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21. The Door in the Heart

Updated: May 24, 2021

(August 19, 2020)

There is a door in the heart.

The door in the crown allows for the expansions of consciousness into the subtle realms and the decentralisation of the identity as a result of higher contacts and perspectives, which transcend and include the personal. It opens the way to the ashram of the soul.

The door in the base allows for the penetration of that consciousness into denser and denser matter, until the heart of matter opens and the energy stored there can flow into and vitalise the etheric body and the soul. It opens the way to the ashram of the body (which is the place on the Earth you resonate with the most).

The door in the heart opens to the Life principle, which is inherent in both consciousness and form and revealed when they are bought together. It opens the way to the ashram of the monad.

When the energy that lies dormant at the core of the atom and the energy that transmits through the core of the soul (the jewel in the lotus) meet and blend in the heart centre, the door to Life appears.

This door is accessed through the back of the heart centre and allows for movement in both directions. It is the mechanism by which the waters of Life are distributed into the world. It is first experienced as a pressure for the soul to emerge through the heart. Once this has occurred, the individual or group becomes a source or transmission of this Life force into an active sphere of service. This transmission of Life is quite different from either the expansion of consciousness teachings or the embodiment teachings; however it accelerates both as a byproduct.

This ‘Life transmission’ has a quickening effect on others and the environment. It produces ‘daring’ or the willingness to face death (psychological as well as physical) with Life.

Once this Life transmission has been activated and is operational so that it is sustaining a spiritual ecosystem (consider this phrasing)*, then movement in the reverse direction through the door becomes possible. This is a fourth-dimensional movement that links the centre of any sphere with the centre of the sphere that is sustaining it and is the source of that sphere’s Life.

All of the stories and legends about the search for the sacred spring or waters of eternal youth have reference to this movement. There is a stage of discipleship called ‘the chela on the thread’ which leads eventually to being ‘within the Master’s heart.’ The thread is the sutratma and it is through the heart centre that one identifies or becomes one with the localised source of the Life transmission that has been flowing through that heart. Life is one and the spring is not the water but rather the local source of that water in any ecosystem.

In the ecosystem of the world there are many such springs.

When we connect to sources of inspiration through consciousness, there is still a sense of separation, of independent will, of ‘my soul and thine.’ When we connect through Life, there is no separation; simply the experience of the one current or flow. Differentiations are experienced in the intensity of that flow but not in its identity. This water is that of the cosmic astral plane and when the ashrams (body, soul and monadic) are aligned, then it is cosmic Buddhi. All ashrams are synthesised. The continents and countries of the Earth are part of a single sphere. The 49 soul ashrams are together - the soul of the world. The seven monadic ashrams are a threefold expression of the one Life that the esoteric teachings call Sanat Kumara, or the Lord of the World. That Life is one - body, soul and spirit - in a process of integrating and synthesising in the same way that a human must integrate the three vehicles of the personality, then the triad and eventually the triplicity of monad, soul and personality.

When we become conscious of and honour the spring which is the source of our Life, that Life increases. This truth is what humbles the identity at the third degree when it is fully realised via the heart centre: that there is no separate identity, only Life flowing through forms in greater or lesser degree. The work of the soul is nearing completion, so that there is eventually only that Life and the form through which it is flowing.

The cosmic paths which open to the higher way on the monadic plane are therefore streams of Life flowing in to the being that is earth. Monads are eventually drawn back up those streams via the process of identification, which is the reverse of individualisation. Identification is essentially, then, a release of form in favour of the formless. The monad, as a part of the one Life, is breathed back in after its long out-breath, cycling through the seven kingdoms of Earth Life.

Identification fully flowers once the soul has externalised or fully expressed itself in the world. First full emergence, and then abstraction. Until that stage is reached, identification can provide moments of rest and renewal in the life of the embodied soul in service. The soul can be lifted up into the oversoul via the crown centre to provide moments of peak experience where the higher vision is activated - and then can be bought back into normal awareness. The soul can also be received by the Earth, fall through matter to ground, and restore itself in form.

Identification, via the core at the back of the heart, allows the soul to be drawn into the greater heart of which it is an extension. It can pass from the centre of the personal sphere to the centre of the universal in such a way that the Life force is charged and renewed.

Those who read this will have already found themselves at the centre of their own Life ecosystem, or they will be in the process of forming one. The centre is both a womb and a phallus, and it becomes important to learn how to use the door of the heart. An ecosystem or ashram breathes with Life force.

Those within it will either be drawn into the centre or breathed out in cycles. These are the natural evolutionary tendencies.

An individual is drawn into the centre when it

  • needs the life force being bought to birth - the generative power of womb and phallus;

  • needs refuge and renewal - the restorative power of the womb;

  • needs penetration - the ravishing power of the life principle; or

  • has completed its out breath and needs to pass through the door into greater life or replace the centre and free it to pass on.

A point moves to the periphery when

  • it has tasted Life but is not ready yet to become a source of that Life;

  • it has become its own spring or source of Life within the sphere; or

  • it has become a spring and is in the process of initiating its own ecosystem outside the sphere.

There are also involutionary tendencies:

  • the avoidance of taking responsibility for one’s own life;

  • the desire to receive but unwillingness to give;

  • the refusal to be penetrated, often combined with the desire to penetrate others;

  • the refusal to receive renewal, with accompanying burn out; and/or

  • the refusal to bring the work to completion.

Evolutionary tendencies produce a gradual decentralising of the individual, a shift of focus from their personal need to world service, a greater capacity to transmit Life and, eventually, a dissolving of the individuality in identification with the whole.

Involutionary tendencies produce a gradual crystallising of the individuality, an increasing need for control, a diminishment of the Life force and, if pursued past a certain point, a vampiric effect on the field.

Each point that holds the centre of a field is also a point themselves within a field. The one great heart has many spheres and the one river of life has many tributaries. The way you behave within the field that you are a point within, will have effects on the way the points in your field behave.

Therefore become conscious of the particular cycle of in-breath or out-breath that is occurring, both individually and as part of the one Life.

2025 marks the centre of the time/space sphere of the decision when/where the sixth degree initiates chose the path to Sirius. The monadic heart-door of Earth opens, and the waters of Life flow in and out. Are you ready to receive those waters and allow them to pass through you and your ecosystems of Life? Are you able to be drawn rhythmically to the spring that feeds you?

Let me give you a practise that supports this renewal.

I recommend using the heart meditation provided in Occult Cosmology as well as the core activation meditation given earlier in this book. Both support the soul's activating and centering within the core of the heart centre.

Gather all the energies of the soul into the heart centre using the imaginative breath. Breathe them down from their extensions in consciousness and the subtle worlds. Breathe them up from their extensions through the lower chakras and the earth. This can be likened to withdrawing the life force or sap from the branches and the roots into the centre of the trunk.

Hold the Life force in the heart centre, allowing it to build in strength. Draw in the heart energies that have extended themselves outwards towards the hearts of others.

Turn all these energies inward towards the door at the back of the heart and wait. This door must be opened from the outside.

Send through a request - an invocation from the heart - for connection to the source of your life. When the door opens, allow yourself to be drawn back along the stream of your life force to find its central spring or origin.

Rest there.

Repeat the process if you want to be drawn deeper along the Life thread.

After this process feels complete, return to the centre of your own heart. Sense into the sphere or ecosystem that is watered through your heart. Send out streams of this energy of love and Life combined. Note where there are requests from those within your sphere to come in for renewal. Draw them in. Note where there are requests for penetration. Pour out Life force through them. This process happens beyond normal time and space and will develop the peculiar sensitivity of the heart to Life currents.

As you develop this practise, you will find that it becomes an automatic process and you will also become sensitive to the great cycle of in-breath and out-breath in the greater spheres of the world and cosmos. The Law of Assembly, which is one of the organising laws of Shamballa, operates along these lines.

Develop the powers of the heart.


* Editor's note: "ecosystem" derives from the Greek oikos, meaning "household", and systema, meaning "emplacement." So "spiritual ecosystem" literally means the emplacement or arrangement of a household in a spiritual context.

Transmission from Bruce

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