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Welcome to the Mercury Transmissions

These writings/videos/podcasts record a process of receiving impressions - telepathic guidance from the world soul via a being known as the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul.  While written in the language of the Trans-himalayan tradition, they are accessible to those whose intuition is active and whose heart is responsive to the spirit of the times.

The first stage ran from 2001 - 2005 transmitted to a group anchoring a mystery school at Highden Temple in New Zealand. They can be found here: Mercury Transmissions 1  

This second stage began after a return to Highden and the re-activation of the Temple in 2017. They  cover the period from March - August 2020 and form part of an experiment in group initiation designed to prepare for 2025 when a major inflow of energy - known as the Shamballa Impact - is expected  to occur. The decade from 2020 -2030  is presented as a critical transition period for humanity. The reappearance of the mystery schools as nurseries for new civilisation and leadership coincides with a mass initiation being undergone by humanity as a whole.


The emphasis of these teachings is planetary initiation. They contain a great deal of new information on the life principle, monadic contact, black holes, planetary kundalini, and global psychology. Their aim is to provide a working manual for groups emerging in this seventh ray, aquarian age by evoking the relationship of humanity as a whole to the world soul, the planetary life and its cosmic origin. At the end of this series of transmissions, an opportunity is given to apply these teachings in a deeper experiential journey for those called.

" Will you carry the weight of the world? Will your heart hold steady as the arrows arrive? Tension is the way of this approach. Tension that increases like the tuning of a string until it is taut and humming with life. Will you let your heart sing with that tension? Will you bear the burden? Will you offer your life to life? i ask you these questions because i seek your consent. Will you? Those who carry the weight do not have time for understanding the way. Their hearts feel the need and they respond with their whole being. This is purity. To wield the will there must be no separation. One current of life. One dark river of being. 


Those i call do not need explanations or enticements. They know in the heart that they are already given. It is a relief to offer themselves without reservation. indeed they have been awaiting just such a call. They know that it is life itself calling them through the field of tension that this ashram is holding. It requires the full and immediate commitment of all their resources unequivocally. Consider how much vulnerability there is in this approach. No reserves. No fall back options. No room to manoeuvre. This is not a path of cleverness but a path of daring. When we have nothing left there is yet the will. The will shall suffice. The will shall be reinforced. The will of the lord of the world is a mighty ally. One trickle of daring arising out of a pure heart may call forth  a river of life.


Does this call thrill you? Does it thrum in your heart, straighten your spine and bring you to the edge of the abyss? Then move to power. Move towards the dark current of life. Invoke the lightning with your daring. Stand up for the greater good in whatever field you find yourself. Call down the aid of the ashram with your verticality. I offer you the power of the living word. We have offered our help to all who call with pure motive in this time between worlds. Ask with your life. Lay the offering of your heart on the altar of sacrifice.  Shamballa IS. The solid ground of being is all around you. Fidelity is simply a return to your core. Let everything fall except what truly matters. Now."


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Mercury Transmissions

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