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9. Monadic Infusion

Updated: May 24, 2021

(May 20, 2020)

What is a black hole singularity? It’s a tear in the fabric of spacetime. It is both located in space and time but also outside of them; in the universe but not ‘of the universe.’ In a particular sense, all black holes are expressions of the same thing - the One Life. The closest analogy from quantum physics is the phenomena of quantum entanglement. There seems to be an inherent connection between two particles separated in time and space. Galaxies are millions of light-years apart, so within the universe there appears to be an intimacy problem when considering communication across vast distances. The communication, therefore, happens ‘outside’ the physical/etheric universe in a dimension we might call the universal astral plane. The Life at the core of each galaxy is ‘intrinsically linked’ with the Life at the core of every other galaxy, and indeed every other manifestation in the universe. This is what is meant by the term ‘to move in Life.’ It is this principle of ‘sharing Life’ which is the promise at the heart of the Aquarian age.

If we bring this analogy to the human being, we see that each monad shares in the Life principle with every other monad, while at the same time being differentiated so that the monad of an ant is different in ‘mass’ than the monad of a human. Amongst humans, too, there is differential monadic development. This is a radically new piece of teaching. It seems quite obvious that there are differences in personality development and integration, as well as differences in soul development and unfoldment through the initiatory process. Why should the monad be different? It is the type of development that needs to be appreciated. It is quite possible to have a well-developed personality with relatively shallow soul development, and vice versa. Indeed, third ray monads tend to preference the development of body-mind, which is why the earth is still dealing with a pronounced materiality brought in by predominantly moon chain individualised third ray types. Second ray monads emphasise soul development, and first ray monads emphasise ‘monadic development’.

I have indicated before that the Life of the monad can be likened to the pupil dilation of an eye. More dilation means more of the Life principle and therefore more ‘spiritual mass.’ Regardless of ray tendencies, this ‘spiritual mass’ can be developed through the process of ‘alignment of the will’ and contact with the energy of Shamballa. The conditions of incarnate human life coordinate the development of the body-mind and when humanity is more soul-infused this development will take place in a much more integrated way. Hierarchy, as the world soul, supervises the development of the human soul in the ashrams through the process of initiation. Shamballa is the source of monadic development via the process we call identification. The more there is connection with the monad, and the more this is aligned with planetary purpose and the life principle in Shamballa - the more ‘dilated’ and, therefore powerful, the monad becomes. This monadic ‘swelling’ then has a profound effect on the soul and body - it can accelerate their unfoldment and integration and it can also cause shattering and dislocation. In what is called the ‘third solar system,’ individualisation and the development of souls will take place largely driven by this process of the Will. In the current solar system, love is the dominant energy and unfoldment takes place through the applied power of the love principle channeled through Hierarchy. Nevertheless, at critical times in the evolutionary process, the Shamballa force is active and these teachings are designed to prepare humanity for its conscious invocation and application.

The third key is synchronisation. The Life principle is beyond time and space and yet enters into it. Black holes are its entry point in space. Synchrony (the dictionary describes this as simultaneous action, development, or occurrence) is its entry point in time. Just as all black holes are in some sense the same, so is all time, in some sense, occurring at the same time. Synchrony points towards this. The actual term should be synkairos rather than synchronous as this refers to the timeless in each moment rather than the sequential march of time. So synkairosity refers to the unified and simultaneous revelation of the timeless dimension. It also allows for the energies contacted to be circulated and shared collectively. This is what is meant by the ‘group use’ of the Shamballa force.

The first ray works by fiat (definition - a command or act of will that creates something without or as if without further effort). It acts by assertion or decree. It sets in motion inevitable outcomes by the power of its dark seed of the Life principle. Those who are familiar with the Will-as-Life-force understand that at the centre of every creation, from a galaxy to an organisation to a human being, lies an act of Will and a reservoir of Life. The time of the Shamballa impact is an opportunity for the Will to be wielded by humanity, under the guidance of Hierarchy, in alignment through Shamballa with extra-planetary cosmic sources of energy. What is needed is a group whose members are simultaneously part of humanity and part of Hierarchy (they know themselves to be souls) as well as being in touch with Shamballa (they have contact with their own monad). They are thus able to serve as a conduit for the energy of the Will of God - that God being an alignment that extends from the individual 'I' through the 'I' of the world soul through the 'I' of the planetary Logos, solar Logos and galactic Logos. The dark current of identity. The mystery of power is the reinforcement of the Will according to alignment with purpose and Life force through many fractal dimensions of being. This is what lies behind the saying, 'by the power invested in me.' When that power is the great 'I' of cosmos then the sense of impotency the average individual experiences in the face of problems of global proportion disappears. Resetting civilisation on a small planet spinning around an ordinary star in the Milky Way galaxy is not much of a big deal to the universal Life. A group of connected, aligned and identified beings who offer themselves as dedicated instruments of this Life can achieve tremendous change in no time at all. They reach outside time and space and bring in energy that curves the very fabric of that spacetime and produces its inevitable results - by fiat.

What adds potency to this fiat is the linking of the dark current of identity or awareness to the dark energy in matter. The will can be imposed upon matter, though the effects are temporary. But when the energy flowing through from cosmic sources meets a willing response from that energy that is buried in matter awaiting it, then the result is harmonious to all levels of being and the heart of the system is effectively supernovaed. This is what awaits humanity.

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon

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