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1. The Three Groups

Updated: May 24, 2021

(25 March, 2020)

Today we begin a new phase of transmission. Individuality is not such an important focus for the soul, being naturally group-conscious; so, this transmission will be group-oriented. It will be from a group entity (the ashram) to a group entity. It is also recognised that a group has coherence beyond that of the coming and going of the individual cells that make up its constituency. The group has a life and a life cycle of its own. Hierarchy continually has souls moving through it, holding points for a time then passing on. Similarly, your own groups will change personnel regularly and yet there is cohesion of purpose and evolution of process.

The group at Highden now is not the same personnel as two decades ago and yet the group soul is still active despite a localised pralaya. The Highden group is also not the only one addressed by these transmissions. Shamballa School and other groups that are inspired by the same stream of energy will likewise form part of the receiving group. Broadly speaking, they will encompass three major lines of group activity. The focus on the manifestation of a physical plane project such as Highden is part of the seventh ray stream of this transmission. The focus of education on group initiation, working with the Will and the Shamballa force, is part of the second ray stream of these teachings. The focus on group wielding of the energy of Life itself is part of the first ray stream. Together they form a transmission from the Ashram of Synthesis which I have earlier indicated is a fusion of these three ray streams.

The following diagram will make clear the geometry of the transmission and reference should be made to the section in Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle wherein the symbol was given out (TEV, p.164).

The role of the receiver is to be a bridge between the etheric body of the planet - which contains the ashrams - and the workers in the three worlds which form part of the physical body of earth, made up of the mental, emotional and physical planes. The work of the externalisation process is simply the integration of the etheric and physical planes of the cosmic physical which is the promise of the seventh ray and Aquarius. As the work proceeds, the transmission will broaden so that more and more points of bridging receptivity will appear and a much deeper knitting of the two bodies will take place. This will mean that a clearer and wider channel will be established between inner and outer workers in the ashram, as well as between the souls and personalities of those in incarnation.

We will begin with the three points of focus.

1. The first ray and leadership. This group will form from those who have already demonstrated their capacity to wield the energy of planetary Life or the Shamballa force. It will be primarily a subjective focus, producing results in the outer world through deep inner work. It will be strenuous work with a major emphasis on purity as the energy of Will is applied first and foremost to the individual and group before being released into the world upon demand. It requires the capacity to ‘stand and withstand’ and to do this in group formation with very little outer organisation or communication. It is highly sacrificial in its requirements, and is only for those willing and able to deeply surrender their own life and will to the planetary Life. 

2. The second ray and education. This group will be involved in the education of the principles of group initiation in the Aquarian age. This education will not be simply theoretical but also practical, seeking application. This will take the form of group meditations, gatherings, trainings, and ongoing group work in projects such as Highden. It will also be applied in virtual gatherings on the internet, and through the dissemination of these teachings and their rhythmic study and application. The experiment of group initiation and receiving group impression from the ashram will also form part of this stream. 

3. The third/seventh ray and manifestation. This group will be involved in creating and organising the matter in the three worlds so that it reflects and vitalises the inflow of energy from the planetary etheric body. This group also works directly with the latent energies stored in matter, the body and the natural world including the kundalini, devic and erotic energies. It concerns itself with rhythmic ritual and ceremony centred around the cycles of the sun, moon and galactic centres. It also helps create those organisational and economic structures needed for the efficient and effective manifestation of the soul under impression from the Life aspect. Community ceremonies as well as the passages of birth, death and initiation rites also form part of its domain, as does the location of sites on Earth suitable for the grounding of temples. 

Naturally there will be strong overlaps between all three of these areas, which is why they form the Ashram of Synthesis. Personnel may circulate between the groups and between outer expressions of the group life in the form of projects around the world, but they will know themselves as part of a single organism.

Similarly, this transmission will support the manifestation of the esoteric schools and their associated temples in these three main streams. The first ray school is in Egypt and Greece and will remain largely subjective for some time although is a potent source of inspiration in the subtle worlds and is gradually being re-energised. The second ray school in Ireland and the United Kingdom is also in a slow process of manifestation, and these transmissions will support those whose destiny it is to bring them forth. The seventh ray school in Australia and New Zealand is the first to manifest and Highden is a focal point for experimentation.
The school in America is also deeply linked to this triangle, and in some ways it could be said to form a fourth point or tetrahedron. When looked at this way, it forms an eye in that triangle as it is an expression of the Sirian energy of Freedom - which is its destiny to bring forth when its Aquarian soul is fully activated. The timing for this is crucial as we enter a decade that will see the emergence of this energy of Freedom with its epicentre in 2025.

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon

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