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2. Group One

Updated: May 24, 2021

(April 2, 2020)

This is a set of pointing-out instructions to the first group, or the wielders of the Life force. Within the body of humanity, the group that will wield the energy of Shamballa will of necessity be composed of initiates between the third and fifth degrees. They will be adding ‘darkness to light so that the stars may shine,’ which is the epithet given to the work of the ashram of Master Morya located on the Atmic plane. The incarnated monad of the Earth is Sanat Kumara and therefore our monads are one with this essential Life. As that Life, we are dedicated to the transfiguration of the planet via the human kingdom which, being the fourth, has the role of the soul to atone the fifth kingdom with the animal, the sixth with the vegetable and the seventh with the mineral.

To move in Life is to gradually awaken the sixty billion Earth souls via the combined transmission of the dark light of Shamballa and the dark energy stored in matter. To be the cause and driving force of soul evolution. The role of the soul is to educate and awaken the personality. The educational role of the monad is to evolve the soul so that it frees itself from being encased in the matter of all planes. So those members of incarnate humanity who are utilising the Shamballa force must be awakened souls who have the monad consciously operational at their core, and are therefore themselves spiritually free. You see the necessity, then, of firstly invoking the monadic fire on oneselves before becoming distributing agents of the dark light within the lighted network of souls on Earth.

They will primarily function from the Buddhic plane, or the fourth planetary ether.

They will serve as conduits, first within their group fields for the transmission of Atmic energy into manas. Thus they will stimulate the unfoldment of the egoic lotuses within the wider group of which they form a part. The lightning of Atma will stimulate the jewels in their lotuses and accelerate the opening of their petals. It must be remembered that the energy of Life is distributed within the second ray ashram only upon demand - or in other words, with the consent of the souls involved. Only the first ray ashram in the world will wield this energy directly, because they can be trusted with it as a result of demonstrated purity.

Secondly, while still focused in Buddhi, they will wield the power and energy of the monadic plane directly into the emotional plane and thus free the potent energies locked up there in glamour and desire. Within the group life it will be the work of this specialised sub-group to identify and bring to resolution via precipitated crisis the complexes of the astral body of the group field. Within humanity at large the group, which will eventually form, will likewise work with the desire body of humanity and thus with the great racial, religious, territorial and sexual glamours.

Thirdly, they will link the first aspect of the monad - the pure fire of the first plane - with the seventh or etheric physical. Here they will work directly with the maya of the group and of humanity as a whole. The physical plane - and therefore the etheric and physical bodies of the group - will be affected, and globally considered these energies will be consciously used to mitigate the effects of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other disturbances of the crust itself. The current epidemic of the coronavirus is related to this level of interaction between the first and seventh plane. It has to do with the Will of the planetary Logos encountering resistance and impurities in the planetary Spirit of the involutionary life, which makes up the sheaths of form and substance.

As much of the group life of humanity is centred on the astral plane, the wielding of this energy of Shamballa will be seen to come from both above and below. It will cause changes in the accelerated development of consciousness via the lightning of Atma descending into the jewel. It will also cause changes via the vibrations arising from matter and bringing up the unconscious into the light of awareness. The point to remember is that it is effectively the same energy - a dark defibrillator of the energy of Freedom.

This is rather a new definition of leadership - the subjective and often invisible wielding of dark energy within the soul field of group evolution. It will most effectively be done by those who have already achieved outer recognition in the world via their own soul unfoldment and thus earned the trust and respect of the group or humanity at large. The effect of their inner work and their presence in a field will be like yeast in the process of fermentation. Souls around them will become more creative, loving and empowered - as well as go through the crises of accelerated evolutionary growth. They must learn how to regulate the in-flowing Life so that it produces rhythmic expansion, in much the same way that a pupil regulates the amount of light entering the eye via dilation.

The personnel of this first group are going to be few, more likely to be older, and will gradually be drawn together from a broad range of endeavours that they have initiated on behalf of the evolution of humanity. They will have demonstrated their capacity as individuals at the centre of their own initiatives, and will now come together like atomic nuclei or galaxies to form a single supermassive black hole that serves the planetary Life as a whole. They will not spend their time in prolonged discussion or in implementing collective initiatives. They will gather rhythmically in the inner - once per year in physical presence - mostly in a meditative silence that is nevertheless fully alive with the currents of life force moving through them. They will be telepathic and spiritually instinctive as souls, responding together to the imperative and call of the one ashram, and in response to the evolutionary need. Hints here can be found with respect to this form of leadership on any scale from the family unit to the galactic.

Those initiated into the monad have spiritual mass, and in the same way that black holes bend space and time around them, so do initiates of the dark light produce effects in their surroundings.

There are two types of subtle duality that they will need to work with. The first has to do with the duality of the individualised monad and the Absolute. All monads are the One, and yet each is an expression of that One. The monad of a galaxy and the monad of an atom are one in essence and yet the effect of that essence will be vastly different when the energy associated with it is released. Planetary crisis requires the use of planetary energy and the introduction of cosmic energy. National or group crisis requires the use of national energy supplemented with planetary and so on. This duality of the one and the ONE has to do with the potency of the Life force released, and its suitability to the situation.

The other duality has to do with the fact that the energy of the monad works through the duality of consciousness and form even though it is, in itself, beyond that duality. This has to do with the wisdom of application and applied directionality of the force. The first consideration is how strong a force to apply, and the second is the place of its application. When it is applied to the core of consciousness, it results in both an expansion and an increased capacity to penetrate, which in turn will have an effect on the form. An example of this was the Shamballa Impact early last century, which expanded and focused human consciousness to such a degree that it was able to split the atom. When it is applied to the core of matter, it results in a vivification of form - creating a purifying effect, and lifting whatever has been repressed or held down in the unconscious up into consciousness. An example of this was the upheaval in the German - and indeed the global - psyche, which resulted in the Second World War. The sexual revolution of the Sixties, as well as the focus on better diet and health, are also part of the effect of increasing the vibration of the matter aspect.

So a group training themselves to wield the dark light must, through trial and error on themselves, first learn how to balance both the potency and the application of the energy. When must it be invoked from the planetary crown centre, and when must it be evoked from the planetary base? In addition, there is a third way, in which the dark light enters and has an effect on any system - and that is through the heart. It is through the heart that galactic chi arrives, and it is through the heart that the subtle dualities mentioned above are resolved. Thus the direct knowing of the heart via the sutratma contains the wisdom of wielding the dark light, and it is in the heart that the capacity for this group to work cohesively will grow.

In a planetary sense, global governance will come when enough fourth degree initiates are in incarnation to form a centre within humanity, which will likewise be a centre within Hierarchy and in touch with Shamballa. They will learn to regulate the inflow of energy from the planetary base and crown centres, and to this they will add the blended dark energy of the heart. You can see how this must be the case when the fourth kingdom – the human monads – achieve the fourth initiation at the time of the emergence of the fourth ray in 2025. Then the seed of planetary governance that circulates energy from the three major centres can be planted.

In Shamballa, the sixth degree initiates must regulate the inflow of cosmic Will from sources outside of our planetary Life. Similarly, the fourth degree initiates who form a Shamballic centre within the human kingdom must learn how to remain in contact with this overshadowing energy, in such away that the energy of planetary purpose is released into humanity in a regulated way. This is the true science of governance. In engines, the governor is used to regulate the speed of the engine and protect it from damage. In planetary terms, it is good governance that regulates the speed of evolutionary change on a planet.

There has been a big dislocation between Shamballa as the crown centre of the planet, and humanity as the throat centre. The busy-ness and materiality of the third ray personality of Earth has delayed its soul evolution as a whole. The mystery of Atlantis points towards a failure between the soul of the Earth and its personality, resulting in an evolutionary delay. This time, the soul has the energy of Shamballa behind it and the series of Shamballa Impacts directly to the planetary personality, starting early last century, has precipitated a prolonged period of crisis and forced evolution, including the world wars and the remarkable acceleration of global civilisation. It is said that Shamballa Impacts drive the incarnate soul to Hierarchy and Hierarchy - the planetary oversoul - has also been very active over the last two hundred years, particularly in educating humanity about its source and origin from a spiritual as well as a material perspective. Not only does the energy of Shamballa drive the soul to Hierarchy, but it also opens up the heart of the planetary personality. This centre of fourth degree initiates could be seen as the core of the heart of humanity inaugurating a period of leadership from the heart, informed by the soul and under the impress of Shamballa.

In the Piscean age, we had the image of Jesus taking the fourth degree, overshadowed by the Christ taking the sixth degree and playing out the drama of initiation for the human family in an individual way. In the Aquarian age, we have the group initiate or avatar - a group of fourth degree initiates, overshadowed by a group of sixth degree initiates, coming together to form a centre within the heart of humanity. 2025 marks the midpoint in a decade of planetary transformation, the incoming of the fourth ray, the next Shamballa Impact and the 100-year planetary council. Accordingly, it should see the emergence of this group process into the awareness of humanity. Look for signs of this emergence over the next five years. In the individual sense, what calls forth the monadic core of the heart is the ‘extremity of the soul in service,’ or the pressure of crisis. As we enter into a time of increased crisis when the underpinnings of our civilisation are revealed, our existing leadership will come under great pressure. New leaders who embody the culture of the coming civilisation will be seen shining forth through the cracks the crises create. They will be the modern disciples and third degree initiates. Behind them, less visible but influential in the first group through their inspiration, will slowly form the dark centre of the heart - bought together under the Law of Being and responding to the Shamballic Law of Assembly.

They will meet on the Buddhic plane - the middle or fourth plane - and also on the physical or seventh plane. Thus their meeting and the drawing together of their physical bodies into one location on the Earth will itself be a demonstration of integration and fusion between Humanity and Hierarchy.
 This group will gradually become more influential than the United Nations as a vehicle for global governance. They will not replace the need for an international unity of elected national representatives, but they will be seen to transcend all national, religious and intellectual divisions. They will be seen as representatives not only of humanity, but of the Earth itself as a whole being with all its seven kingdoms at play. Their power will not come from being elected or having responsibilities for decision-making, or from commanding the resources of the planet. It will come from the self-evident power of their hearts to speak for and as the heart of humanity. Collectively they will have the respect and trust of the human family, who will increasingly recognise them for what they are: the current flower of the evolutionary process, and therefore effective guides whose purpose is the flourishing of the whole Earth and the evolutionary development and empowerment of all souls.

The place of their meeting will also be important, as they will be both drawing upon and responding to the kundalini power of the Earth itself. It is likely that the location on the surface of the Earth will change each year, as the evolutionary process reveals the need for their collective presence in some part of the world or another.

At the start of these transmissions, it was mentioned that it would be by a group to a group and that the personnel of the group would change. This may include both my identity as transmitter and your identity as receiver. What is important is the current of transmission. Wherever adequate receivers are able to send up their sincere request to and for aid, they will be met with response - a response that will begin to knit the inner and outer ashram together in deeper communion. For now, as we are dealing with matters that concern the first ray work, let the transmission shift to the domain of that ashram. You will no doubt find it a little more direct:

Will you carry the weight of the world? Will your heart hold steady as the arrows arrive? Tension is the way of this approach; tension that increases like the tuning of a string, until it is taut and humming with life. Will you let your heart sing with that tension? Will you bear the burden? Will you offer your life to Life? I ask you these questions because I seek your consent. Will you? Those who carry the weight do not have time for understanding the way. Their hearts feel the need and they respond with their whole being. This is purity. To wield the Will, there must be no separation. One current of Life. One dark river of being.

Those I call do not need explanations or enticements. They know in their hearts that they are already given. It is a relief to offer themselves without reservation. Indeed, they have been awaiting just such a call. They know that it is Life itself calling them through the field of tension that this ashram is holding. It requires the full and immediate commitment of all their resources, unequivocally. Consider how much vulnerability there is in this approach. No reserves. No fall-back options. No room to manoeuvre. This is not a path of cleverness, but a path of daring. When we have nothing left, there is yet the Will. The Will shall suffice. The Will shall be reinforced. The Will of the Lord of the World is a mighty ally. One trickle of daring, arising out of a pure heart, may call forth a river of life.

Does this call thrill you? Does it thrum in your heart, straighten your spine and bring you to the edge of the abyss? Then move to power. Move towards the dark current of Life. Invoke the lightning with your daring. Stand up for the greater good in whatever field you find yourself. Call down the aid of the ashram with your verticality. I offer you the power of the living word. We have offered our help to all who call with pure motive in this time between worlds. Ask with your life. Lay the offering of your heart on the altar of sacrifice. Shamballa IS. The solid ground of Being is all around you. Fidelity is simply a return to your core. Let everything fall except what truly matters. Now.

This is not a harsh way, but a way of simplicity. It will move you directly into usefulness. And it will bring you peace. How can there be peace when there is equivocation? You do not need to wait to know anything with certainty. Rather, embrace uncertainty with your whole being. The Mystery is a living spirit that will guide you through the maze unmistakably, if you follow the tension in the core of your heart.

When the fire of this approach has burned away your separate identity, there will be no possibility of independent action. Your will shall be instinctively one with the divine Will, and it will operate through you without distortion. Those equipped to handle power are not the willful ones, but rather those who have learned to surrender their will. In the presence of true power, all lesser workings fall silent. In that silence, the inevitable acts. In any moment of time and space dedicated to that presence, the timeless and spaceless can enter the manifest world.

When I advise to move to power, I am not advocating an attempt to enter what passes for leadership in modern society. I am advising a verticality of your spirit. Stand up, wherever you are, for the current of the new world and let us move you. We cannot act unless you stand. Do not concern yourself with status or influence. Simply be who you are, and that being will draw you into your most fitted field of service. Shamballa puts us in our place. Most people are simply too busy trying to place themselves. They do this according to their own will or desire, even if that is the desire to be useful or to be of service to the collective. Simply run the current of Be-ness. In the new world, no one will be able to hide for long behind their veils. Who we are will be revealed. Let this revealing take place in your own heart, so that you can be a stable pillar in the coming temple. It matters not whether you are small or large, in the centre or on the periphery. Your place is your place, and if you show up in your naked spirit, the energy of Shamballa will know how to move you there. Then Life begins.

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon

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