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13. The Dark Grid

Updated: May 24, 2021

(June 17, 2020)

I have said that the being ensouling earth is going through the second cosmic initiation, and so we can extrapolate from the human experience to get an appreciation of what to expect. At the second degree, the emotional body comes under great stress and if the crisis is passed, then it becomes receptive to the currents of the soul. On cosmic levels this means that cosmic Buddhi begins to flood the cosmic astral plane and this has a flow-on effect on the cosmic ethers.

In the human drama the crisis often involves the breaking of attachment addictions. This can play out as the end of a significant relationship, ‘hitting bottom’ in a physical addiction like alcohol, ‘burning out’ in relationship to work, and so on. The crisis precipitates a breaking of the illusion of separateness and the idea that one can cope alone. To pass through it requires the humility to reach out for support from those who genuinely care for you as a soul. This might mean entering of a twelve step programme, filing for bankruptcy, divorce counseling, the grief doorway at the death of a parent etc. The glamour of independence is broken, and the process of integration of the emotional body as an expression of the love of the soul begins.

The soul is naturally group conscious and so, when the planetary personality (humanity) is surrendering to the planetary soul (Hierarchy) then Earth is effectively beginning the end of its ‘rebellion’ and connecting with its soul group. The group soul field (planetary ashram) has far more resources available to it and so the process of soul-personality integration rapidly accelerates. The second degree, however, is the initiation where perhaps the most intense ‘suffering’ takes place as there is a complete reorientation of the feeling nature and a humbling identity crisis. Many of those reading these words will have passed through this as individuals and so are in a position to appreciate what humanity as a collective ‘I’ faces over the coming decade.

I have introduced the subject of other planetary civilisations because it is crucial to the psychological well being of anyone in the initiatory process to know that they are not alone. The paradox is, that this experience of connection and compassion allows them to take the necessary steps that only they can take. The souls of other civilisations are coming into closer contact with Earth, not to solve our problems for us, but instead to witness and bring their presence as an encouragement while we go through the initiation.

A critical point in the process of taking the second initiation is the evocation of the Will. The personality gathers all its inner resources together and, under soul impression, takes a stand for what it will become. In effect, it becomes an accepted disciple of the soul. This act of Will generates a point of tension (between the stage the personality is at and what it wills to become) which allows for the inflow of energy from the monad. Without this act of Will, then the current cannot be reinforced. That Will is then tested by the habitual patterns of desire that have developed over time. If the Will prevails, then initiation can be taken. Once this stage is passed, then the individual knows from that day forward that their life is not simply the result of external circumstances, but a co-creative expression of the Life force. They effectively become a player in a field of larger energies and forces, and begin to learn how to wield them and be wielded by them.

Earth, then, through an initiated humanity, will take its place as a sacred planet and enter into a vaster cosmic game. Once this is grasped, then there will follow a relatively rapid period of psycho-spiritual evolution. In the same way, when a human moves through this phase, there is normally rapid development as a result of the inflow of higher meaning which gives an integrating direction to the life. If you consider the educational work of my ashram over the last couple of hundred years, it will be apparent that this has all been a preparation to support humanity to use its Will during this crucial time. As said before, the critical initiatory period is between 2000-2049 with its epicentre at 2025 and the decade between 2020 and 2030. Hindsight will reveal much, but for those living forward in time there is always the experience of uncertainty. Those members of the human race who have yet to enter the path will experience this time as chaotic and confusing; they will be swept along and locate the causes for events outside of them. Those who have already taken the second degree (numbering in the millions) and those who will take it during this crisis (tens of millions) will know that they are an intimate part of the initiatory process and a causal factor in it.

There is, therefore, a necessary resonance between the group of sixth degree iniitiates (which I represent), the group of fourth degree initiates which will form the Shamballic centre within humanity, and the huge group of second degree initiates that will make up the driving force behind outer change. They can be likened to the core, mantle and crust of the new earth civilisation. There will likewise be a flow of energy from the monadic plane via the Buddhic to the astral. Consider the effects of this on the cosmic planes as well as within the cosmic physical.

The three centres of the Will in the human system are the crown, heart and base. In the body of the earth these have a physical correspondence to the Arctic, core and Antarctic. The melting of the ice caps has a particularly esoteric connection to the flow of energy mentioned above. The human kingdom also has a significant role in the connection between Shamballa and the physical Earth.

Sacred sites combine energies inherent in the Earth with the soul of cosmos via human beings. There is a particular alchemy that results from awakened human beings living on land that develops over time. This is epitomised by the land of indigenous cultures where the land becomes ‘enchanted’ - its stories are drawn out and embodied in the same way that the star lore is also grounded and embodied.

Humans unfold meaningful connection with their environment, and this has effects far beyond their culture. Human civilisation is itself a bridge, in the same way that bees, for example, are a bridge between the vegetable kingdom and the human while they are carrying out their own internal community. Can you glimpse the role that humans play in cosmos? By humans, I am not referring just to the bipeds found on Earth but to a cosmic stage and state of consciousness found throughout the universe in different embodied forms. The human soul, in this sense, occupies precisely that place where the subtle dimensions and the physical dimensions meet. Humans are the bridge between the formless awareness of the universe and its form. They therefore take after both parents, as it were.

In the case of Earth humanity, as I have mentioned before, the form has predominated, making for a profound adventure into density. The resulting limitation has produced a fertile creativity in form while, at the same time, a sense of suffering and alienation in the soul.

Land therefore longs for awake human beings. Pause and consider this. Humans have something to transmit to their environment which is life enhancing and draws forth a quickening in nature. When they cease being human (by esoteric definition a human being refers to that period between the third and fifth initiations), as has happened on Earth, then they become dependent and drain the resources of nature instead of being a symbiotic relationship between form and the formless.

In particular, when the Will is active in humans, it transmits directly into the mineral kingdom. There is a connection between Shamballa, Humanity and the physical Earth that relates to the crown, heart and base. True temples express this relationship and are therefore vortices of flow between the subtle and dense dimensions. At the solstice time, it is recommended to bury crystals, charged with collective will directly into the ground at the point where the fires have been lit. Charge them with the dark light, linking the black hole core of galaxies with the centre of the earth.

Once the temples of the mystery schools are founded over the next decade, a new form of global energy grid will gradually develop. Most of the energy lines and sacred temple sites on earth are what is left of the last expression of the soul of the world moving through human beings. The emphasis was on mapping the stars to Earth, and the resulting grid of interweaving connections formed between them. The point is that the grid of energies is not just something that was pre-existent in the earth and humans discovered them; they are a co-creative result of the consciousness of the cultures that live on the Earth and the energy of the land itself. As the monadic energy grounds through humans, it will awaken what I have called the Black Dragon energy in matter and a dark grid will reveal itself. This will not so much be a movement of energy through the etheric body of the planet; the transmission will take place directly through a vibration in physical matter. You might imagine the etheric energies moving around and over the Earth's globe, forming an electromagnetic network or web. The dark grid will pass directly through the earth rather than around it, so that what is welling up in the centre of each temple is connected to the core. This is an equivalent to what is meant by the fact that each temple, regardless of its ray, will have Shamballa as its centre.

Particular attention should be paid to opposite points on the planet where connection is directly through the core. Sacred geometry focused on the octahedron and star tetrahedron will also be useful in both the internal and external structural layout and development of the temple sites.

Fundamentally, though, the coming civilisation will be revealed rather than envisioned. This revelation will come as a direct result of alignment, dedication and rhythmic action.

A soul based or truly human civilisation (cosmically understood) will necessarily have a monadic core. Seeds of that core can be anchored at the time of the solstice alignment and during the decade directly ahead.

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon

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