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Our Dark Divinity

Janine Ma-Ree

Heaven in Earth.

I used to be a love and light person seeking the path of enlightenment and transcendence. I am grateful for my journey into the light and the gifts it brought me. But for me, the journey into wholeness truly began when I opened to the dark.

Quite often when the dark is referred to it is in the context of shadow (unconscious disowned parts of ourselves) or evil. Coming from a Catholic background, descending into the dark was a terrifying thought as I had been taught exactly that, the dark or hell, was a place of evil, condemnation, corruption, addictive excess and punishment. When I finally listened to my soul crying out, beyond a place I could understand from my mind, I let go of the stories I had been told and opened to the mystery of the dark.

The first time I connected with this energy I was truly pissed off. Pissed off that I had listened and believed the stories I had been told. I discovered the stories I had been told were not the dark at all but distortions of the dark. The place I experience in the dark is a place beyond these distortions and a place of deep sacredness. Instead of distortions I found holiness in the true energy of the dark, a feeling of coming home, deep compassion, groundedness, embodiment, abundant life force, power, love and an awakening of my sexual, primal life force. I found a place rich in archetypal energies, primal energies, magic and mystery and deeply infused with spirit and love. Through endarkenment I found the other half of my soul. I discovered the vastness of the void, the depths of love and the most unrealised energy of all, dark light.

Dark light is the light that is deep in matter/mater/mother. This dark light of matter holds an ancient primordial wisdom and deep deep love. Matter also has an infinite source of energy that has been glimpsed through separation, by forcibly being released through the splitting of the atom. This energy can be activated and accessed in another way, as we align with our centres and move from love as whole beings. Not from the old model of separation, dualism and division, with the intention to destroy and have power over, take what we want and fuck the consequences. But from the flow of relating, connecting and synergy, awakening this energy in matter, that at its core is the union of spirit and matter. A place where consciousness and our humanness can unite and work together in harmony. Heaven IN Earth.

When this dark light is awakened it can travel through this web of loving connections awakening more deeply all of humanity, giving humanity access to the wisdom, power and love it needs to take the next step in its evolution. To function in oneness, synergy and connection, as a whole being flowing together, each being realising its potential and uniqueness at the benefit of the whole. Sharing power from a place of love and being fully alive that benefits the whole. Not at the expense of the whole, not at the expense of the planet and not at the expense of ourselves or each other.

Deep in the centre of matter lies our divinity. A place of ancient, primordial wisdom and love. A hidden jewel just waiting to be uncovered and discovered. The divine commonly thought only to be accessed in the heights is also found in the depths. When the world is believed to be a place where the divine is absent, we lose touch with its magical nature and the song lines of the earth. The most ancient people on earth, the Australian aboriginals know this. A journey into the dark, into the core of matter, to the place where spirit and matter meet is a journey into holiness (whole ness) and the discovery of our dark divinity

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