devoted to the ancient wisdom of who we are in relation to the whole, but also to a soul culture that has yet to arrive on Earth. The education of the soul, the heart, and the endless encouragement of bringing what we hold sacred out into the world was the education and wisdom I was always longing for. It’s been beautiful to witness hundreds of people come through Highden and how each person holds something uniquely sacred to them that is so needed in the world. Though everyone has different cycles of how they flow in and out of the community, everyone serves as a reminder of a world centered around the soul and widlly being who we are.

Jonathan Ehrlich


My heart and soul knows with absolute certainty that my time at Highden has served beyond measure! It's been some of the most powerful, most challenging, and profoundly beautiful weeks of my life! In a nutshell - a process of shedding, and remembering, many times over, and a stepping into living more fully, soul centred and deeply from the heart.

I walk in the world with a deeper knowing of who I really am now, who we all are, and have a greater connection to my soul's purpose in this life.


Rachelle Maree

This training is the deepest and most integrated soul initiation process I’m aware of in the world. It focuses on what it means to truly embody your soul in community with others and in connection with the earth and cosmos


 Jon Eden Khan

The Temple training took me trough the experience of stripping off the layers of ego and walls that I had put between myself and the word so I could experience myself who I am underneath of all of that. It gave me a reference point for the vibration and unique quality of (my) Soul, love and service as well as the love and support of the greater forces of the earth and cosmos. This has changed my life and my emergence has started. I am incredibly grateful and I believe Highden holds a potent, refine and so much needed medicine for the world.


Maya Magdalena


No words can truly encapsulate what happens in a mystery school.

This is a place where seekers are called to remember the love that they are. My experience at Highden has been utterly transformational; ploughing the fertile soil of my own human being and impregnating it with the love of the soul. A school of magic, encompassing many traditions, honouring the ancient ways and adapting our myths and stories as science reveals new facts about the earth and universe we live in.


The temple training is an experience that has awoken dormant cells of my body, my creativity, my voice, my power, my sex and my capacity to open my heart. It has stripped layers of conditioning and trauma, allowing me to be more raw and real, to be seen in my vulnerability and my brokenness, and to embrace and be cherished for the unique vibration and gifts that I carry.

Ascending to consciousness and descending to matter, this is deep shadow work, it requires no less than everything of the committed pilgrim to liberation and ecstasy. I am so grateful to have found a community on earth that boldly stands for learning, listening and experimenting with what LOVE is and how it expresses in all fractals of our existence as children of cosmos.



Antoine Lacoste

We hold each other in the dark depths of our souls.

We cry together we encourage each other to be brave.

We laugh, sing and dance through the beauty of our lives when the storms have passed creating a whirlpool of joy and love.

 A part of me that usually wants to hide away from the world now knows a place to be and release.

Like an unleashing of infinite power that gets compressed into a spark of the brightest light that wants to illuminate the deep trenches of my and other people's hearts.

A reminder that together we can achieve things beyond our imagination.

David Zenco-   from the Men's Initiation Retreat

highdentemple is a place that's supported me to look. To look deeply and feel as much of the lived experience as my psyche and nervous system will allow.

As I do, I find love for places in me I didn't know existed and in turn am able to love more fully.  I embarked on a healing journey and I attribute a huge part of my transformation to Highden.

Joshua Broadhurst


 I am only making baby steps back after 6 weeks at Highden’s temple training. Stepping out of a deeply and lovingly held in a container with 26 other beings, all journeying towards a life that is based on essence and soul. 
My entire being is filled with incredible experiences and openings to digest and integrate, a heart blown wide open to so many beings, love and LIFE in general and an endless gratitude that grace led me to this place. 
I want to share my heartfelt gratitude for this place. Highden is unique in its approach, pioneering a way of living based on soul that our materialistic world has painfully lost. 

All I know for now is this:
I feel ready to stand for a world that places soul at the center of its existence. 
Where I am dedicated to the voice of my soul that has only spoken in whispers and – oh my – is so easily silenced by the constant stimuli of our modern society. 
Where I am an advocate of a soulful living of all beings – in human, animal and plant bodies. 


Katharina Alevia

My experiences at Highden have transformed me.


celebrate a space where I can meet my most mercurial and vulnerable parts because they feel safe enough to emerge.

I celebrate a space where teasing apart societal conditioning about sex, death and money is the common currency.

I celebrate a space where the soup is richer for its many ingredients - where everything is tipped in for the deliciousness of sampling it all - including what is most bitter, jealous, twisted, vulnerable and shunned.

I celebrate a space which is teaching me radical self-responsibility: 'that I am the sole author of the dictionary that defines me'. (Zadie Smith)

I celebrate a space where I can soar and fall in equal measure.

I celebrate a space where I have met so many beautiful people who share my longing for a world living in rhythm and reverence to nature, the temples, the mysteries and the hearts of lions.

I celebrate that these imperfect spaces allow me to (increasingly try to) cherish what old mate Brene calls my 'gifts of imperfection'.

Olivia Jensen


Highden Temple is a modern-day mystery school that stands as a paradigm in the field of embodied spirituality.


Personally, the time I’ve spent at Highden has been one of the most formative of my life from a spiritual standpoint. The work done at Highden is eminently “soul-centered” i.e. oriented to supporting people in listening and amplifying the voice of their soul. This may not mean much to some, but for others, it is a precious and rare opportunity.


The esoteric and spiritual background is solid, the cultural and intellectual level is high, and there is a heartfelt intention to welcome human expression in all of its facets. I don’t know of many other places that can claim the same.

Raffaello Manacorda

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