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A six week online journey of soul initiation.  

These foundational teachings from Highden Mystery School are distilled and delivered in a daily rhythm.

Specifically created for those who are called to the temple work but are unable to join a mandala or residential programme. There are 90 different meditations, video transmissions, rituals and ceremonies themed for each day of the week.

This is a potent journey of transformation and highly recommended for those considering doing the mandala work in the future or those who have done it and want to deepen their personal practice.

You will be part of a field of hundreds of people around the globe doing their soul work together.


There will be opportunities to connect with others at points in the programme if you so choose.

The next group experiences commences 8th Feb 2021 if you wish to share the teachings and receive support from members of our core team and teaching staff.  

Alternatively you can start and complete this course in your own time and at your own pace.

The content is available for 3 months. 


Week 1: Soul landing. Crossing a threshold into a sacred container.
Week 2: Building a field of connection.
Week 3: Individuation of soul within a field
Week 4: Integration of shadow
Week 5: Initiation and emergence
Week 6: Re- entry and bringing soul into the world.

Call to Temple offers more than sixty hours of uniquely crafted teachings.

You will explore the way the soul transmits through ;

* Consciousness

* The heart

* Our emotional body

* Our eros and sexuality

* The shamanic realms

* Higher and lower siddhis (powers)

This is a comprehensive programme of esoteric studies, meditation, sexuality, relationship, communion with the earth, cosmology, creativity and much more.


Course fee- US $595

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