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Welcome to Highden Temple

Highden Temple is a modern manifestation of the ancient mystery schools that once covered the earth. For thousands of years, throughout many cultures of the world (Egypt, Greece, China, India, the America's, Australia, New Zealand and many more), mystery schools held a central place in the cultural and social fabric of life.

Highden Temple is a place where souls come to land and feel at home in the body; where the dualities of spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, and animal body and soul come together as one. We integrate practices of consciousness, spirituality, sexuality, shamanism and emotions - with the intention of awakening and uniting mind, body, spirit and soul.  

Highden Temple is a place where awakening souls are drawn and converge through their own inner knowing. The journey of Highden is a journey of discovery into what it is to be human once we shed the striving of self actualisation and offer ourselves up to the ecstatic current of life, love and evolution.


As a venue Highden Temple offers a unique and isolated space for deep journeying and soul work. Located on 36 acres, Highden Temple offers a range of facilities including temple/workshop spaces and accomodation capable of holding groups of up to 50 people. 


At Highden we are creating a community grounded in the principles of love and trust. We are road testing  a map for a new civilisation on this planet.





What is a Mystery School?

Bruce Lyon founder of Highden speaks about mystery schools and how to know if your soul is called to one. 


An open letter
from Highden Temple

Highden is a Mystery School for soul Initiation- what it is to embody Soul in community and in connection with the earth and cosmos. These schools existed in ancient cultures and we are beginning to see the re-emergence of these temples that work directly with the mysteries of the earth, body, consciousness and cosmos.  Highden was established by Bruce Lyon for this reason- a place where people could come to unfold something precious within that lives behind the outer form.  


The first cycle of Highden of three and a half years saw Bruce Lyon as the main teacher who initiated the anchoring of the school and its unique contribution to the collective journey of soul evolution.  The first cycle held a level of intensity that is both inherent in soul initiatory work and also the transmission of Bruce himself which many attended the trainings to receive.


What was not in place during the first cycle was a certain level of aftercare and support for those who had powerful experiences and in some cases struggled to integrate.  We also acknowledge that we did not yet have the infrastructure in place to assist in integration after the training or to fully support the personal self with any historic trauma that was triggered  during the training 


Over the past two years, Highden has changed significantly with the adoption of a new teaching team (including international guest teachers) and a greater focus on care and support both during the training and after.    


Our current aftercare support


Highden has created a triad to support graduates of The Temple Training, specifically to open a space to receive complaints/testimonials/requests for support from anyone that has undertaken a Temple Training in Highden, Samothraki or Nikkila.

All information shared is completely confidential between the individual and the triad unless specific instruction is given to share information with those in leadership positions within the Temple Trainings.  

The triad is composed of TTT graduates with professional backgrounds.  

Highden offers third-party mediation in cases where someone might not feel safe connecting with our in-house triad.  


We also offer participants one on one integration calls post-training and monthly zoom circles to connect back in and share.  We have a feedback form that participants are sent post-training with the opportunity to remain anonymous in response.  




Sexuality at Highden


We wish to share a little about our six-week Temple Training hosted here to clarify some of the questions about its content, in particular related to sexuality. 


The program content underpinning The Temple Training is wide-ranging from astrology, cosmology, new economics, shamanic experience, mythopoetics and much more.  We explore the full spectrum of what it is to be an awake soul having a human experience. 


Each day of the week is dedicated to its corresponding planet and so the content of the teaching derives from this;


Monday Moon

Earth, Body, Land. 

Tuesday Mars

Conflict, Eros, Power, Passion.

Wednesday Mercury

 Consciousness, Meditation, Study.

Thursday Jupiter

Love, Community, Heart


Friday Venus

Creativity, Theatre, Abstract mind


On the question of sexuality within the program, we dedicate Tuesday afternoon/evening to the exploration of eros (which is not sex) in connection to the heart, body, mind and soul.  


The inquiry here is how to listen and understand the intelligence of the energy of eros and dedicate it to the purpose of the soul for creativity, connection and transformation.      


In relation to our protocols on sexuality within the program, our teaching team do not engage sexually with participants (current policy since November 2021) and we advise participants to also be conscious around sexuality with each other as this can sometimes be a distraction from their initiation process.


While sexuality is not excluded it is certainly not the focus, Highden is a place where sexuality (and particularly eros) is viewed as one of the many sacred aspects of what it is to be an integrated human dedicated to Soul.


Our response to the current media around Highden


We care deeply about the people who attend our trainings and are very willing to look at how we can improve what we do and to reduce any experience of harm.  


Highden is not for everyone, we have an extensive interview process for all applicants and have essential pre-requisite requirements in place to attend.  While we recognise trauma may arise through the Initiation experience, we are not a therapeutic school and this is not our focus.

We have support in place if trauma does arise in some people and therapeutic practitioners to refer people to who are needing more than what is available in The Temple Training field who are both therapeutic and transformational space informed.

What we do offer is a space for initiation and deep transformation held within a community dedicated to this work. 

We are unwilling to engage with groups who are activating a cancel culture against us which has so far involved harassment, defamation and unsubstantiated claims.


We are very willing to work with anyone who wants to support us to improve what we do and to contribute to Highden’s evolution as a living school dedicated to Soul and the coming times.

The Prayer Wheel  by Janine Ma-Ree

I have been part of this field because I feel resonance with the intention of supporting the emergence of Temples with the primordial dark-the pure frequency of love, in the centre.


Temples that are acupuncture points around the globe and part of a larger global temple emerging on earth. An emergence where one 6 week temple training has become one prayer in the larger picture of the prayer wheel of seven cycles of the seven esoteric soul rays - 49 trainings over 25 years.


Temples with the primordial dark in the centre and how themes of community, power, leadership, resources, connection, contribution, nourishment, living holistically as a cell in the planet and part of the ecosystem, evolve and emerge when connected to that place.


Temples with people that have a calling beyond what they know, to come and be a part of what is emerging here - Spirit soul and matter integration. People whose soul has called them and who have resonance with soul fields, group soul and being part of the larger body of this being. Some of who may flow into the wider world and integrate as a cell of the body there, and others whose soul call is to be in the creations, building and the flowering of the physical temples.


Temples that can vibrate out into the world, as the work ripens, with what is learned as a contribution to the earth and life. Building a reservoir of embodied, lived experiences, that can then move out into the world at the speed of dark.


A big purpose. Small on a galactic scale, but big on an earth scale. Coming through imperfect humans showing up because of a whisper from the primordial dark and a soul call that has no other choice to answer, when connected to the love that is moving them.


A purpose coming in through Bruce, with his dedication to love, purpose and qualities of his first ray soul responding to a deep call from the heart and reaching up and bringing the lightning through to initiate this prayer wheel of temples and temple trainings. Lightning energy that has a powerful, initiating, penetrating intensity that is needed to ignite purpose and bring it into matter. That all souls of the first seven of the first ray trainings, at a soul level were attracted to and also chose to be a part of.  Even though the personal self may not have fully understood the calling.


And as we enter the second ray, the power surge of the first ray and its shadows, are coming up to be integrated in the heart, as we journey through the second ray cycle of love/wisdom.

The love as power that comes from the primordial dark through the lightning energy of the first soul ray, meeting the power that comes as love from the primordial dark coming through the second soul ray. The second Ray trainings are more spacious, more inclusive of the vulnerable parts, more attentive to the matter of the body. Lead by the ray of love/wisdom as the heart reveals to us how do we more deeply love at the core of the temple from the dark.


The second ray is showing how to love and be more inclusive of the human parts, the vulnerable parts, the physical body parts, that may have been overridden at times by purpose, wanting to be brought into the gaze and embrace of love. Revealing the power of connecting more deeply to the earth, increasing capacity for gravity and mass to support more nourishment and vibration as the primordial dark flows from the earth, the base and through the tree of life of the nervous system.


And the journey of how do we do this without getting hijacked or moving identity into the wounded parts and trauma layers. Acknowledging and moving through them to the deeper longing underneath of the primordial dark nourishment from the core of the earth.


Ray 2 is showing us each turn of the prayer wheel through the cycle of seven. Not from a therapeutic perspective, but from a mystery school, soul initiation, transformative field perspective that includes and integrates some gifts from therapeutic fields.

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