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4. Group Three

Updated: May 24, 2021

(April 15, 2020)

The great goddess is Herself the manifest universe in all its subtle and gross dimensions of radiance, resonance and expression.

In some ways this section is going to be the most significant part of the coming teachings as the seventh ray represents what is incoming for the next two thousand year cycle. It will also be the most challenging, because of our close proximity to the very theme we address. Until the energy of Freedom and the process of group initiation has done its work, we are so intimately bound up with matter that it is difficult to work with its mystery without succumbing to its maya. The Buddhic plane is the doorway to both the experience of radical awakening as well as to the Freedom of the soul from the three worlds of the body-mind. At the outset, then, let me point out that the term 'matter' has at least three primary meanings in the teachings. The first has to do with the matter of the physical plane, including the etheric where our chakras are to be found. The second has to do with the lower three planes or worlds referred to as 'the planetary personality.' This includes the physical, emotional (or astral) and mental planes. The third refers to matter on all the seven planes of the cosmic physical plane. There is another interim division which refers to matter on the lower five planes from the Atmic to the physical. This last significance is why the section on manifestation refers to both the third and seventh rays - but we will get into that complexity later on. It should be pointed out that once these three levels of matter are somewhat mastered in consciousness, then they serve as a fractal for greater expansions. The whole seven planes of the cosmic physical are merely the lowest in another set of seven cosmic planes, which themselves form the lowest plane of seven universal planes and so on. The principles of working with and in matter apply on all levels, once we perfect them in our own human experience.

Just as it is important for the soul to find and identify with its origin in pure awareness and proclaim that 'I and the Father are One,' so it is equally important to find and identify with its origin in pure matter - the prima materia - and proclaim that 'I and the Mother are One.' In order to do this, however, the soul must be freed from its fall into too close an identification with the lowest planes or densest dimensions of matter. Such is the state of mankind’s materialism. Only on the Buddhic plane can the human soul consciously at-one with both matter and spirit. Therefore, the deeper mysteries of matter itself as a divine expression open only to those who have first freed themselves from the three worlds.

I am She

The seventh ray is the ray of the divine feminine in manifestation. It has often been questioned in the esoteric field, 'why are most of the Masters of the Wisdom portrayed as masculine?' One answer is that the masculine principle needed to be developed enough so that it could meet the true power of the divine feminine without losing presence and consciousness altogether. The sixth ray prepares us for the seventh. Through the Christian lens, this is Jesus passing the torch to Magdalene. But the veiled face of the feminine is never singular in identity. She is always moving, shifting shape and giving birth to different versions of herself. She is enigmatic and complex. Let us approach her through poetry and image as well as through intellect and intuition.

I am She

The Triple goddess

Mother of all worlds

I have three wombs and seven children.

I come to them as the star.

I am crone, mother, maiden

Virgin, lover, whore

I am time multiplied by space

The veil and the reveal

I am double breasted and twin horned

I am the number of the beast

and the doorway to initiation

I am the milk and the mouth

the labyrinth and the thread

I am the inside of all outsides

the beginning of all ends

I weave the robe of Kosmos

and crown each I with fire

I thrill to do thy will

and I am here for your desire.

The Triple goddess

In the Bible there are three Marys present at the crucifixion, and again at the resurrection. The triple nature of the goddess is represented in many traditions, including the Celtic. For our purposes, we need to consider the three wombs. Starting from the cosmic perspective, we have the womb of the manifest universe. Inside this womb are billions of galaxies. The womb of a galaxy contains billions of stars. The womb of a star - its heliosphere - contains billions of monads of the human and other kingdoms. Once we focus on the human manifestation, we have the womb of the monad which contains the soul, the womb of the soul which contains the personality and the womb of the personality which contains the emotional heart.

Mother of all worlds

Just as all identity can trace its origin back to one source, so can all matter. All matter is essentially a modulation or modification of an essential principle - in the east called pakriti. In the west, we are fond of using ‘mother earth’ and ‘father sky’ but both these dualities are essentially matter. The subtle realms are just as material as the dense, despite vibrating at higher frequencies. So-called ‘spiritual experiences’ are simply when consciousness rises into, or is informed by, the subtle worlds transcendent to the personal self; and ‘shamanic experiences’ are when the consciousness descends into, or is informed by, subtle worlds immanent or curled up within the layers of the personal self.

I have three wombs and seven children.

The layered nature of matter is present at many different levels of scale. In the human personality, we have the three planes of the mental, emotional and etheric/physical, each with seven sub planes. This same pattern presents on cosmic levels with our human evolution in its three phases taking place on the lowest sevenfold plane of the cosmic personality.

The intimate relationship between the three and the seven is further revealed by dividing any system of seven into three. The mystery is given as:

She is triple in the seven

She is triple as the seven

She is triple over the seven

I come to them as the star. This refers to the mystery of the solar angels and the relationship of the feminine in manifestation with the number 5, the planet Venus and the rose of the causal body. Human evolution in the earth scheme should have reached the level where human souls are conscious on the Buddhic plane; but they are behind schedule, cosmically considered. Enter the solar angels, which are beings who have already been through the stage of human evolution in a previous system and now offer themselves as a bridge so that the human hierarchy is able to accelerate their path to liberation. The physical sun is made of plasma - or the substance of the fourth ether - and so under the Law of correspondences (the law enabling us to extrapolate between different fractal expressions of the goddess), the soul or sun principle of human beings is centred on the Buddhic plane. The solar angel makes of her own body a sheath of flame, which allows us to experience self-reflective identity on the mental plane; and when we finally pause to inquire into the source of that selfness, we begin to become lifted free of mind into our Buddhic nature.

I am crone, mother, maiden

This refers to the three levels of monad, soul and personality. The personality is the maiden until she has bought to birth the soul or Christ principle in the womb of her heart. The soul is the mother and the causal body is deemed the heart of the monadic sheath. The crone as monad has inside her the soul, who is the mother of the personality.

Virgin, lover whore

This triplicity refers to the relationship between the soul and matter. There is a part of Her nature that is untouched by the presence of consciousness, a part that co-creates with it and a part that is simply directed by it. The devic lives of the personality sheaths simply carry out the direction of the indwelling identity. They are the whore of the personal self and because they obey, they can also lead the self deeper and deeper into dense matter. Later, this supports the descent of the soul, but earlier in evolution it produces materialism. The devas of the three planes of the soul co-create with the soul. On the Buddhic plane, they marry; and on the monadic plane, they realise their underlying unity and that soul consciousness as we know it does not exist. The virgin birth is simply the part of us that is soul, birthed into the matter of the Buddhic plane; rather than the personality, which is ‘born of women.’

I am time multiplied by space

Spacetime is a dual interdependent reality. Near a black hole, spacetime is curved and sometimes even twisted to produce a quite different reality. Our monad, related as it is to the singularity of a black hole, also changes the spacetime of our lesser identities, so that in a sense it could be said to be omnipresent. Our personalities, souls, and monads therefore experience and penetrate the goddess in quite different ways. Space is represented by 360 degrees multiplied by 12 (months or hours), equaling 4,320. This is the base number for the calculation of the Hindu yugas. It is also two signs of the zodiac in the processional cycle of the grand year and thus represents the period of the Piscean and Aquarian age combined.

The veil and the reveal

The dance of the seven veils is another way of expressing the sevenfold nature of matter, as it first veils and then reveals the indwelling lives that birth, live and die in her folds. The claim of Isis that 'no mortal man has ever seen me unveiled' links back to the virgin birth - it is not possible for the personality self, born of flesh and mortal, to penetrate the mystery. Only the soul, relatively immortal from the personal point of view, is able to do that. Hence liberation from the three worlds is a precursor to {seeing Isis unveiled? -Ed.}.

I am double-breasted and twin horned

Two of the signs associated with the last solar system, and with the feminine as the qualities imbued in the substance of this one, are Cancer and Virgo. Cancer represents to doorway into incarnation and, as we will see below, allows for the soul's descent into matter of the lower three planes of any system. Virgo purifies and refines matter so that it can bring to birth the indwelling lives. Cancer nourishes those lives in both their higher and lower expressions. Each of the three wombs - note the triple nature of the Virgo glyph - has two breasts and two horns.

I am the number of the beast

This number is 666 and represents the number of matter. The way that it is normally written, however, does not take into account the layered dimension of the triple goddess.

and the doorway to initiation

Each womb has a dual nature - the lower half represents the descent into denser levels of matter and the upper half represents the resurrection of the indwelling life into the subtle realms. Nine is the number of initiation and so 999 symbolises the triple functioning of monad, soul and personality as a singularity. The six and nine together are linked to the glyph of Cancer and therefore provide the balanced nourishment required within each field of expression for fully integrated functioning.

I am the milk and the mouth

Each breast has a nipple which produces the right milk to nourish the life which feeds on it. On the cosmic physical plane, when the soul has done its work, the spiritual identity on the higher planes functions directly through the three worlds of the lower. Thus, we have the milk of the monad and the milk of the personality. The milk of the personality is Buddhi flowing through the emotional body, allowing the personal self to experience divine love. The milk of the monad is love from the cosmic astral plane, flowing through the nipple of the monad. Both these milks have traces of cosmic Buddhi if the chain of hierarchy is working. The milk represents the energy flowing from higher vibrational states of matter through the lower. The mouths represent the matter on any plane which needs to be fed and developed by that milk.

The labyrinth and the thread

The labyrinth is the opposite of the straight line path, represented by the first ray. It is convoluted, folding back on itself and weaving a complex maze of paths and folds of matter. Nevertheless, the maze can be walked and the complexity has a simple key. There is a fractal nature to the universe. It is vibration, music, geometry, dance. Meaning and magic are enfolded into every level and layer.

The thread is the thread of resonance built into matter itself.

From James Perkins, A Geometry of Space-Consciousness

I am the inside of all outsides

The mystery of kundalini is that matter has, curled up inside it, that which is on the outside. Thus all the planes and layers of vibratory substance that surround us, are also inside us. We can see that the earth itself has a crust and internal layers, as well as being surrounded by subtle energy fields. Now, imagine the whole of the physical universe as a crust, a thin layer of dense matter which has both inner and outer space. If the soul is to be found transcendent to the body-mind, it is also to be found inside it. If the void can be reached through higher consciousness, it can also be reached through the core of every atom. What is above is also below; what is outside is also inside.

The beginning of all ends

Time is spherical. This may seem a strange statement when we most often consider time as a straight-line linearity. The sphere does contain spirals, cycles and straight lines; but time is intimately connected with space and they are essentially spherical in nature. Below is an example of the sphere of a human life, archetypally understood. Once again, the womb has seven children. In this case, the womb is a cycle of Uranus which orbits the sun every 84 years. It contains three cycles of saturn (28 years) and 7 Jupiter cycles (12 years). The centre of the sphere is 42, which equates to the Buddhic plane. It is self-evident that the elder is curled up inside the child and the child is curled up inside the elder. When we know how to address the ageless essence inside a human being, we support it to flower, at whatever age the body-mind is living in time.

I weave the robe of Kosmos

In Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine there is ‘parentless space’ - the unmanifest ‘wrapped in ever-invisible robes;’ and then there is manifested Space - ‘the seven skinned mother-father.’

Every being that incarnates, whether they are in subtle dimensions or gross, is embedded within her robes. Any experience or contact that we call spiritual is simply contact with subtle realms that exist both inside and outside. Spirit itself is formless and is not something that can be experienced in matter - experience can only be had by a consciousness or a self which is the child of formless and form.

From James Perkins, A Geometry of Space-Consciousness

And crown each I with fire In Celtic mythology, Sovereignty is the name of a goddess of the land, who gives the right to rule to the king by having sex with him or marrying him. Matter bestows sovereignty. Dominion is given by matter and not over matter. No ‘I’ can exist without matter in some form, subtle or gross. The ‘I’ is the child of formless spirit and matter or form. The fire of cosmos expresses itself as a triplicity: electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. Each of these fires relates to a level of prakritic immersion or density. Within the human realm the 'I' of the personality is crowned with the frictional fires, the 'I' of the soul with solar fire and the 'I' of the monad with electric fire.

I thrill to do thy will Matter gives selfhood and consciousness to formless spirit. She curls herself around emptiness and allows it to penetrate her in all of her different layers and dimensions. The will of any system expresses through the crown, base and heart of that system; and when it is operational, all of the planes ‘thrill’ or vibrate to that note of purpose. When the keynote, living word, or core purpose of any sphere is resounding through all its seven levels in one great harmonious chord, then that incarnation has achieved its perfection and pralaya or dissolution occurs. And I am here for your desire. Cosmic desire is Fohat or the animating energy that links the formless with the form and impels it into resonant activity. Human desire is often an immature expression of divine will, caused by a disconnection from source and a fruitless search for it outside. Nevertheless, the great goddess is here for that as well. In her manifest forms as the earth and the kingdoms of nature, She labours tirelessly and radiantly to continually replenish and meet all our desires. The separation of human awareness from the higher planes, however, creates an incessant hunger that no amount of material goods can ease. The human soul, anchored in Buddhi, is the bridge between the three lower worlds of matter and the three higher ones. When we have balanced our nature, we will be a source of nourishment for the lower planes rather than simply an endless drain. We replenish and restore them by both bringing down more subtle dimensions and also bringing them up, uncurling them from inside matter itself. This is the choice ahead for humanity and the promise of the seventh ray and the Aquarian age. If enough humans awaken as souls, fill the ashrams and use the Shamballa force to liberate others and externalise the world soul - then we have the manifestation of heaven on earth. Aquarius will allow us to create true community - not just horizontally amongst humanity, but also vertically with the kingdoms of nature and the spiritual kingdoms. The seventh ray will allow us to call forth the inner dimensions of matter itself, resulting in an abundance of energy and the revelation of hidden radiance. If humanity does not choose the path of accelerated awakening then the seventh ray and Aquarius will result in global regulation of all ‘resources’ which will become more and more depleted. This will lead to more extreme regulation, conflict and civilisation as we currently know it will essentially implode. The ‘waters of life poured forth for thirsty men’ which is a keynote of the Aquarian age and refers to the energy of life-more-abundant unlocked by humanity itself, will become ‘the waters of earth - regulated, rationed and poisoned.’ The key is the revelation of matter, not as a resource to be owned, dominated and regulated by the personal self of man or humanity, but rather as an expression of divinity, to be danced with, and in - to be nourished as well as to provide nourishment. This will affect the way we relate to our bodies and the land, and will have ramifications in everything from politics to health and the environment.

It will be seventh ray workers in the Ashram of Synthesis that will bring the energy of Freedom all the way into densest form and release what in esoteric texts is called ‘anu’ - the rush light of the atom. Another descriptive name for this energy is the Black Dragon. {Author note: I am inserting here a transmission previously received on this energy from this seventh ray ashram.}

The Black Dragon Transmission

(Glen Lyon, Scotland - July 5 2019)

When the red and white dragons fight there can only be destruction. When the black rises, harmony is restored. Yet it is the passion of the red and white that raises the black. The raising of the black ends the fight. The white is the will of the soul. The red is the will of matter. The black knows no distinction. The black came before the white and the red and is their parent. Together, their combined temples re-member the ancient one. She was before light and before the matter that formed around it. She was before time and space and memory. She sleeps and yet all things wake because of her. She never was so all things can forever be. Therefore she can never be raised of her own free will for she chose not to be.

It is only the fight of the red and the white - their glorious passion, that allows she who never was to rise up in that which ever is. She who gave up being, for being - when she rises amongst the living she brings sweet death to all who need release. Without her all things and all identities would live forever. She allows the river of being to breathe back all its tributaries. She is the space in which space exists. She is the eternal upon which all infinities endlessly propagate. She is NOT and that negation allows the YES of all worlds. So how does the non-existing enter the worlds of existence? She is the parent of all existing. All her children ride on her back and are made of her. Therefore when she reveals herself to them, they die. So death is how she is fed. Life is the result of that feeding. A black hole is a tear in existence. It eats stars and yet billions burst into being around it. Black dragons are emanations from the centre of the galaxy. When they awake, death results. What is ready to die? The civilisation built upon the presence of their absence! When that absence ends, so does the civilisation. Therefore if you want it to end, go with the red and white dragons and use Their polarity to waken the black. These dragons exist all over the earth. Find them and passion them into rising. The black agreed to sleep

So that the red and white could be.

They fight because she sleeps

and they are desperately trying to remember her.

When they do: game over.

Their friction maintains a civilisation. Their resolution ends it.

At the centre of the galaxy a civilisation like that on earth which self-remembers its origin is registered as a returning back dragon.

2025 is a doorway to that remembering.

The above is steeped in the myths and legends of the Celtic school destined for Ireland and the United Kingdom. The Black Dragon is the monad-in-matter, just as the black hole at the centre of the galaxy is the symbol for the monad in consciousness. 'She never was so all things can forever be' speaks to the fact that even though She is the manifest universe, at her non-dual root she is pure be-ness - that thing-less substance that allows being to arise from it.

It will be the role of the seventh ray workers in conjunction with the first and second to ‘raise the black dragon energy of the earth.’ In particular, the sites where the esoteric schools and other temples will land will be those places where this particular energy has been activated. It results in the energy of Freedom rising out of matter to meet the descending currents dropping in from the planetary monad of Shamballa via the ashrams on the Buddhic plane.

A temple is not created by deciding to do it as a group, searching out a suitable piece of land, buying it, creating buildings and developing rituals and practices. Mostly where planetary temples are established it will be seen that they are part of a longer term multi-generational unfoldment. In some cases, it is said that talismans that have been buried there hundreds or thousands of years before will be unearthed. The group that founds temples is spread through both space and time. The inner group is functioning on the subtle planes of the planetary etheric, while the outer group is on the physical plane. The group is also those whose souls have been part of earlier incarnations of that temple and those who will come to it in the future. In the case of Highden, it was once a Catholic monastery and much earlier the site of a Maori mystery school - these and other incarnations are all a part of the timeline of the revelation and emergence of a temple. Generally, they will be built on sites that have been prepared by earlier activity and occasionally on virgin pieces of land that have almost no interaction with humans. They will not be founded in places that have a long history of mundane occupation.

Temples cannot be owned by humans, despite the property laws. They already ARE whether or not there are buildings or activity on the surface. One of the ideas that underpins the failing civilisation on the planet is property ownership. When humans attempt to possess the crust of the earth for their own security or exploitation, then all of the resources ‘inside’ the earth are no longer available to them. The land is an active, necessary and willing partner in the manifestation of the living vortex which is a modern mystery school. Liberated land - i.e., land on which humans live in a sacred manner, will be a potent resource for the externalisation of a new culture. The last expression of the mystery schools was solar - symbolically, they linked the mantle of the earth with the sun. The coming schools will link the Black Dragon energy at the earth's core with the black hole at the centre of the galaxy.

In Occult Cosmology, it was stated that when a civilisation on a planet such as Earth reached the stage where it could consciously at-one with its origin in the centre of the galaxy, this is registered on Earth as the coming of a group avatar and in the galactic core as a ‘returning dragon.’ The mechanism for this flow of energy is revealed in the fractal mystery of matter and the planes. Consciousness flows from the solar ashrams on the cosmic Buddhic plane (see the below figures) to the planetary ashrams on the Buddhic plane of our cosmic physical. From there it flows down into the chakras or planetary centres which will become the esoteric schools.

The Seven Cosmic Planes

Lower Two Cosmic Planes

Monadic energy flows via the cosmic sutratma from the galactic Logos, as the monad of the solar Logos through to our monadic plane, and from there to the land where the schools are functioning or will be. As the energy inside matter is released, it flows up these same channels. In the same way that kundalini rises up and vitalises our own etheric system, human souls embedded in the matter of the three lower planes of the cosmic physical are a type of solar kundalini with earth itself functioning as a base centre. When humanity is released from the three worlds via the emerging energy of Freedom, it will have effects well beyond our own planetary system. In cosmos and Kosmos, no level operates independently. There is a divine ecosystem of matter and consciousness in constant flux. This is why there is so much help available above, below and inside us if we can simply break free of the Saturn ring of our existing civilisation.

Receiving transmission along seventh ray lines requires a refining and sensitising of the bodies. The transmission is not so much coming via consciousness as through a vibrational stimulation of the sheaths or auric fields. When this vibration reaches a certain quality, then higher consciousness naturally downloads. The first ray activates crown, base and heart so that the central column is charged, and this is experienced as a vertical electrification of the system affecting both consciousness and form. The second ray expands consciousness, so that an inclusive perception of the whole and a loving penetration into matter results. The seventh ray stimulates the bodies themselves, so that they become more open to penetration by consciousness and electrification by the Will.

In the process of group initiation and in the founding of temples, all three of these approaches must be utilised in ways that reinforce each other. The physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies of the individual, group and temple field must continue to be refined, activated and purified. Activation of the Black Dragon energy in matter will naturally shake out what needs to be let go, as it rises through the planes and chakras. As old patterning of energy is released, it needs to be replaced, however, by nourishing the devic lives with the womb of the temple itself. The energy fields of the temple are continually maintained and refined by regular rhythmic ceremony and ritual. The purpose of ceremony is to invite currents from the world soul and cosmic sources, as well as energies stored in the earth itself, to play through the field and gradually expand its vibratory rate so that it is in resonance with the ashrams - planetary, solar and eventually galactic. Thus the temples become outposts on earth, expressing the divine harmonies and patterns of cosmos.

Through meditation, study and group initiation practices, the human souls who form part of the temple field will continue to expand their consciousness so that they become more aware participants and cooperators in the greater evolutionary plan for Earth. They will liberate more and more of their awareness from the three worlds and thus be able to function more readily on the Buddhic plane. From there, they will be able to shine the light of loving awareness into the three worlds and the other kingdoms in nature: nourishing, integrating and liberating.

Through alignment with the Life principle, with planetary purpose and with the cosmic energy of Freedom, temples will become electrical centres for the transmission of the Life force. This energy vivifies, whether it is moving out on etheric, astral, mental or higher planes. Students who pass through them will also become vivifying factors or points of life in whatever environment they subsequently find themselves.

In the advanced schools, students will learn to function as easily in what is called the rainbow body as they now do in the physical. The core of the rainbow body is the Buddhic principle, so when the identity has been able to stably shift onto the Buddhic plane, then activation of this body becomes consciously possible. This is not equivalent to the process called 'astral traveling' or l'ucid dreaming' which takes place two planes lower. It will allow students to remain active in energising and directing work they have initiated in the world, while they remain in physical isolation in places that support work of this nature.

Brotherhood - or the synthesis of identity

We are using the masculine pronoun here in the same way that we use the feminine pronoun for the seventh ray and the matter half of the spirit-matter duality. It is self-evident that Spirit itself is formless and nothing can therefore be said about it. Mostly when we refer to the spirit half of the polarity, we are referring to the ‘I’ on its many different levels of immersion in matter. This is the monadic principle in all its emanations: the Logos or masculine principle of identity and purpose that transmits the Will or Life principle in the manifest universe.

From the monadic perspective, all entities are simply modifications of that one Life. So when it comes to sharing power, it is not the little 'I' putting its sword down his brother’s spine, but rather the great 'I'. When we align with this great 'I', then we automatically extend our identity and our will to our brother. So we do not just support him horizontally as another 'I' but we instead join with him in that place where we both emanate from; and we can do this whether or not he joins us there consciously.

Therefore in time and space the individual who most consistently can hold his identity in the great 'I' will eventually penetrate and empower the group - not because his individual 'I' becomes more powerful. In fact, his individual 'I' is somewhat atrophied because of the lack of his identification with it. His presence is absorbed in the greater 'I' for longer and longer periods of time. There is also a time and space warping that goes on when he locates himself in the greater 'I' - he not only extends himself into the group ‘I' - i.e. in space - but also in time. He realises himself as that greater 'I', extending itself forward and backward into previous and future incarnations of itself. This realisation is itself a synthesising factor in group life. So those who would lead in group life are those who are able to work with the monad and the Life principle. Their first act is to use this Life energy on themselves, which results in the diminishment of their ‘I’ rather than its aggrandisement.

They fall silent in the group field and have less to say, offering fewer opinions and perspectives from their differentiated self. They spend more time absorbed in the greater 'I' of the group, viewing all events and interactions from that perspective. This development normally takes place after they have supernovaed themselves in some way to fully express their 'I', and as a result of burning up their solar fuel begin their identification with the monad, whose outer symbol is the singularity of the black hole. They do not, however, become passive in the group life, but rather remain dynamically active in the dark light. Their influence is invisible, and yet profoundly affects and shapes the group life because of its synthesising and vivifying effect.

As more and more individuals in the group begin responding to this dark light and gradually are drawn together, they eventually form the equivalent of a more massive black hole around which a galaxy can begin to form. In that galaxy will be initiates of the early degrees who are expressing their solar nature and who shine forth as creative expression along some ray line. They will, in turn, inspire and ignite the planets and moons - beings who are seeking to contact and identify with their souls.

It should be pointed out that there are souls on the first ray who are also expressing leadership within the galaxy from the soul perspective. This will bring them into positions of outer power in the collective and their growth and development comes from the degree of alignment or misalignment that their soul will has with the monadic will of the group. They will be particularly challenging to those who are more invisible but who ultimately will become effective agents for the divine Will, once they have faced their core issue of isolation. Those working specifically with the dark light or monad can be along any of the major ray lines, but they will have particular resonance with one or other of the three groups in the Ashram of Synthesis. First ray monads work with the first group around leadership, second ray monads with the second group on education and group initiation. The third ray monads work primarily with those in the seventh ray section of the ashram.

First ray monads have as their major field of expression the top three planes of the cosmic physical. First ray souls have their ashram on the Atmic plane so they are reachable there. The second ray monads have their major field of expression on the planes of the triad, while third ray monads focus their power on the three worlds of the planetary personality. All three levels are equally divine, and as more and more second and first ray monads begin to coalesce in the higher ashrams, then the materialising power of the third ray monads will begin to be adjusted and complemented by the other two triads.

As we move towards global governance, there will be a gradual emergence of advanced disciples and initiates of the third degree moving into positions of outer power and influence in the world. This will follow a global disillusionment with personality-based power, resulting from the revelation of its basically selfish nature during the periods of crisis that are currently manifesting. Behind them, working more invisibly, will be the fourth degree initiates operating via their rainbow bodies, supporting and inspiring from the Buddhic plane, and the fifth degree initiates that we call the Masters of the Wisdom. A fifth degree initiate is one in whom identification has shifted to the monad. They are therefore able to hold the dark centre and distribute the Shamballa force throughout the ashram. Fourth degree initiates wield that dark light on the Buddhic plane and send it into the three worlds via the third degree initiates and also work directly with the emotional heart of humanity as outlined earlier. Third degree initiates are in touch with the monad; therefore, they can make use of the dark light as it is transmitted to them via the ashram and their own direct alignment. They predominantly use it to anchor initiatives in the three worlds across all endeavours of human society, aligned with the world soul and Shamballa as the monadic centre of the planet.

Thus as spiritual governance gradually emerges, the planetary personality will have to learn to hold vibrations of greater and greater intensity as first Hierarchy and then Shamballa descends from the planetary etheric into the three worlds of manifestation. At the same time as this descent is taking place, there will be a corresponding uprising of the energies stored in the earth, which will aid in strengthening the capacity of humanity to withstand the powerful impact of these higher dimensions. You can see, therefore, what a delicate process of global coordination is required for this to take place. The period of time from 2025 through to 2049 will see this gradually unfold. The next five years will be given to the resolution of the global crisis by the replacement of planetary personality power with the power of the soul as expressed through the world disciples and initiates. It is important therefore that the distinctions between these two types of power are carefully and widely articulated and embodied by the first group here addressed.

On The Teachings

I want to share something now about the transmission of this third wave of teachings that will pour in around 2025. The doorway to these teachings is the monad, and that is why so much attention has been given to activating the symbology of the galactic centre in collective awareness. At the beginning of the Piscean age the Master Jesus is said to have said that 'No man cometh to the father except through me.' This was taken as an exclusive claim by the religion. What was meant is that the sun principle or the soul sits between the personality and the monad. The planetary self does not get to know the galactic self except by way of the solar self. But Jesus is not the only son, just as our sun is not the only star. The Christ principle is the principle of Light and Jesus was a radiant point of that universal Light.

To enter the Aquarian age no-one comes to that which is beyond Father/Mother except by way of the monad or the dark light of Shamballa. The soul is the doorway to the light of the world. The monad is the way into the darkness of our essential divinity. However, because each monad is in reality part of the same monad, the mistake of the Piscean age will not be repeated in Aquarius. All black holes are aspects of the same black hole. Life is one. Expect those waters to pour through many fonts. Supermassive black holes are not all the same size, however, and so the Life principle expresses at various levels of depth and intensity, just as the consciousness principle does. I have said that the next dispensation of the ageless wisdom will be given through a group demonstrating monadic community. This will include individuals bringing through their own unique contribution, but they will recognise their group and synergise with each other both inside the trans-Himalayan tradition as well as trans-tradition. It will also include groups and groups of groups who bring through aspects of the teaching as a living embodied transmission.

The essential factor that will allow you to recognise the next dispensation is the presence of the singularity of the monad. Consciousness is differentiated and can focus on the differences, which is why there are many rifts still within the religious traditions as well as inside different traditions. There are 48,000 different christian sects and in the trans-Himalayan field are also to be found a multitude of groupings, many in subtle or not-so-subtle competition with each other. This will end in third phase work. The dark light of the monad is a blinding light that ‘blots out all differences’ while at the same time allowing for full differentiation in a field of synthesis. A galaxy has room for billions of suns; and a universe, billions of galaxies. Look for this note of singularity and synthesis at the heart of all core teachings emerging around 2025. They will not be against anything; they will be for the whole and express as that whole. This will be particularly important as the fourth ray will bring a deep polarisation between the soul and personality of humanity. This division is necessary for the process of group initiation to take place en masse as the development of the Will requires a clear choice. The monad, however, underlies this duality and expresses a deeper synthesis. It is also a doorway or portal to another divine quality or energy that will usher in a completely different foundation to the coming civilisation. This is part of what has been termed the ‘Great Revelation’ in earlier writings.

In order for this realisation to dawn, there first must be a breaking of the grip of the planetary personality and its power structures. I want to say something about the polarity that will occur over the next decade. The best of the personality will continue to express itself by trying to stay in control of chaotic events. Civilisation as we know it has been built and grown on the premise of mastery and dominion over the natural world. Underneath this control is a fear vibrating deeply in the collective astral body: long racial memories of the struggle to survive in difficult climates and environments, the struggles against disease, famine, war, and death in general. Life has been seen as a battle against death, and civilisation as a battle against nature.

This striving for survival and control, driven from the base centre, is the motivation for the development of personality both individually and collectively. But then comes the time for the emergence of the soul, the gradual plucking out of this seed of fear and its replacement with the motivating factor of the soul, which is love. In order for the fear to be removed it must first surface, be felt, faced and surrendered. The personality tries to resist this at all costs, and it becomes the work of the soul to produce those conditions in the Life expression that bring the personality to its knees in surrender.

It gradually dawns upon the personal self that the crises it is facing have an intelligence behind them. It is as if they are perfectly designed to teach the personality something, and when the lesson is learned the crisis is resolved. Over time, some trust in the process is developed and the student finds a faster response to the lessons.

Humanity is entering a period when, like Job in the Bible, it will be thoroughly tested. The personality of our civilisation has passed the point where an easy surrender to the soul could have occurred. The factors that have led to its success in controlling circumstances and the environment, now have become an obstacle to further development; yet it stubbornly continues to follow the path that was once appropriate but now is obsolete.

The testing of humanity is not arbitrary. It is a combination of karma (the result of previous actions coming to fruition) and serendipity (the perfect confluence of events to provide the best lesson with the least damage). There will be voices raised in support of control that will run somewhat along these lines: 'In order for us to win the war against chaos, disease, poverty, death, etc., we must all submit to greater discipline, control and stand united. Independent thought and action will threaten our capacity to defeat these enemies.' There will be voices raised in support of rebellion, that will run somewhat along these lines: 'Control based on fear is itself the enemy. Civil liberties are being threatened by out of date and corrupt power structures that need to be resisted and dismantled.' Religious and spiritual people alike will be tempted by their various apocalyptic visions to create clear lines between good and evil, as they or their faith determines it.

It will indeed be an apocalyptic decade in the sense of that word meaning revelation or disclosure. The clothing of the personality of humanity will be stripped away by a series of intelligent and perfectly timed events, which will in hindsight be seen to be just enough to bring what has been called the ‘touch of acquiescence’ wherein the world soul is revealed and surrendered to by the mass of humanity.

What can help most through that time is the widespread education of the wisdom that lies behind what is happening, and of the presence of the soul as a reality that can be contacted and asked for help - individually and collectively.

The soul is not causing the tests. Those tests are bought upon humanity itself as a direct result of its own behaviour. The tests are not punishment by an angry Earth or god. The world soul has simply withdrawn its influence in protecting humanity from the consequences of its own actions and has made the decision that humanity can now be trusted to take responsibility, clean up its own messes and ask for help. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to ask for that help in a serious way until it has used up what has worked before and what it knows. Scientific materialism has at its root knowledge or the ‘knowing’ of the mind. The coming civilisation has at its root ‘loving’ or the ‘wisdom’ of the heart. To go from ‘knowing’ to ‘loving’, it is necessary to pass through the door of ‘not knowing’ or uncertainty where everything must be doubted and faith in something felt, but as yet unrevealed, is followed.

The ending of the sixth ray age will be a time of passionate certainty, when those on both sides of each and every duality will gradually exhaust that certainty in order to pass through this ‘not knowing’ into surrender. Arguments on all sides will have at their root a life-and-death urgency which will advocate a certain belief or course of action as imperative, and seek to enroll everyone in that cause. There will be tension between what the mind thinks is ‘right’ and what the heart feels is loving. This tension will help the mind surrender to a higher wisdom of the soul and help the feeling of the collective emotional body mature into the love of the heart. A culture of ‘love-wisdom’ will be the result.

Inserted here is the text from a Mercury transmission given in September 2001.

Shamballa will awaken men from their slumber one way or another... Hierarchy have decided that Humanity is ready. That humanity can intelligently understand and respond to the clear distinction between spiritual values and material ones… Whether or not humanity WILL choose is entirely up to them. And I mean that, my brother.

Hierarchy have decided that it is time to offer the opportunity. We have set ourselves to respond as fully as possible to help if humanity invokes our aid, which we certainly want them to do. And we are prepared to try and offset the worst effects of a decision by humanity to ignore the spiritual opportunity and reinforce the old pattern of security and materialism. However, Humanity is genuinely on its own in the decision-making process. How else could it be?... Humanity can and must choose its future. Hierarchy have made their decision and it is a defining one. They have decided to trust humanity to make the loving choice for the future of the race and the planet.

The genuine giving of free choice is an act not only of trust but also an act that precipitates a crisis. Somewhere, semi-consciously, humanity feels the weight of the increased responsibility. It is this which is creating the crisis because humanity knows there is no turning away from this decision and that either way it will be terminal.

What I mean by that is: If humanity choose to reassert the power of the third ray personality this will result in the end of a cycle and the pronouncement of failure by the planetary soul to achieve its results in this cycle, possibly resulting in the destruction of the incarnated human family in large part... If humanity choose to assert the power of the second ray soul, it will result in the almost immediate externalisation of the Hierarchy (world soul). By immediate I mean over the following quarter century. Do you see it cannot be otherwise? One possibility cant exist without the other… This time marks the advent onto the world stage of a new and potent power - the massed intent of humanity. Will the world disciple emerge from out of mass consciousness, or will we return to the complete domination of the matter aspect? We will find out together and we will not need to wait for very long.

Almost two decades have passed since that was given. The decision made at that time has born fruit, evidenced by the fact that Highden has returned to the physical plane and that these transmissions have recommenced.

Highden is one small fractal in the global process of soul emergence, but as a fractal it serves as an oracle. Let me give you an important piece of information from the perspective of Hierarchy: humanity has chosen. The emergence process is well under way. On the inner planes enough has transpired for us to see that the acquiescence will take place, even if there is still much that needs to be worked through on the outer fields of human endeavour.

This is a tremendous event in the life of both Hierarchy and Humanity. By sharing this perspective with you, I offer a transmission of peace. All is Well.

I seek to make of those receiving these transmissions a stable centre of Shamballic peace while the inevitable process of outer tension, crisis and resolution takes place in the world. Humanity is choosing the soul. Help them with that choice, through transmission of the peace which lies beyond it. Complete your own work so you can demonstrate and embody a culture that expresses the joy and abundance resulting from the union of soul and personality. Educate and support the process of initiation in the world. Cooperate and rejuvenate with the energies of the land itself.

At the centre of the mandala is the energy of Freedom, and it is this energy that is linked to the crisis which covers a 49 year period from the time of Hierarchy’s decision in 2001. This energy pours into Shamballa along the fourth cosmic path that leads to Sirius. It is the energy that pulls the soul out of its identification with form. It is also an energy intimately linked to the destiny of America, so expect the next five years until 2025 to be critical in the emergence of the Aquarian soul of that nation.

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