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Welcome to Highden Temple

Highden Temple is a modern manifestation of the ancient mystery schools that once covered the earth. For thousands of years, throughout many cultures of the world (Egypt, Greece, China, India, the America's, Australia, New Zealand and many more), mystery schools held a central place in the cultural and social fabric of life.

Highden Temple is a place where souls come to land and feel at home in the body; where the dualities of spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, and animal body and soul come together as one. We integrate practices of consciousness, spirituality, sexuality, shamanism and emotions - with the intention of awakening and uniting mind, body, spirit and soul.  

Highden Temple is a place where awakening souls are drawn and converge through their own inner knowing. The journey of Highden is a journey of discovery into what it is to be human once we shed the striving of self actualisation and offer ourselves up to the ecstatic current of life, love and evolution.


As a venue Highden Temple offers a unique and isolated space for deep journeying and soul work. Located on 36 acres, Highden Temple offers a range of facilities including temple/workshop spaces and accomodation capable of holding groups of up to 50 people. 


At Highden we are creating a community grounded in the principles of love and trust. We are road testing  a map for a new civilisation on this planet.





What is a Mystery School?

Bruce Lyon founder of Highden speaks about mystery schools and how to know if your soul is called to one. 


Meet Our Pillars

Highden Temple is supported by people who have heard the call to support our vision - to be part of a new paradigm of living in service to love. Their commitment to Highden Temple has helped anchor the stones into the earth, manifesting our vision of a Mystery School and soul community.  

"Our new civilisation will be built on human pillars that hold love at their core."

- Bruce Lyon

Our pillars are people who embody the principles and visions of Highden and who help hold the structure of the temple as living stones.  We envisage twelve pillars as living stones holding up the temple roof; here are those who have responded to their soul calling.


Bruce Lyon

After finishing university at 18, I travelled the world searching for a place like Highden. I want generations to come to have a place that is a grounded embodiment of soul teachings where they can safely awaken together and unfold the gifts that they have brought for humanity. Highden is for me a wild love laboratory. A big house that everybody I love can come and play in. It is a place where the soul of New Zealand and the soul of humanity can land.


Baba Dez Nichols

I got involved with Highden because it’s what love directed me to do. That’s what I’m here to do. To create temples on earth.  A sanctuary for people who are dazed by this world and a place where they can come to be empowered. These schools are coming back to the planet and Highden is the first one that we will see popping up all over the globe.


Richard Widows

I have been searching for community and a new paradigm 

 to live by for many years


Through Highden, I have found a community and project that completely resonates with my soul's calling.  Highden is unique in its vision as, instead of being guided by a mapped out static set of goals, we are being guided by an intuitive connection to the land and project itself. This is the 'new paradigm' I have been searching for.


Vicki Grey

My call to Highden was a combination of heart resonance with the founding beings, and a voice from deep inside my own being which I felt somewhat choiceless in response to its message.  Since living here my embodied experience of love has transformed. Accessing places in my being that innately know love outside of societal conditioning. I want this to be available to as many people on the planet as possible, at times of monumental change in our collective.


Victoria Hill

I could list many good, practical, and valid reasons for being a supporting pillar of the Highden community. Mainly though, I’m answering the call of something bigger than me, which I cannot, and may never fully be able to, articulate or explain. Perhaps that’s part of the Mystery.


Steven Wagner

Having the temples and sancturies on the planet are of vital importance for human kind so that we can share the practices for grounding into our bodies, connecting with mother earth, joining with community, and celebrating in joy.

Meet Our Posts

Our posts are people who care deeply for the work and want to help it anchor on the physical plane.  Posts support the holding of our vision and its expansion into the world.  

"This is what my soul has been preparing me for all my life, for many lives I presume. And this is what the rest of my life will be committed to in one-way or another: the reemergence of the temples, supporting them as a mid-wife and sustaining them in different ways.  Highden for me is an opportunity to anchor this vision more deeply." 

- Taki'h Dyandeepa

Taki'h Dyandeepa

Ohad Ezrahi

Jeremy Daw

Mateo Trouba

International School of Temple Arts (ISTA)

Winter Jade Icely


Thomas Dennis

Rex McCann

Memphis Orion

Dawn Ezrahi

Marcus Woo

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