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Dreams of Soul Education

Jonathan Ehrlich

When I dream of soul education on Earth, it feels like the cosmic manual that clearly outlines the soul’s journey in human form.

It is the textbook we will receive for our being on Earth.

One of the core foundations of soul education is that it will actually incorporate the Earth itself and our union with it in relation to the whole.

We will be taught how to navigate the inner workings of this human instrument, from animal to soul.

We will be taught how to relate TO the Earth and the natural world, but how to also relate AS the Earth with planetary energies that expand far beyond human life.

With an early foundation of the whole that we encompass, we will be taught about and gradually adjust to new principles of universal Love. We will embody individuality that is inherently whole-centered, not self-centered. This will be the source of a new kind of daily ecstasy.

And so the nature of Love and Purpose on Earth will begin to drastically change. Life will become less and less about who we are and, instead, the magical remembering of what we are (in relation to the whole) will allow us to listen to cosmic puzzle pieces always dancing their way in between human beings. Impulses we are typically never trained to listen to will become prerequisites, like basic soul anatomy.

Our understanding of time/space will start to change. Following a “hit” or “gut instinct” will start to bring us in deeper union with nature and with destiny at a rapid pace. Impulse and spontaneity will become more and more of a natural language as connections between people, pieces of land, cosmic visions, and wild creativity will overflow on unimaginable collective levels.

Parallel to learning about our human instruments—through the heart, consciousness, and embodiment—we will learn about energy, vibration and resonance. Dreams, subtle worlds, and invisible landscapes will begin fusing more with the natural world. We will learn how to live across past, present and future all at once.

Ritual, ceremony, and living in relation to planetary cycles of (and beyond) Earth will be a key flame of daily life. Forms of magic and innocence that are often associated with childhood will only flower, and become even more prevalent in adulthood.

We will have teachers, guides, soul allies, and elders who will remind us of some of the bizarre time/space structures we need to deal with on Earth (including being a soul in a human body) as they, within time, begin to shift. From the moment a human is born on Earth, they will have a clear soul lineage. Embodied souls who have already taken certain initiations and rites of passage will be beacons, reminders, and loving support in one another’s lives.

Though there will always be large gaps in age (on a human level) between people—like elders and youth—souls will be able to recognize one another. Humans will help each other, and even learn to celebrate, the natural tension of being a human body stuck in time and space, destined to deliver something eternal into matter.

Soul education sounds the note of human beings simply devoted to the soul—not just in ourselves, but in each other, all elements of nature, above and below.

So the Love and Purpose moving between human beings, especially in the devotional levels of service that will permeate a world of soul education, works in unison with new levels of compassion and patience because—above anything else that could be individually-driven—the soul’s journey (from individual to collective to planetary) and the absolute purity of that unfoldment and evolution—drives the seeds of soul education-based culture.

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