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The Temple Training

The Temple Training is a soul Initiation for pioneers of the heart.  We open more deeply into the mysteries of love.   Love of the soul,  love of the dark and the wild love that flows from that place.  We explore the integration of love through the three rings of spirit, soul and embodiment. 

Humanity is vibrating through a life/death portal between worlds. The heart is the guide for this journey. We are calling the pioneers of the heart - those beings willing to go into the unknown together - to open up new trails into the emerging mysteries of group soul initiation.  Wild love in action.

Highden Temple is the birthplace of the Temple Trainings now happening around the globe. 

What is the Temple Training?

The Temple Training is a 6 week immersion at Highden Temple in Aotearoa (New Zealand). It is for those who have already made progress on their path of liberation and embodiment. 

It provides the opportunity to discover and demonstrate together the next step forward in the anchoring of the modern Temple and the cultivation of a new culture. 

This is not just a workshop but an actual living experience in group soul - to be part of the source code of creative, loving, shamanic, ecstatic community.

SOUL INITIATION is the process of shifting your center of gravity to the eternal being that was born to live your life. It involves releasing your personality’s survival mechanisms and falling deeper into the core of this being, the living expression of love and freedom that you are. The soul now shines through the garment of personality, integrating it instead of being hidden by its structure. 

This six week temple training is an environment to support your soul shine to emerge in a sustained and lasting way. It will cost your life as you know it, all the love you can bring and a commitment to the evolution of the planet. And ultimately the willingness to be nothing so you can embrace everything.

When you come to Highden to do your soul work, you are engaging with and supporting a global temple field emerging.

"This training is the deepest and most integrated soul initiation process I’m aware of in the world focusing on what it means to truly embody your soul in community with others and in connection with the earth and cosmos."   

-Jon Darrall-Rew

The Curriculum

Awareness: - Meditation, Cosmology, Astrology, Rayology, Soul Fusion, the Void

Eros: - Life Force Activation, Polarity & Magnetism, Tantric Sexuality, Magic & Rituals

Community: - Love & Relationship, Group Soul & Group Initiation

Creativity: - Unique Self & Life Purpose, Synergy, Money and the Economics of Love

Earth:- Shamanism, Earth Energies, Working with Devas, Planetary Kundalini, Initiations & Ceremonies 

And....these are just guides - the real curriculum is the living current of life force emerging through each of us and between us as love reveals to us its next great unfoldment in planetary evolution and group transmission.

Are you being called?

The very centre of your heart is where life begins. The most beautiful place on earth.- Rumi


The next Temple Training- Falling through the core of love takes place

February 7th- 18th March 2022

Apply Here:


There is an application process to ensure the group synergy is flowing and that the programme is suitable for each participant, this includes an online meeting with a member of the facilitation team.

We recommend filling in the application form as soon as you hear the calling, it will give us time to meet and feel together if its a good fit. 

The application is not the final yes, it's the first step in feeling it.Fill in the application here:



The teachers of the Temple Training are situated around the empty centre of the unmanifest or void, stoking the fires of LIFE to emerge through the group field. 

The training is facilitated by Winter Jade Icely, Arpana Ashish, Regan Pryor with guest teachers Bruce Lyon, Janine Ma-Ree and a core team who have completed the Highden Temple Training (soon to be announced). 


The Teaching Team

Winter Jade Icely

Winter is an international teacher, writer and facilitator in the realms of the mystical arts, sexuality and dark embodiment.

Holding a deep connection with magic Winter offers a powerful transmission of the inner worlds and invites you to step outside formed notions of reality into a life of enchantment. 

Winter’s work penetrates ideas of gender and sexuality and the spaces she creates are beyond constructs of duality, of him and her to the deeper realms of soul, the singularity that connects us all. 

Winter is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor working with clients and groups through periods of crisis and soul development. She is a guide for those seeking radical transformation, who wish to unravel the layers of conditioning that obstruct the dazzling core of our aliveness. 

Winter is part of the teaching faculty at The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and Highden Temple. She is also the founder of Magdalena, a global training for the feminine mysteries. 

Winter is passionate about liberating herself and others to remember the limitless nature of their dark essence. Winter has a deep calling to bring forth the temples of the new earth, to create spaces that penetrate worlds, that merge spirit and matter.




Regan Pryor

I choose to stand as love in the world in all its flavours—from gooey to sublime to the brutal. My soul and heart I follow; they are my radar in taking me to the life that unravels all that I am not, to realise all that I am: an integral part of this one human evolutionary being, a gatherer of tribes. I stand with brothers and sisters who know why we are here. 

I am grateful to the spirit that knows what is best for me, and where it’s taken me to teach me the love of my planet, the children and our beautiful role we have within this divine universal play of life. I remember my past, heritage of Maori and European, and love the differences in their world view. 

I endeavor to know my nature, through embodiment, psyche and the world around me.I love being in tribes where the inspiration is to follow life, awaken to the mystery and magic that is always there and discover the new ways love is always moving. Within this all, I love recognizing the one core in everything, the same spirit that exists in all. 

I bow to saying ‘yes’ continuously to the challenge that is set before us in this truly magnificent time. I am here to realise this heaven on Earth with others that share this vision.


Arpana Ashish

Ashisha has been learning and thriving through images and imagination all her life, which took her to careers in theater, journalism and filmmaking, a wild ride through uncountable versions of personal life and creative reality on this planet. 

More than 20 years of storytelling has taught her that the true stories that can advocate change for our lives need to be found inside ourselves and in our direct connection to our creative source. She has traveled the globe to find the universal language, turned towards the imagination of the heart, the language of the inner space. To support souls to awaken to their eternal core fire has become her primary calling in life. 

Her gaze is pointed towards the expression of the subtle essence we hold within, to unlock that unique gift and support it to manifest in life with love, power and grace, aligned with the greater whole of this planet.Ashisha is cultivating and teaching ancient tools for awakening the imagination of the soul into sound, form and life force by using mythology and archetypal images, alchemical methods, meditation and embodiment for creative transformation. 

Her sessions, trainings and ceremonies support people worldwide in dreaming their future into existence. She attended the first ray of the Highden Temple training and has been on the team in several trainings since.


If you would like more information contact us highdenttt@gmail.com