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Starry Night
Highden Temple
Highden Temple is a Mystery School for soul initiation, leadership, magic and the creation of soul community.  Built in New Zealand in 1897, Highden Temple is surrounded by manicured gardens, a protected wild forest and a 28 stone mandala consciously embedded to hold the vibration of this work.  Highden is a place where a new expression of culture, spiritual education and soul community come together; we are road testing a new map for civilisation that reflects an embodied approach to life, love and a sacred relationship with the earth.  
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This six week programme is designed to cover all aspects of conscious sacred living. The Temple Training is a living experience of being part of the source code of creative, loving, shamanic, ecstatic community. 


Highden is an Edwardian manor originally built for a member of parliament.  Located in New Zealand, It has also served for fifty years as a seminary for novitiate priests in the Catholic church.  Themes of leadership and spirituality continue through the creation of Highden Temple, a mystery school for souls.   

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Highden Temple hosts events throughout the year.  We are also a thriving venue for soul centred trainings and gatherings.  

"The temples are not just places of refuge for those fleeing a civilisation in decline or looking for an alternative culture within the prevailing system. They are the very breath of the new arriving.  They are landed by free souls who have liberated themselves from the gravity of survival and are instead listening to that which has been waiting in their own bodies and the earth itself, longing to be met with love and danced in freedom."
- Bruce Lyon

Bruce Lyon Founder of Highden shares his knowledge

of a modern day school for souls

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