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Welcome to Highden Temple

Highden Temple is a modern manifestation of the ancient mystery schools that once covered the earth. For thousands of years, throughout many cultures of the world (Egypt, Greece, China, India, the America's, Australia, New Zealand and many more), mystery schools held a central place in the cultural and social fabric of life.

Highden Temple is a place where souls come to land and feel at home in the body; where the dualities of spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, and animal body and soul come together as one. We integrate practices of consciousness, spirituality, sexuality, shamanism and emotions - with the intention of awakening and uniting mind, body, spirit and soul.  

Highden Temple is a place where awakening souls are drawn and converge through their own inner knowing. The journey of Highden is a journey of discovery into what it is to be human once we shed the striving of self actualisation and offer ourselves up to the ecstatic current of life, love and evolution.


As a venue Highden Temple offers a unique and isolated space for deep journeying and soul work. Located on 36 acres, Highden Temple offers a range of facilities including temple/workshop spaces and accomodation capable of holding groups of up to 50 people. 


At Highden we are creating a community grounded in the principles of love and trust. We are road testing  a map for a new civilisation on this planet.





What is a Mystery School?

Bruce Lyon founder of Highden speaks about mystery schools and how to know if your soul is called to one. 


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