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10. Monadic Transfusion

Updated: May 24, 2021

(May 27, 2020)

If the first aspect of monadic development could be called dilation via alignment or infusion, then the second aspect is trans-fusion or dilation through monadic core union. The galactic equivalent is the coming together of galaxies resulting in the fusion of the black holes at their core and the co-mingling of their star and planetary systems. It has been said that synthesis differentiates, and it is the oneness of all black holes - their essential identity - that allows for their apparent separation in time and space. The so-called ‘dark energy’ in cosmology provides the expansive force that operates as an apparent repulsion between galaxies, and this underlies our expanding universe. Within this expansion, gravity acts to coalesce them in groups called clusters or superclusters. Our local group of galaxies has its home in what astronomers call Laniakea - a gathering of more than one hundred thousand galaxies. The galaxies in Laniakea exhibit a directional movement towards an area known as the Great Attractor and beyond this to what is termed the Shapley supercluster. They appear to be moving away from an area that is relatively void of galaxies called the Dipole Repeller. This type of movement of the galactic superstructures in cosmos has been named the ‘dark flow’. Within cosmos, therefore, there are regions where galaxies are dense and gravity operates to bring them into fusion, resulting in supermassive and ultra-massive black holes. There are also places where they are sparse and space is relatively empty. These are the true ‘voids’ and care should be taken in distinguishing these terms. In cosmology, the term ‘void’ and ‘black hole’ are not equivalent. There is a darkness that is full and a darkness that is empty, corresponding to the two paths into spirit - everything and nothing - absolute inclusion and absolute negation. If a black hole is a tear or vortex in space-time like a whirlpool, then a void is a calm, rippleless sea.

The ageless wisdom refers to the ‘great breath’. Universes come and go. Their expansion generates time and space, while their contraction collapses it. In between, there is a phase of relative equilibrium. Currently, Earth scientists observe the expansion in our universe and assume that it is a constant. We are simply in the out-breath phase. While this applies to the universe as a whole, the opposite dynamic is also ever at play; so there are regions where the in-breath is occurring, and we can therefore observe both processes. Galaxies, similarly, have their own life cycles. Some are more focused on the matter aspect, others on the soul and still others on Spirit - remembering that these three terms refer to different stages in manifestation. In the development of matter phase, the out-breath predominates. Another way to visualise this is to imagine that the black holes at the core of galaxies have a repulsive influence on each other. Those focused on soul development are at equilibrium; there is often strong star formation and the consciousness principle is active. Those focused on Spirit have an emphasis on the black hole at their core; the in-breath is active, resulting in an increased apparent attractive force between galaxies. Spiritual gravity dominates. These developmental tendencies have a correspondence - but not equivalence - to the three monadic rays. What this means is that a third ray galaxy will still go through the three stages of in-breath, equilibrium and out-breath - but its overall focus will be seen to be on the development of the matter aspect in the life cycle of that universe. A first ray galaxy will always have a strong black hole focus and a tendency to draw other galaxies in (more gravity) even during the out-breath phase of a particular universe. Our Milky Way is expressing a second ray equilibrium, absorbing dwarf galaxies and slowly being drawn into union with Andromeda.

In human evolution, these three dynamics of the Life principle express themselves in the processes we call individualisation, initiation and identification. When the monad is developing its matter aspect or personality, the emphasis is on differentiation. If the individuality does not fully emerge, there can be no later synthesis but merely an undifferentiated soup. For individuation to occur, there needs to be apparent separation in time and space. This separation is a necessary illusion so that each learns to stand alone, resourced from the centre of their own being. Individualisation results in soul awakening, and this process proceeds through stages we call initiations. Souls come together through resonance and the process of group initiation eventually gives way to Identification where the Life aspect predominates. The illusion of separation dissolves at the third degree, and now the individuality or personality aspect of the monad is seen as simply a unique creative opportunity to express the one Life which is shared with all.

At the stage we are in humanity’s evolution, there is still a strong focus on individualisation but because this process has been separated from the soul, or Hierarchy, it plays out in a systematic individualism. This individualism is an interruption to the process of individuation which should naturally lead to soul awakening. In other words, the right to be separate and act independently has become enshrined, instead of being seen as a necessary stage in the development process. Adolescent values predominate and have become universalised, resulting in a uniformity rather than a unanimity. The demand for freedom of the personal self is an immature expression of sovereignty that has fear at its root. This fear reveals itself in a pronounced powerlessness that seeks to control, or be controlled, on the one hand; and a victim mentality that demands recognition and validation on the other.

The solution to this calcification of materialism is the emergence of the world soul. This process is occurring both within humanity in the vast numbers now taking initiation, and through the externalisation of the Hierarchy playing an active part in world affairs when it is invoked.

Just as in the universe there are places where in-breath is occurring during the overall out-breath, so there are sections of humanity where the process of identification is beginning. What this looks like is a willing surrender of sovereignty in a field where the immature demand for sovereignty predominates. This is the energy of Shamballa active within the field of Humanity and its effect is dynamic.

Mature sovereignty is intimately connected with the energy of sacrifice. The individualised soul is one in whom the personality is integrated and the fused soul personality is offered as an expression of the monadic Life principle. When monadic energy becomes present in a field, it accelerates evolutionary development. Those in whom individuation has not yet taken place are strongly repulsed and this repulse results in increased individualisation. Those in whom individualisation is sufficiently complete are initiated into soul and drawn through resonance into their soul groups. Those in whom soul initiation has taken place are radically awakened through identification and irresistibly drawn to their monadic ashram. The same energy has different results, and this is why the monadic Will must always be released upon demand or with consent. The consent, however, is the consent of the soul. Where the personality is resistant to the soul and has enshrined its rights to immature sovereignty, however, this will be experienced as an imposition or interference with the preferences and will of the personal self. It is for this latter reason that the decade ahead will be experienced as one of suffering. This suffering arises out of the misalignment between the will of the soul and the will of the personality.

So the purpose of this transmission is to support the coming together of consenting souls within the human family, to form centres of greater spiritual mass as a result of identification with the monad.

The first thing to realise is that the three processes of individualisation, initiation and identification all go on together even though they also have a sequential developmental aspect to them. The five human initiations are part of one cosmic initiation. The three solar systems are an expression of one Life. What this means is that you will have parts of your own being in deep repulsion to the inflow of Shamballa energy, while at the same time parts of you will be attracted. The effect on the personality is differentiation. The effect on the soul is initiation and increased shining and magnetic resonance to other souls. The effect on the monad is identification, or the realisation of fundamental non-separateness.

There is also a powerful correlation between the monad and the body. The physical body is integrated with the mind in personality development. The etheric body is integrated with Atma in soul development. The spirit of the body is what is activated and integrated with the monad. This spirit is what is called the rush light, anu or dark light of the body. It is the root of both the physical and etheric bodies and permeates the seventh plane from the first subplane. This spirit also has its correspondence to the spirit of the Earth - an involutionary life connected to the mysterious third evolution. It is the spirit of matter in the same way that the monad could be said to be the matter of spirit. When this awakens, the body itself becomes an important extension of the monadic life. The first plane of the cosmic physical is at-oned with the seventh plane via its first subplane. This is the true sanctification of matter.

The coming together of monadic cores is therefore intimately linked with the coming together of bodies in specific places on the earth so that the resulting sanctification of matter enables the activation and awakening of the spirit of the earth. These are the temples. They are powerful vortices. They are singularities. They are planetary kundalini merged with planetary purpose. They are cosmic shamanic portals.

The primary chakra for monadic fusion is the heart. When souls are drawn together in resonance, then consciousness is at play. There is often an alignment between the value systems of the individuals involved. Their sense of the sacred and their soul purpose draws them into relationship. Monadic resonance can happen across all the soul rays and so is independent of them. People with very different sacred values are irresistibly drawn together. It is specifically the core of the heart that is involved. The heart is also involved in soul union which tends to link the ajna, heart and sacral centres and produces the experience of shared vision, loving relationship and erotic charge. With monadic identification, it is the head, heart and base centres that are involved. The effect is not so much a falling into each other to create union as a falling through each other into a pre-existent synthesis. It is a consensual surrender to destiny or a following of the dark flow. It is the negation of personal sovereignty via its willful sacrifice to a greater all-pervasive 'I'. It is the revelation of that which ever IS beyond all manifestation and the source of evolution within it.

It is also a one-way process. Galaxies do not come together and then separate. Monadic union can only add further unions.

There is a compulsive quality to monadic fusion. Whether it is occurring between individuals or groups, there is a dance of inevitability illustrated by the coming together of galaxies prior to core fusion. On earth, we detect these galactic mergers in cosmos via the registering of gravitational waves. Similarly, within the body of humanity, those sensitive to the dark light and who have calibrated their instruments can detect this process of monadic merger occurring. They provide stable gravitational centres and points of life inflow for the emerging global culture of soul.

A temple is not therefore a community based upon a shared vision or shared values. A temple is not created but revealed. It is based on inevitability and the irresistible response to what already IS and who we already ARE. Temples are an expression of the Life principle and the Ashram of Synthesis. Therefore souls are drawn to them in three different ways.

The first is via soul purpose, a direct knowing beyond understanding; a sense of destiny that they choose to have no choice but to follow. This is the crown chakra activation. The second is via relationship. The heart falls through other hearts, so deeply and irrevocably that they choose to have no choice but to belong together. The third is via connection to the land. The place and their bodies merge so deeply, that they choose to have no choice but to live there. The base and the ground have become one. When all three paths become one path, then there is a stable foundation for a temple. Life reveals itself in its eternal and infinite nature, committed to the finite and the temporal.

This is the same use of the energy of freedom that allows Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, to commit to the earth until the last weary pilgrim finds their way home. Thus the whole Earth is a temple willfully ensouled by Life. Through our monads, we participate in that Life and are its expression in time and space. We demonstrate in manifestation that which already IS inherent in the sacred seed of our planet. When we also choose, as free souls, to commit to the purpose, people and place of our destiny, then we choose what has been chosen for us. This is awakening. This is revelation. How do we know it is our destiny? Because we choose it with our whole being. What makes us choose it with our whole being? Because it is our destiny. This is beyond our understanding and beyond our fear. It can only be experienced by those in whom it has been revealed.

What we are here to live for, we are also here to die into; and until this is awakened in us, we live half asleep and the other half searching for the sacred elixir of life.

Freedom and commitment. Sovereignty and sacrifice. The expansion of the universe and the gravity of a singularity. These are all inseparable dualities. Therefore seek the signs of the dark flow in the midst of your own life. Actively choose to follow it, as it is revealed in your attractions and repulsions to purpose, people and place. Let the cosmic magnet operate through your heart centre and begin to fuse irrevocably with others. The result will be a trans-fusion of Life into the corps of humanity.

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon

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