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The Inner Worlds

24- 26 May

19-21 July

16-18 August

You are welcome to attend more than one weekend.

The winter cycle at Highden is a time of hibernation, a moment when the land breathes, the inner worlds feel close, and very few humans are around.

This time is not only about coming to receive something from a workshop - it is also about your body and soul feeling completely at home on the land.

The prayer is that these weekends are not just a workshop you come for, but rather they serve as a bridge between the work being done at Highden and the soul-based culture and leadership already emerging within your own being.

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The Inner Worlds is a weekend-long portal (Fri-Sun) happening during three weekends at Highden Temple this winter. While each weekend may cover similar topics, no weekend will be the same. Each group will be its own living organism, helping to inform the content, group work, and rituals.

These weekends are a taste of some of the work we do at Highden and during the 6 week Temple Training. For those beings who are called to deepen in their soul work, these weekends will be a tincture of the soul education and initiatory work of the mystery school.

This is a chance to journey with a group of others in a weekend-long voyage into the principles of soul culture, through an embodied exploration of new forms of power, love, community and leadership.


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The Temple Training


The Temple Training is a soul Initiation for pioneers of the heart. We open more deeply into the mysteries of love.

We explore the integration of love 
through the three rings of spirit, soul and embodiment.

We gather in 2024 for the 6th instalment of the Ray 2 cycle.

At this time on the planet the earth is calling forth the pioneers of the heart- those beings willing to go into the unknown together - to open up new trails into the emerging mysteries of group soul initiation.

Wild love in action.

The Temple Training is a 6 week immersion at Highden Temple in Aotearoa (New Zealand).
It is for those who have already made progress on their path of liberation and embodiment.

It provides the opportunity to discover and demonstrate together the next step forward in the anchoring of the modern Temple and the cultivation of a new culture.

This is not just a workshop but an actual living experience in group soul - to be part of the source code of creative, loving, shamanic, ecstatic community.


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Brotherhood- Rite of the Masculine Spirit

8 - 13  NOVEMBER 2024

BROTHERHOOD is a living body of work, continuing to blossom on the land of Highden as well as internationally. This is ongoing initiatory work inseparable from the times we're living in. It is a journey that calls forth the soul in identity crisis (personally and collectively), old myths of the masculine crumbling as new ones arrive, and ultimately, beckons those into a fire of new forms of leadership, vulnerability, and power.

From Bruce Lyon, on birthing this work: "I first led this work a few years ago in the Czech republic with 50 men from all over the world and it was an incredibly potent experience of transformation. It was like rain falling on a desert that didn’t even know it was so dry."

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The Edge of Magic

10 - 14  NOVEMBER 2024

In Philip Pullman's classic story, 'His Dark Materials', every child has a 'daimon' that appears as a guardian animal to the soul's unfoldment through its destiny. This guide accompanies every child through life—from childhood to adulthood to elderhood—and serves as a companion for the soul's calling.


The Edge of Magic is a portal for 10-14 year old boys to begin connecting to that calling, which can feel like an invisible puzzle piece of a world that is still arriving coming to meet the world that is here now.

This is an invitation to connect to that moment in time where we start hearing the soul's whispers, listening to the unique essence of one's gifts and— regardless of what messages an outer culture may tell us—we choose to anchor the voice of the invisible worlds within and the heart's intuition that says, "Magic is real."

FOR FATHERS (and father-figures)

While the whole group will be together most of the time, fathers (or father-figures) will also have some space on their own to explore their own masculine lineage, and reclaim pieces of soul-work and magic that may have been left behind.

We welcome all boys or those in male bodies between 10-14 years old.

We welcome and include all pronouns and gender identifications.

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