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15. Aquarian Economics

Updated: May 24, 2021

(July 8, 2020) This will be a significant transmission that outlines the necessary principles for the financial foundation of the temples, and eventually for humanity at large. Nothing less than a total reorientation of the fundamentals of wealth - its origin and distribution - will necessarily be required as spiritual governance emerges. The transit of Pluto through Capricorn will help the upheaval in the political and economic realms of human experience. In the middle of the chaos, the seeds for the new must be planted. The essence of material wealth is related to kundalini and the matter principle. Last week, I indicated that there is a higher correspondence - the kundalini of the heart or that which lies curled up in the centre of any system. It will be obvious that a major source of the abundance in the natural world is the soil. Out of this substrate, enriched by cyclic generations of biological life, new growth seasonally emerges and it is on this growth that human material wealth is based. Crops, livestock, manufactured goods and artifacts form the underpinning of early civilisation. The soil has a higher correspondence in the soul. The Buddhic plane is the natural home to the human hierarchy and bodhicitta is the equivalent of the fertile compost inherent in the soil. Generations of human souls have worked through the substance of Buddhi, creating a rich ground from which the temples, the reemerging mystery schools - i.e., the chakras of the planet - are growing. Both sources of wealth - the natural world and the human soul - are abundant, generous, wise, resourceful and compassionate. When they operate together, an Aquarian civilisation of life-more-abundant will be the result. Civilisation on Earth has moved far away from its sacred roots in the abundance of nature. Humanity has claimed for itself that which was freely given. This move towards possession and ownership, arising out of survival fears and an inherent lack of trust, has resulted in the perceived need for more and more control. This control has separated human consciousness, in large part, from its true original nature and imprisoned it in desire-mind or kama-manas. The result is a society of commodification where the soul inherent in all things has been stripped away from experience, leaving only objectification and an endless unfulfilling search for meaning and belonging. Money has this alienation built into it per se. Central banks create money that is already inherently debt-based. Western societies are kept running by debt-fueled spending. Everyone feels under pressure to ‘earn a living,’ driven by an underlying pervasive sense of not being enough, or its opposite, the desire to be more. Debt-based currency is the ‘original sin’ of the economic world. Property ownership fueled by mortgages, intellectual property-driven technology startups, competition, planned obsolescence, waste, environmental destruction, exploitation of humans as resources in corporate missions, political lobbying, partisanship and a huge, litigious legal system: all of this is a man-made and controlled prison that has unconscious fear and alienation at its root. To return to the natural world is to encounter the original ‘gift economy.’ A living ecosystem and ecology, based on each part expressing its unique be-ness in such a way that the whole flourishes.

The air, the water, the food , the sunlight, the capacity to feel, to love, to create, to celebrate, to live and die. All these are freely given - inherent in the inner and outer environments.

Life is a miracle, and the natural response from humans connected to their heart is reverence, gratitude and celebration. Resting in this great gift, and given time to absorb it, humans naturally flower into their own miraculous contribution to the whole.

Along with the riches inherent and evolving in the natural world, we must add the riches inherent and evolving in the human soul. As a humanity develops on a planet over long cycles of time, these riches are harvested and stored in causal bodies, ashrams, the planetary hierarchy and the world soul in the same way that biological life potential is stored in the soil. This world soul undergoes its own seasons in the same way that life in the soil is drawn inwards over winter and flourishes outwards in summer. We are beginning an Aquarian spring, and the temples will be places where some of the the first shoots of the externalisation process will begin to green.

In an earlier transmission, I told you that the monadic energy will result in the coming together of both spiritual and material power in the hands of the world initiates. The fourth degree soul group, who form the centre in humanity able to wield the Shamballa force, will source themselves in the abundance of the Life principle inherent in Spirit and matter alike.

Currently we have a system where the world’s economic wealth is concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. Due to the very nature of the system and what is required to succeed in it, however, those hands too often represent the worst unfoldments of human nature rather than its best.

With beautiful symmetry, the very process that allows 1% of the planet’s population to control such economic power will also allow for its adjustment and transformation.

The newly emergent energy of Shamballa has, inherent within it, what is called the Law of 100. Just as in soul evolution we have the idea of tithing or the ratio of 1:10, monadic evolution carries the ratio of 1:100. This is why it can cause such crisis and acceleration in the planetary unfoldment process. I am going to give you some important information on how this Law works, which will help link together many apparently disparate statements made in earlier teachings. The first five initiations that humanity goes through in soul evolution on Earth really form part of a single cosmic initiation that is being undergone by the planet. The planetary Logos is undergoing the second cosmic initiation and is therefore focused on the cosmic astral plane, having achieved some degree of monadic contact. As that greater Life returns the focus of attention to the cosmic physical plane or body of manifestation, the waters of the Life principle begin to flood the soul soil of the lowest cosmic plane.

The fourth quality brings into integration the triplicity of monad, soul and personality (or, in a planetary sense, Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity) and shines through the centre of the plane, being Buddhi and the human hierarchy of fourth degree initiates. The result is the externalisation of the Hierarchy and the establishing of a soul-based civilisation.

The Law of 100 In order for the masses of humanity to be in the process of taking the first initiation, one percent or 80 million will be in the process of taking the second, 800,000 the third and 8,000 the fourth. A group of 80 fifth degree initiates completes the initiatory picture. Remember: from the higher perspective this whole system is one process, a planetary initiation; a monadic dilation unfolding through the five stages of soul evolution. Beyond the fifth degree, the Law is superseded by other considerations because Shamballa or the incarnate planetary monad is itself the centre of a much larger sphere. Truly it is said, that a Master of the Wisdom or fifth degree initiate is the flower of human evolution. Each one who achieves it has a flow-on effect on hundreds of millions of their incarnate brothers and sisters. The unfoldment of this process is not necessarily linear; but the law substands the cycles of Shamballa. For the last few thousand years there has been an ‘inbreath’, so that the 49 ashrams have been able to be more filled. The energy has been held in the centre of the sphere. Now the outbreath comes, with the seventh ray and Aquarius, so that the waters of life will wash through and have profound effects on the taking of the second and first initiations by the masses of humanity. Concurrently, there is also a passing on out of the Earth system by sixth degree initiates who then form the bridge to the higher cosmic planes. It is the advent of the Shamballa force and the Law of 100 that allows for the acceleration of evolution so that it is now possible, in some cases, for the second, third and fourth initiations to be taken in a single lifetime. This is a remarkable new phenomenon. The Temples are places where this externalisation is underway - and therefore the entry point of the Shamballa force, the energy of freedom and the law of 100. All temples which are also mystery schools will therefore have at least one fourth degree initiate at their core; and over time, as the externalisation process proceeds, a larger group will form, with a fifth degree Master actively guiding their unfoldment.

A temple is a vortex generated out of the inherent abundance at the core of the human spirit meeting the inherent abundance of the earth. As such, all temples have at their core the spirit of unconditional giving based on the transmission of the Life principle, that has its roots in the infinite, eternal and boundless. Those who approach come with the conditioning of the surrounding civilisation - that of acquisition and lack, even if what is sought is enlightenment, meaning or the opportunity to serve and be fulfilled. This seeking that arises out of a perceived lack will eventually be uprooted and replaced with fullness that is inherent but needs to be revealed. The debt-based currency will be replaced by one that has love at its core. This is why it is said that at the heart of the mystery schools, no money is paid for the teaching but that the temples are funded by the ‘law of supply and demand, occultly understood.’ That supply and demand is for the waters of Life pouring through to a thirsty world. Once you become an intrinsic part of the supply instead of the demand, then you experience directly the abundance of the well. ‘To those who give all, all is given.’ The doorway through from demand to supply is the gate of the third degree referred to in the biblical parable of the rich young man and the passing through the eye of a needle. In order to know the Life principle, all that has been gathered by the soul and stored in the causal body must be surrendered. But truly when life is known, this is not so much of a sacrifice but the joyful return of a river to the ocean. Here is a proposal, then, for a new type of currency to be used both within the temples and between temples until it eventually forms the basis for the currency of the coming Aquarian civilisation. Many attempts have been made to create new currencies and develop new systems; but often the fundamental energy dynamics behind them is unchanged. This currency will have at its root the harvest of past achievement and demonstrated contribution. It will be based on the inherent resourcefulness of the human spirit and trust in the abundant, loving and intelligent universe around us. It is backed by what already IS rather than what is sought. It is liberating in its effect rather than imprisoning. At the centre of each temple is a ‘Shamballa’ or Black Dragon - a coin that is fashioned from the minerals of the earth and imbued with the Will. This is true ‘fiat’ currency. There would be only a certain number (100) made and their ‘holders’ would all be known to each other. What they were holding would simply be self evident to their peers. The holder of such a coin would be drawing on the authority of both the Earth itself (the sovereignty of Gaia) and the planetary Logos (the Will of Ouranus) .

This coin therefore represents, and contains curled up inside it, the currency needed to manifest a temple. It contains spiritual mass. It is, in effect, the expression of a black hole that both transcends, bends and penetrates time and space. During the course of the unfoldment of the temple, the holder of a Shamballa can issue 100 ‘Hierarchs’ to those who support or hold ‘pillars’ within the temple. Hierarchs can be circulated between temples or amongst temple pillars. Each Hierarch entitles its bearer to issue 100 Initiates, which can be used as a medium of interchange inside each temple. Thus a fully manifested temple could have a total of ten thousand initiates in circulation, or a total global money supply of one million when all 100 temples are manifested. The physical form of the currency could also have a digitalised counterpart, where all transactions are recorded on a blockchain. Each unit of currency is given in recognition of service already undertaken and life force expressed; and is itself backed by huge reserves of demonstrated achievement. This is the reverse of the way money is used today. To give a clearer sense of the process, imagine each ‘initiate’ represented one hour of time freely given as an expression of the life force in service to the temple or others (an hour when the ‘I’ is fully dissolved so that the waters of life pour through - not an hour where the personality or soul is struggling to be in service). At the black hole, ten thousand hours exist together in a seed that unfolds over the manifestation process. The holder of the Shamballa coin will already have demonstrated more than these ten thousand hours in their own life of service to the temple and humanity. A Hierarch represents 100 hours of demonstrated service. At the end of a year there could be 10 Hierarchs in circulation, for example, and each of these might have issued, on average, 10 Initiates. The economic unfoldment of mass in the system, then, is represented by 1:10:100. The energy of the system and therefore the rate of its manifestation would be related to the speed of circulation of the currency as well as the amount that had been issued. The 100 hours represented by the Initiates could be circulating once a day, week or month, for example. A similar analysis could be used for quantifying the currency in terms of space inhabited, consciousness expressed or decision-making influence - to name some parameters. Each unit of currency is backed by more than 100 times its current ‘value’. An Aquarian system is neither communist or capitalist. It recognises the diversity of individual achievement and capacity. It also recognises the universality of the Life force and shared divinity in all. Achievement is expressed in terms of contribution to the whole and the capacity to thereby generate currency and distribute it, rather than attracting a flow of debt-based currency from the masses to the few. I am using the example of the currency in mystery school temples, but this will equally apply across all the seed groups of human endeavour, from scientists to politics to business. An Aquarian Hierarchy is inherently one of wise service to the whole as it also expresses in each. Toppling dominator hierarchies based on exploitation and fear is only part of the solution, as they need to be simultaneously replaced with sacred spirit-based ecological and economic hierarchies of contribution and wholeness. It may seem far-fetched to you, but this living flow of currency-as-blessing will gradually replace all existing currencies and serve as a giant money-laundering enterprise. It will draw in the existing money in the world, convert it into contribution and replace it with Shamballa fiat currency or its derivatives. The issuing of a Hierarch, for example, will not simply give the right to create the next tier of new currency but will itself have a greater and greater value in terms of the existing currency forms issued by reserve banks of the world’s existing economies. By the time one million Initiates are in circulation, they will be worth more than the entire current money supply of the world. By then, one or two more outer rings will have been added to the unfolding process. It is truly said that the destiny of the forces of materialism (inside us as well as outside), which currently hold much of the existing money supply, is to serve the Hierarchy or the manifesting soul of the world.

What this means for each individual going through the initiatory process is that their lower chakras and personality will gradually release more and more of the energy currently under their control, and allow it to be distributed according to their soul under impression from Shamballa. In return, their centres will be flooded with the life-giving waters that flow in from the Earth and cosmos, becoming joyful transmitters of Life-more-abundant. Trying to ‘earn a living’ will be transformed into a celebration of the Life is already IS.

Transmission from Bruce

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