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14. Core Activation

Updated: May 24, 2021

(July 1, 2020)

We are emerging out of a two thousand-year sixth-ray, Piscean age; and into a two thousand-year cycle coloured by the seventh ray and Aquarius. We normally consider this from the point of view of humanity; but let us look at it from the point of view of Earth, the cosmic shaman. Earth has a soul and a body-mind, which when fused at the third degree will become a single functioning system. In Greek myth this system was referred to as Ouranus-Gaia. The Gaia hypothesis has preserved for us the idea of a living planet and we also have the concept of the anima mundi - the soul of the world. This soul normally refers to the embodied soul - the intelligence that inhabits and animates our natural world. Prior to the third degree, the soul can be seen as divided into a transcendent part - Ouranus - and an immanent part - Gaia. After the third degree, these are fused and realised as two parts of the same entity. Different traditions have different names for them: Shiva-Shakti in the Hindu culture and Ranginui-Papatuanuku in Maori, for example. Myths all over the world refer to their separation and union. In the esoteric tradition, we often refer to the soul as that which is transcendent - the consciousness or transpersonal self which is the middle principle between monad and personality. However, when this soul has done its work of embracing both poles of spirit and matter, it will come to mean something else - the sentiency of the entire cosmic physical plane that seamlessly flows through all sub-planes. In other words, the second aspect of the trinity reveals the fourth quality which lies behind the tripartite whole. This is one way that the 2 and the 4 are linked.

Our planetary Logos then represents the consciousness aspect of the Earth or the Ouranus portion of the Ouranus- Gaia duality. For the last two thousand years, this being has been focused on spirit, lifting the soul gaze to the heights guided by the energies of the sixth ray, which is abstract idealism, and Pisces, which is sacrifice. This focus has played out for humanity in many interrelated ways, from the transcendent patriarchal religions, to the industrial revolution, to colonisation, to space programs. The ‘gaze’ of our ‘god’ has been to the heights; and world mythologies and culture reference the ‘absent father’ archetype. On that journey, there has been much repression and devaluation of the embodied soul or anima mundi but there has also been a success - conscious contact with the monad or Spirit aspect of the planetary Life. The arrow of Sagittarius has found its mark. This represents the flowering of the Piscean sixth ray age. If this had not been achieved then, when the gaze of our Logos returned to Earth under the seventh ray and Aquarius, we would see a culture of regimented materialism. This was narrowly avoided. Contact with the planetary monad, from the perspective of this Life in which we all live, has been the jewel or prize that has made so much suffering, if not fully necessary, then at least productive. When an individual has their full focus on a goal or destiny, then they may often overlook other aspects of their being. When a mountain climber is scaling a peak, or a fireman is going into a burning building, someone registering their vital health signs would be disturbed - and yet the context of the motivation for the activity must be considered.

Remember that this being, our local ‘god’ is undergoing the second cosmic initiation which involves mastery of the emotional body; and that is achieved, at a high point, through contact with the monad.

One of the qualities which marks this stage on a human level is aspiration and one-pointed focus. The achievement of a goal ‘at all cost’. This aspiration often forms a split in the emotional body, with one half in fanatical pursuit of the high goal, while the other half falls into shadow, gets lost in addiction and materialism. We can see this operating at the level of human society. Mythology is full of stories of the adventurer returning to his or her homeland only to find there is devastation and crisis that has occurred in, and often because of, their absence. If their quest has been successful, however, they carry a sacred gift that can restore the kingdom.

That gift, in our planetary life, is the dark light of the monad, the presence of divinity and the flower of Shamballa. As the gaze of the Logos turns down into the three worlds again, that gaze carries with it the energy of life and death. This energy destroys, purifies and organises everything according to the divine blueprint. Imagine the soul as a sculptor, shaping the living clay of the body-mind according to the essential life essence held in the monad. A Shamballa impact brings the energy of this transcendent life into direct connection with the life in form. The result is an electrical event and a sudden leap forward in evolution. This is initiation.

As an individualised soul within this vast being, therefore, we are also called to wield the power of life and death in our own domain. Firstly, this refers to our own body-mind. I want to share a technique for wielding this energy that complements and somewhat supersedes the work of soul transformation. The normal psychospiritual process is for the soul to gradually pour its lighted loving consciousness into the body-mind, dispersing maya, healing trauma, quelling desire and illuminating illusion. The shadows are gradually bought to light. Consciousness is working with the unconscious or the sun with the moon. This is antahkarana work.

The monad, however, operates via the sutratma, or life thread, anchored in the heart centre. When it activates and radiates through the core of the heart, then the effect is the penetration of the centre of all ‘lives’ in its sphere of influence. In the ‘planet’ of the human being, these lives are known by three names in the esoteric tradition. Agnisvattas - the devic lives that build the mental and causal bodies. Agnisuryans - the lives that make up the astral or emotional body. Agnichaitans - the lives that make up the etheric physical. All of these are expressions of Agni, the lord of fire, which means that they have at their core an aspect of the same energy. A direct radiation from the heart from the sutratma results in the penetration and activation of the core of these lesser lives that make up our own planetary expression. Soul transformation work can be likened to the shining of the sun on a man who is wearing many garments. Eventually, he takes them off one by one. Another familiar analogy is the peeling of an onion to get to the core. Monadic activation radiates from the core out. In soul transformation work, the deepest dark parts of the psyche are the last to be illuminated - the deepest shadow is buried in close to the core. Monadic activation hits these parts first and brings them up in a cathartic purificatory process. Monadic work is transfiguration rather than transformation: the simultaneous penetration of the core of all lives within a sphere by and through its centre. Contemplate this, for it holds the key to working with the Shamballa force.

Within the human kingdom, this impact will have the effect, then, of opening the core of the human heart from the inside out. Confrontation with the suffering of the external environment - other human beings exploited by current civilisation, animals and the other kingdoms in nature, etc. - can gradually result in increased compassion and the opening of the heart. It can also ‘harden’ the core through normalisation and protection. A Shamballa impact opens that core because of the essential truth that all are one and what is without is within. Be prepared, then, for such an upwelling in the human kingdom, bringing with it both a cathartic uprising of the shadow in the human psyche as well as a deep opening of the heart. This will play out both individually and collectively. An initiate, as I pointed out before, is not just the effect of these energies as they emerge and do their work; He or She is a part of the causal process of wielding these energies in their own domain. Last transmission, I indicated that the crown, heart and base of the Earth have their correspondence in the Arctic, core and Antarctic. The heart of any system becomes the base of a higher-order system. The Buddhic plane lies at the heart of the cosmic physical plane, but this plane is the lowest of seven cosmic planes. Therefore the centre of the lowest plane becomes the base of that higher system and home to its kundalini. Human souls therefore are cosmic kundalini.

When referring to kundalini, therefore, a distinction needs to be made. Firstly, there is base kundalini - coiled on the fourth sub plane of the lowest plane in a system. Secondly, there is heart kundalini which is that which lies at the core of any system that originates from a much higher sphere. If you consult all the planes and diagrams given earlier, this may become clearer; and for those of you who make the hard mental effort, realisations will dawn. Esoteric wisdom is not given but earned through a process of revelation. Let me just say here that the cosmic origin of human beings can be traced by following the way the third aspect of the monad divides itself into Will and purpose on the third and seventh planes. The link between the human Hierarchy on the plane of Buddhi and the chohans of Shamballa on the monadic plane also needs to be considered as another expression of the link between 2 and 4. Finally, consider that it is the realisation of crown, heart and base of any system as a singularity that opens up the possibility of transfer to a higher system, or the entrance of energy from that higher system to the lower.

The human hierarchy is thus in a unique position to transmit the monadic energy of the planetary Life and I would like to offer you a full moon meditative practise to support this transmission.

Core Activation

  • Centre yourself in the heart centre.

  • Visualise your body with all its ‘sheaths’, as if it were the globe of the earth.

  • Draw in the energy of the sun through the north pole, and the moon through the south pole, and mix them together in the heart.

  • Sense the dark core that is revealed at the centre of their union, and enter this core.

  • This is a sensing meditation, so attempt to feel from that core the sutratma or life thread that has a direct connection to the monad, your essential life force.

  • Also sense the dark flow of energy that connects your heart to the central core of the Earth and also to the black hole at the core of the galaxy, representing Earth's monad.

  • Realise that your heart centre is not simply in contact with these centres; it is an extension of their Life coiled into the time and space density of your human incarnation.

  • You are that Life. Take time to identify with it.

  • Allow the reservoir of life force to build in your heart.

Use the Mantram of Life, given in an earlier work:

There is no soul

There is no time

There is no space

There is only Life

One Life

This Life I am

My will is for all my lesser selves

to know me at their core as the essence

the beginning and end of their existence

It is thus, as the One Life, I LIVE

  • Feel your love for all the devic lives that make up your bodies of manifestation.

  • Release this reservoir of life so that it radiates omnidirectionally from your heart centre as dark love, light and power.

  • Feel it effortlessly penetrating the core of all the beings that make up your ‘Earth’, from the atoms of your physical body to the atoms of your mental body. All of these are devic lives awaiting activation and direction from you, the god and goddess of their world.

  • Sense the life and death nature of the energy that naturally destroys or ends those patterns of behaviour that the lives in your etheric, emotional or mental bodies have become accustomed to, but that are not aligned with your essential divinity. These take the form of complexes, patterns of thought, feelings and habitual activity that have developed in your absence.

  • Sense the purification that is taking place in the ‘atoms’ of these lives as they change their vibratory rate as a result of core activation.

  • Sense the organisation through resonance that naturally occurs as the ‘cells’ of the different bodies express their core ‘note’ and find their way into the organs and chakras - the different structures and dimensions of your subtle bodies as well as the physical.

  • Finally, consciously radiate the Life reservoir along the verticality of the sushumna or central column up the spine. Add the energy of the sutratma to the antahkarana so that the connection through the base to the core of the Earth and through the crown to the core of the galaxy is actively vibrating.

  • Once you have stabilised this meditation activation in your personal sphere, try it as the earth, identified with the core.

This is a powerful meditation and should be undertaken gradually and experimentally. It has the effect of energetic detox and rejuvenation. If you extrapolate from the individual to the planetary, you will get some sense of what to expect over this coming decade of the Shamballa impact, as well as the role humanity can play in the radical shifts ahead. It should be obvious, however, that humanity is not the only kingdom involved in the empowerment; and alliances through resonance should be made with all expressions of the planetary as well as extra-planetary lives.

There is a core wound that lives in the centre of the human heart that is like the reverse of the prodigal son story in the Bible. It is not the son that has gone to a far country, but the parent. The result is a deep sense of abandonment that underlies the existential experience of the dark night of the soul. Our planetary Logos - that part of the soul of the earth that is capable of transcendence - has had his attention elsewhere. Ouranus has left us with Gaia, in the dual language of pre-initiate understanding. Our uninitiated child soul (which forms the core of the personality) has not been able to grasp the mission or work that calls the father away, and so takes the absence as personal abandonment and develops a neurotic complex as a result. Two thousand years of attempting to establish connection with a ‘Father in Heaven,’ laced with a projection of his anger or judgement based on the experience of their being something wrong: an original sin which was the internalised self-centred reason for the abandonment. Two thousand years of dependence and anger at the Earth mother, resulting in exploitation and degradation coming out of an attempt to push away and have dominion over nature, merely to mask the sense of powerlessness from that dependence. I make these comments about Western civilisation in general. Many indigenous cultures retain a sacred relationship to Gaia, and the world’s initiate traditions have consciously reconnected with Ouranus, so that they form a duality not caught up in the parental battle which is really going on inside each human being and forms the basis for the current expression of human civilisation on Earth. This battle is resolved on the Buddhic plane where Spirit and matter are ‘at-oned’. This has always been the case for initiates. The difference now is that the gaze of Spirit is returning to the three worlds, or the planes of the human personality.

What this means is that the core human wound, of feeling separate in some way from their divine nature and needing to go on a mission to reconnect with it, is going to be healed. The revelation of essential divinity at the core of each heart is emergent. This emergence will, however, bring up the deepest experience of that abandonment. In order to avoid feeling this, there are two well-trodden paths.

The first is dependence. The guiding Life principle that should be naturally present at the centre of each heart is not there, and so a reliance is developed on the outside. This produces the Piscean follower who needs someone, some ideology, some drug, some pathway or preoccupation to either distract from the sense of emptiness at the core, or to replace it with outer guidance in order to live a life with some sense of meaning.

The second is control. By controlling others and the environment as completely as possible, the attempt is to avoid feeling the core experience of helplessness, fear and abandonment. This control also leads to the belief that others need to be protected from their own cores and so they become exponents of the ideologies, pathways or preoccupations. They become dependent on others' need for their certainty. This produces the Piscean leader.

An initiated Aquarian is someone who is in touch with the life-more-abundant that lives at the core of their own being, by passing through the abandonment wound (completed at the fourth degree). They know experientially that this life lives at the core of all beings, which means they are naturally universal in their approach. They also know that this Life is at various stages in its revelation in the experience and consciousness of others, and so they know themselves to be a part of a Hierarchy of revelation. They distribute the ‘waters of life’ through the centre of their beings to the centre of all other beings, paying particular attention to where there is demand for this flow. They naturally form resonant connections with others without the need for dependence or control, because each point in the soul ecology is self-sourced from the centre of their own being as well as being nourished by the web. They emphasise both sharing and self-reliance. In the outer worlds, they are sources of sustenance and compassion for others. In the inner worlds, they are distributors of the Life force that naturally dilates the heart and increases the capacity of all beings to be in contact with their source.

Can you grasp this vision of a cosmic being, the shaman of Earth, turning their attention back towards their own body-mind, having contacted their cosmic source and origin? Imagine the love that awakens again for the embodied life of earth. As the gaze returns, the reunion between the transcendent soul and the anima mundi gradually takes place. Remember the beauty of that first sip of water after a prolonged illness or an initiatory rite of fasting or deprivation? Under the influence of the seventh ray, the planetary soul returns into full embodiment, celebrating the divinity of matter, restoring and revitalising the natural world. Human beings that make up the fourth kingdom become distribution points for the Life force of the Logos. They become agents of that restoration and renewal. A humanity that has been the cause of great suffering to each other and the kingdoms in nature that support them, now becomes a source of nourishment and activating Life force to the world around them. In the language of Christianity, Christ has returned with the sword of Shamballa. God has returned to earth to embrace the Goddess that never left.

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon


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