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The Earth Ecstatic

Jonathan Ehrlich

It started off as a feeling in the body one day. A rush of ecstasy, like a musical note getting played inside the depths of my being. Journal entries. Dreams and strange connections and inklings forming between inner landscapes and outer landscapes. Maps and fragments. Letting it be. Not trying to do anything. Just listen.

A series of months where some of the scariest, most vulnerable pieces of my human self rose to the surface...still rising. Some part in me thought I could just fly around as a soul on Earth, weaving in and out of other realms and pockets of dark matter in cosmos. That's certainly one part.

But being human, deciding to truly come down to Earth and stay and stand in the totality of who we are in relation to the whole—human, soul, soil, stars—is one hell of a fucking ride.

Within our totality lies a creativity and love that is wild, innocent, ruthless and ecstatic.

Oh the thrill and terror of living in the arena of time + space but serving something that often seems impossible to bring into time + space. What an exciting task!

What pieces of the world that's coming dream their way through you into the world that's here now?

The Earth Ecstatic.

It is already happening.

The ship is sailing through unchartered seas between Heaven and Earth—and even if it means Hell rises up and reveals beneath the ice kingdom of Antarctica—there is just one simple invitation...

Come along for the ride. Let's go home to the unknown.

The one pulsing drumbeat of Life that beckons us to remember our roots in the dark, where all Creation arose from Kaos. You are an Earth Ecstatic. Humans, Plants and Minerals each sound a unique note of the ecstatic. The Earth itself is ecstatic.

This is not mine. It is a reminder of what is coming and what must go.

It is the ancient hymn of the soul and the Freedom of pure being.

May it sound within our hearts and souls or be a sign on a public toilet or a new book of myths or an album or painting or words that echo inside the head.

The Earth Ecstatic.

Inspiration. Resonance. Vibration.

We are puzzle pieces recalibrating to know the whole of what we are and the whole we are part of.

Nothing less than the ecstatic.

I am an individual standing for the whole.

I am an animal standing for the soul.

The Earth Ecstatic is a note that simply reminds us of the grand symphony.

Take it.

Produce and reproduce it.

But do not claim or own it.

Let it claim you and shake you and destroy you.

Be used by it.

Dance with it.

May everything keep arising from it and returning to it.

The Earth Ecstatic. The Earth Ecstatic. The Earth Ecstatic.

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