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8. Solstice Alignment Jun 21 2020

Updated: May 24, 2021

Jun 21 2020 ( Given May 13 2020 )

In the life of mass humanity, the times of the eclipses are particularly valuable in making a collective approach to divinity. The higher octave of the eclipses that will be used by initiates occurs twice a year when the sun/earth axis also forms a relationship with the direction of the galactic centre in Sagittarius. When the higher and lower alignments are both present - i.e., a lunar or solar eclipse occurs when the sun and earth are aligned with the galactic centre - then an opportunity of peculiar potency is available. Occult Cosmology p 204

At the beginning of this critical decade in the flowering forth of the world soul, we have a powerful alignment that involves both the lower and higher octave of the eclipse. The next time this occurs will be Jun 21st, 2039 and these two dates will be seen in hindsight to be the bookends of the externalisation process.

Our civilisation has been solar-based for several thousand years (Heliopolis in Egypt est. about 3000 BCE) and accelerating from the sixteenth century when the Copernican revolution took place. The battle between the sun and moon is reflected in the tension between genders, the conflict between spirituality and sexuality, between the mind and the body and between civilisation and the environment. The solar light has eclipsed the lunar to the point of domination and repression of the ‘light within form.’ The consequence of ‘the dominion of reason’ has seen a major degradation of the planet and a significant uprising of protest from all the lower kingdoms is underway. This will have its effect on the masses. For the disciples and initiates of the world who have completed the ‘alchemical marriage of the two lights,’ the opportunity arises for Earth to look in a new direction, directly opposite: the direction of the galactic centre or the monad of the earth.

At the time of the solstice, when the sun sets, the galactic centre rises and this is the pre-eminent symbol for the civilisational change taking place. A soul-based culture needs monadic roots. The union between sun and moon requires a deeper centre to be revealed.

Knowing must fail, so that the unknowing can unfold. Reason must yield to mystery, emptiness and void. The light of awareness must find its resting place between the greater darkness of spirit and matter.

The centralising symbol for the new civilisation is the black hole which is the ‘sun of the sun’ or, in esoteric terminology, the ‘central spiritual sun.’ This is not simply a symbol, however, but the revelation of a new form of energy and power. The cosmic rays build a bridge between ordinary matter and light - which make up 5% of the universe - and dark matter and energy that make up the remainder. It takes effort to orient toward something we do not know and are unfamiliar with; and yet the smallest amount of this new energy has a profound effect on consciousness and form alike.

Within humanity, there are more and more of those who are able to receive, transmit and circulate this new energy. Those who have done the work of connecting soul to monad can distribute dark light in consciousness. Those who have linked the monad with the body can release the dark light within matter. These are the equivalent in human terms to dark energy and dark matter. There is a third transmission, however, which we might call ‘dark love’ and this happens through the heart of those who are able to integrate the other energies in themselves. They have married the dark within the sun to the dark within the moon and released the power hidden in the core of the heart.

The solstice alignment will present a significant opportunity to contact and transmit these energies with the human family. Do not underestimate the potency of a united rhythmic group approach to these mysteries.

Here is an alignment practise that may help. There are three levels and five stages.


  • Centre in your causal body field.

  • Link your soul with a triangle of other souls that you are working with esoterically and hierarchically.

  • As their soul fields overlap seek out the eye in the triangle and pass through the dark core into connection with the monad.

  • Bring the current of dark light down through the jewel in the lotus and down the chakra system of your etheric body.

  • Activate the kundalini energy stored in the base centre and allow the dark ecstatic current in matter to stimulate the rush light in the atoms of your body.

  • Lift this ecstatic current to the heart centre and merge it with the dark light descending from the monad. Activate the dark core of the heart and extend the love to feel the global group of those meditating in this way.


  • Connected as a group, lift your awareness together into the causal field.

  • Feel the connection to the global ashrams and let your soul find its place.

  • Sense the triangulation and overlapping of the three ashrams that make up the Ashram of Synthesis.

  • Seek out the eye at the centre of this triangle and pass through into connection with Shamballa and the energy of planetary purpose.

  • Together, bring this current of vivifying life down into the Buddhic plane and see it circulating through the ashram as a whole.

  • Now bring this down through the body-mind of the global group, passing through the collective etheric field into the core of the planet itself.

  • Activate and awaken the dragon energy stored in the core of the planet and feel it rising up and energising, via matter, all the forms of the planetary life including the bodies of humanity.

  • Let this energy rise to the heart and once again blend the two currents to feel the dark web of love that connects life on earth in all its kingdoms.


  • Meditating now as the Earth itself, with its dark body activated, lift your awareness through the crown chakra, Shamballa, and centre yourself in the world soul.

  • Feel the esoteric relationship in the triangle formed by Sirius, the Pleiades and the Great Bear.

  • Seek out the centre of overlap and the eye in the triangle that opens the portal to connect with the galactic centre or cosmic Logos.

  • Connect with the dark energy body of the galaxy as it holds together billions of stars. Bring down a current of this dark electrifying force and feel it pour into the earth as a whole, including all its kingdoms of manifestation.

  • Locate Earth in space and sense the alignment between the cosmic chakras. On one side of the earth is the sun, with the moon coming into station between them to form an eclipse. On the other side is the centre of the galaxy. Visualise the dark light streaming from the galactic core through the earth, then passing through the body of the moon into the heart of the solar Logos, the Sun.

  • At the centre of the solar disc feel the activation of its dark core. Allow this energy to rise up through the moon and then bring their combined energies into Earth as a heart. Blend this current with the current pouring in from the galactic centre and visualise it supernova-ing the heart of humanity as the fourth kingdom.

  • Extend this heart energy into cosmos and allow it to connect via identification with other life in the galaxy. Allow time for the direct flow of energy from the Earth towards the galactic core. When this current is established, let your awareness as Earth flow up and centralise in the black hole. Sense the activated dark body of the galaxy with its multitude of stars. Feel the relationship between galaxies in the universe both via the identification with their cores, and the radiation passing between them in the form of cosmic rays.

  • Bring this sensitivity back into a point of meditative focus as the Earth, and now extend this awareness to the million or so galaxies we form part of in the Virgo Supercluster and into the wider universe as a whole.


  • Bring this expanded cosmic awareness of time, space and dark life into the field of the global group both in and out of incarnation - visualise circulating and sharing the current between you as part of a single entity in the heart of the world soul.

  • Formulate in that dark core a prayer for humanity. Locate this prayer in time at the heart of this decade of planetary change centred in 2025. Sense the decision already made by humanity and the challenges and opportunities ahead as it attempts to embody and live out its choice.

  • Vibrate the dark ecstatic current of life and death as it brings both endings and beginnings during this time of civilisational transition. As an Aquarian group, pour forth the wine of communion with all life and the peace embodied in the phrase “All is Well.”

  • Use the Mantram of Synthesis given in Occult Cosmology:

Light, Love and Power are One

they meet in the human race

So that the Life which ever IS

May seed itself in Space

Let the One behind the Three come forth

and through the Race of man

Reveal the hidden glory

of the the evolving cosmic plan

Let the Avatar we are, arrive

and fulfil our destiny

let the Mother of the World rejoice

The Soul of Earth

is Free.


  • Bring your focus to the synthesis of your own being. Sense the monad anchored in the vastness of the dark life of the universe, the soul shining in a sea of ashramic consciousness and your personal body-mind expressing itself in the time and space of this, your earth incarnation.

  • Bring these three ‘centres of self’ into a triangular relationship, circulating energy in both directions.

  • Enter the central eye. Rest.

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon

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