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16. Power

Updated: May 24, 2021

(July 15, 2020) The world’s current money supply is irrevocably tied into debt; while the new economics is built upon what has already been given. The power structures of the world have been built on slavery; and the coming power is anchored in freedom. This freedom, however, is not what most think it is. This is why the root must be pulled up while Pluto is passing through the sign of Capricorn. This purification of the foundation of politics and economics is necessary if a soul civilisation is to fully emerge. When I say the power structures have been built upon slavery, I do not just mean this literally; although good argument can be made for this assertion. The experience of the imprisonment of the soul runs much more deeply, and to find its esoteric root we must go to the Logos of the world. This quote from the Old Commentary concerns the inner experience of the being that ‘ensouls’ the earth - Ouranus from the Ouranus/Gaia duality. In other words, it is the part of the soul that is incarnate or has chosen to ‘take a body.’ Remember this being, our planetary Logos, is in the process of taking the second cosmic initiation. The 'throne on high’ to which he returns is the solar Logos - or the being that ensouls the life of the sun. The secret place is the monadic core. Initiation, as we know from our human perspective, often involves being inspired by a vision, committing to it, passing through an ordeal or testing process and then entering into a different dimension of experience. The second degree is a time of great suffering of the emotional body and the heart, as the will of the soul meets the full resistance of our attachments to the status quo.

He entered into life and knew it to be death. He took a form and grieved to find it dark. He drove Himself forth from the secret place and sought the place of light, and light revealed all that he sought the least. He craved permission to return. He sought the Throne on high and Him who sat thereon. He said 'I sought not this. I looked for peace, for light, for scope to serve, to prove my love and to reveal my power. Light there is none. Peace is not found. Let me return.' But He Who sat upon the Throne turned not his head. He seemed not e'en to listen nor to hear.

But from the lower sphere of darkness and of pain a voice came forth and cried: 'We suffer here. We seek the light. We need the glory of an entering God. [I can find no other words except these last two to express the ancient symbol from which I am translating.]

Lift us to Heaven. Enter, O Lord, the tomb. Raise us into the light and make the sacrifice. Break down for us the prison wall and enter into Pain.' The Lord of Life returned. He liked it not, and hence the pain.”

He liked it not. This experience of being ‘entombed’ in matter lies hidden in the core of the human soul. In its ‘I’. The matter that makes up our bodies is imbued, coloured and - one could also say - ‘tainted’ with qualities and properties inherited from previous cycles of incarnation. The spirit that makes up our individual ‘I' or the experience of self is also thus derived. Even though we experience a separate self, that very self originates or is an emanation of the self of the planetary Logos. We all receive our father’s name and we are all therefore extensions of ‘the divine rebel.’ In fact, our self is also an emanation of the self of the solar Logos and the galactic Logos. These three emanations or ‘rays of identity’ form the core of what we call monad, soul and personality. The core of existential suffering on the planet has its roots in the rebellion of the personal ‘I’ of the planet from the solar and galactic ‘I’. This will end at the third initiation and so in the meantime, those beings who ‘identify as the soul’ must swim against the status quo of the civilisation around them and they do this through an act of the Will, and through ‘identification’ with the soul of the world. This act is really a remembering or revelation of that which already is. We consciously choose what a deeper part of ourselves already chose. The personal 'I' is an extension of the soul and monad but it is imbued with free will - it can separate itself from its origin. The Shamballa impact is basically the soul identity using its monadic origin to support the personal self to remember why it incarnated. This is experienced by the personal self as an initiation. During the time the personal self is separated from its source of ‘identity power’ in deeper levels of its being, it is like a landing craft disconnected from its fuel source in orbit. It begins to conserve the power supply it has and to exchange power with other disconnected selves. The mission or reason for the incarnation begins to fade and survival and preservation of the life force begins to rule. This experience collectively runs the current civilisation on earth. Life (limited now to mean the life of the personal self) must be preserved at all costs. Power must be used to control others from threatening this life. Power is then used to increase the survival chances of those who have the most power. Power and authority have at their root, then, a deficit, a disconnection from source - and what follows is inevitably a decay of life force and an ‘entombing’ in matter. A ‘mummification’ of the spirit. Power corrupts because it is separated from its source. Just as the core feeling of being in original ‘debt’ drives the desire to earn a living and underlies consumption, the core experience of powerlessness (of being separated from power) drives the desire to accumulate it in its material form and use it over others.

The history of politics is the history of domination and rebellion, slavery and emancipation, colonisation and revolution. This duality of control on the one hand, and freedom on the other, derives from a deep disconnection from the source of true liberty. It underlies bipartisan politics and is deeply embedded in the founding of all countries as well as the UN. The American revolution was launched to put an end to the ‘tyranny’ of British rule. The UN was a response to the attempts at world domination in the Second World War. Each new step on the march to freedom begins with the words, ’never again’… until the spiral comes around again. Freedom cannot be achieved from fighting against limitation, just as abundance is not derived from eliminating lack. Both are inherent and must eventually be re-sourced there. This is not to say that these outer battles are not worth making or respecting; they are a part of the evolutionary process, however they are not radical, in the sense of getting to the root. The radical truth comes down to this: each human being has, entwined in their core identity, a thread of not wanting to be here. In the same way, every human body has an instinct for self-preservation built into it, and every identity has an instinct for self destruction and a rejection of incarnation built-in. We are either being run by these unconsciously, wrestling with them consciously, or have integrated them into a greater whole. Becoming aware of them is not a sign of personal failure, but the recognition of a universal inherent truth. These instincts fuel each other and underlie all of the conflicts between fear and control. The difficult truth to face is that human’s collective fear of death is really only the flip-side of their collective desire to ‘not be here’ or, in effect, to kill themselves. When the psychological maturity to face these realities is not present, then it operates unconsciously or they get projected out on others and become institutionalised in society. Humanity is headed into an existential crisis wherein this truth will come to the surface. This is the working-through of the success of the planetary Logos contacting the monad and now returning the gaze to earth. Existential suffering arises out of a misalignment between two aspects of our internal identity. When there is no ‘will to change,’ it is because there is disconnection from the source of power - or some part of us is actively willing something else. Each member of humanity has a universal component to their psyche derived from the soul of the world. All work with the same inherent limitations of their identity-medium and use the precious gift of ‘free will’ to shape it in different ways. Humanity is one at their core and so all war is in effect a civil war. It is a self-splitting. I have said before that a cycle of death has arrived with the coming monadic inflow. The death instinct is coming into awareness and expression. In the past, this would have resulted in a global war. Instead of being fought on national lines, this tension will now express itself within each nation and within each human being. Death impels initiation - indeed they are the result of the expression of the very same first ray energy. It simply has a shattering effect on forms that are crystallised along lines of division, and an initiating or expansive effect on those that are willing to be merged. Nuclear fission or fusion. For those seeking to align themselves with the fusion power of the dark light which is beginning to enter more strongly now and will increase until 2025, I have the following advice. 1) Do not stand ‘against’ anything or anyone - no matter how tempting or how ‘wrong’ their actions or ideas may seem to you. This is still needed, especially when the vulnerable are suffering, but there will be those who are drawn to this and it is their appropriate service and growth. Do not be drawn into any form of partisan politics.

2) Do not stand ‘for’ anything in any attempt to enroll others in any ideology. Do not attempt to influence their behaviours or ideas along lines that you deem desirable for them, yourself or for the general good. These negations could be summed up in the following: let Life stand up in you and let Freedom radiate through you to others. Be the presence of the dark that allows the stars to shine. This is not to advocate having no boundaries or not to help support others' journeys; but I give this advice, knowing what is on the horizon. The charging energy of the first ray, when it is met by the sixth, cannot help but bring out the full force of human passion and zeal for change. Let this happen around you. Take the first ray into the seventh and let it ground in your bodies, the deep seated parts of your unconscious and in the land itself, creating temples. Allow the liberating light to open those parts of your own psyche where the death instinct and the life instinct must fuse. The image I put before you is of Odysseus with his hands tied to the mast as he passes by the island of the sirens. The passionate call of the sixth ray, as it passes out of its cycle, will be great. The emotional body of the world will be gripped, but the battle must be held on the mental and astral planes. It is really a struggle for soul emergence. Those able to connect with the monad must see that this energy is brought all the way to the physical plane so that it creates a stable foundation for the civilisation to come. This means places, temples where the dark light emanating from matter, can nourish the body and the dark light of spirit can supernova the soul. The structures of power and economics in these temples will be therefore set upon different foundations. The economics must be based on giving and the inherent abundance of nature, including human nature. The power structures, which in turn channel the politics, must have at their core initiates of the third degree or higher. The energy of death must have been encountered and integrated - and only then can it be wielded to produce Life. A third degree initiate is not committed to a cause, project or ideology. They are deeply committed to Life itself, understood in the biggest sense. This full commitment can only be made when the root of the destroying instinct of the ‘spirit-in-the-soul’ is married to the creating instinct of the ‘spirit-in-the-body’. I use these terms deliberately. The new power, like the new economics, cannot arise simply out of new ‘systems’ for channeling these energies. They must be lived and embodied by human beings and arise out of the living interactions between them. Power and money are like the father and mother aspects or the embodied expression of spirit and matter. Sexuality therefore is the embodied expression of the soul, the cause of their union and the result. The fear and control inherent in the current expressions of both power and money, therefore, result in both sexual repression and its opposite, indulgence. The sexual abuse of children, inner and outer, is the reflection in the world of a culture that has lost its sacred roots and become fundamentally hostile to the soul. All of these issues arise together to be cleared, so that a civilisation anchored in the dark light can fully land. Each human being is a ‘Lord of Life.’ We came as souls into incarnation out of choice, whether we remember that choice, have forgotten it or are in rebellion against it. When we are not consciously conceived, then the incarnation is karmic and there will always be some degree of rebellion to work through. When souls are called in consciously by initiate parents, then the law of destiny prevails and therefore beings who are already aligned can incarnate.

Initiation aligns our personal will again with this will of our soul. The result is the completion of the incarnation - i.e., the death of the body. Or it is the fulfillment of the reason behind the incarnation - the full grounding of the soul in the body and the world soul on earth. The planetary Logos has made his choice, and now every human soul in incarnation is called to use the precious gift of free will to make theirs. What is no longer available, however, is the opportunity to ‘wait and see what happens.’ Exercising your political power is not simply an obligation to vote in an election between two sides expressing the same fundamental problem. It is an opportunity made possible by the being in whom we are all living cells, to vote with your whole being in the fulfillment of a choice, that you were part of and has already been made. This is freedom.

The old concept of freedom, built on a sense of powerlessness, is designed to maximise the opportunity of choice by the personal self. This has resulted in a prolonged adolescence that is unable and unwilling to face the core issue of life and death lying at the root of the feeling of powerlessness. A totalitarian system takes away the freedom of the individual and replaces it with a set of injunctions or a group of people who decide for everyone. This can range from dictatorship to a highly regulated society in the name of the common good.

True freedom is neither an escape from responsibility nor the imposition of it. It is the educated and willing alignment of the will of the personal self with the Will of the soul imbued with the life of the monad. It is the free choice to limit our choice to that which is Life-giving in its fullest sense.

A community of such beings will have little need for politics - they will simply listen deeply together to what IS.

Transmission from Bruce

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