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22. The Decision

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

(26 August, 2020)

The world, as you know it, is being ordered according to the capacity to respond to the Shamballa force as it arrives through the epicentre of 2025.

This is the local black hole warping our spacetime continuum, and those who learn how to orient themselves to it will increase the flow of Life force moving through their bodies and souls.

Just as the orbit of planets follows the curve of space time, so human civilisation is conforming to the powerful effect of the centre of this orbit.

Evolution can occur from the outside - environmental change like climate or oxygen levels preference some species over others and provide a continuum for mutational adaptation. Evolution can occur from the inside - arrival or expansion of consciousness has far reaching effects both on the forms it expresses through, as well as behaviour and capacity to adapt. Evolution can proceed from the Life aspect, having a simultaneous effect on both forms and consciousness. Orientation to the portal of 2025 therefore can be made via the three centres we have been addressing - crown, base and heart.

The matter of the body inherently carries the vibrations of the past. It is a product of that past. The battle between the will of the soul in the crown, and the will of the body in the base, is actually a struggle between past and future or karma and destiny. When the will of the soul is able to anchor in the base, then the body can begin to vibrate to destiny. When the kundalini energy stored in the base lifts to the crown, then the soul is able to be informed (and learn from) the past. The heart balances these polarities to express spontaneously appropriate evolutionary action in the present.

Consider something as simple as changing a habit. The consciousness decides to implement a change and tries to overcome the inherent inertia in the body-mind established by past activity with the use of will. The change may be effective or ineffective. If the body and the consciousness were able to orient themselves together to the ISness flowing through the nearest portal of Life force, then the struggle in time and space is replaced by a mutual cooperation.

The first approach is an attempt by the self's identity to create a future it foresees or desires for itself (individual or collective), which may or may not succeed. The future is uncertain but the self is stable. In the second approach, the self's identity surrenders and allows itself to be pulled towards a vortex of being. The future is certain, but the self is not. In fact, the self will have to undergo radical change or transformation as a part of the process.

The difference between these two approaches illustrates the path ahead for the governance of humanity; and the tension between them will provide the field for the emergence of the world soul.

The will of humanity and the Will of Shamballa currently express two very different imperatives. It will be the work of Hierarchy to balance these wills through the unfoldment and initiation of souls. When evolution is understood as the creative interaction between these three centres of force, then wisdom will come. When these three force centres are synergised and operate together consciously as a threefold expression of underlying divinity, then the Great Revelation will occur.

In directing your attention to this process, I hope to reorient the direction of your will from a push to create a planned future into a surrender to being pulled by the unknown. This unknown, unseen, unheard purpose may yet be felt.

The mechanism for sensing the pull of the local black hole in your spacetime reality is an integrated soul and body.

This is why the work of Tantra - its embodiment and consciousness-development practices - is so essential a preparation, indeed a prerequisite for working with the Life principle. It creates the instrument that can then be calibrated to orient and respond to the pull of Life or being.

* * * * * * *

So now we have reached a moment in the creative process. I have given you one hundred pages of esoteric information and Life force transmission. This, in itself, is of value - not only to those who read them but to those who follow. It will be valuable in the same way that the information given in Group Initiation is useful to those at Highden now, because they can see for themselves the way their present is a flowering of what was only a seed in the past. By the end of the decade, these teachings will have opened the way to a much wider response to the Life principle by the demonstration of its potency moving through time.

But we are here now, in 2020, and the teachings are not merely information and energy - they are a living embodied expression of Life. So I have something to ask of you who read and receive these at precisely this moment in time: your willingness to be a conscious part of this experiment. I offer the opportunity to be utilised as agents for the emerging Life principle. I ask only that you give up control of your lives. An illusory control, I might say; but one that you are fully entitled to as an exercise of your free will. The gift of free will is sacrosanct; and there comes a time when that Will is realised for what it is and returned to Source. Until that time, it is guarded ferociously. What I am asking you to give up can feel like everything, your life, your independence, your freedom, your capacity for self-direction.

Yes. That.

Most of human civilisation operates on a five-year plan. Here and there, longer time frames are entertained; but the political cycle and the limited focus of personality priorities tend, for all practical purposes, to constrain human will to this period. This, of course, is a big problem for the evolution of life on Earth, which takes place over a much vaster time scale and is now at the mercy of mankind's short term focus and prerogatives.

The Shamablla impact of 2025 is five years away. The experiment I am asking you to make is to give up directing your own life during that time, and to instead allow yourself to be directed by this tear in the normal spacetime continuum. It is like orienting your crown to M87 or the galactic centre, but more immediate and localised. The energy of Shamballa ‘puts you in your place.’ This would therefore be a living experiment with consciously consenting, embodied human souls making up living cells in an organism oriented to Life. The result of the experiment will become more and more obvious by the end, but those inside it at the beginning will experience the maximum uncertainty.

To date, I have asked nothing from you except the willingness to entertain some ideas. Now I ask everything. Therefore this is a good time to pause, consider and come to a decision. To go on requires your surrendered will. Everything offered so far can be tried and applied at your own pace in your own life. But now it will be like boarding a train. The acceleration between the experiment and the world around will mean it becomes impossible to have a foot in each reality. You are on the train, or you are not; and the boarding ticket is your freely given commitment to go where the train is taking you. 2025 will arrive for everyone, eventually; but for those in this experiment, the reality of it will be present now and grow more and more powerful in each now.

These are the things that would be required of you:

  • Orient your life as a response to the Life principle emerging through the portal of 2025, so that it becomes the guiding or directing force. An act of will. Crown.

  • Establish and develop the vibratory response in the matter of your body, heart and soul so that you can sense this direction. A commitment to your sacred sheaths. Base.

  • Allow the Life force to flow through you to others and to your environment, expressing its own intelligence. A surrender of control. Heart.

The response to the rhythm of these weekly transmissions, and their application to your process, sets up feedback ripples in spacetime.


  • An altar dedicated to the Shamballa Impact of 2025 and the Life principle.

  • A dedicated journal.

  • A self-created ritual or ceremony that expresses your commitment to the experiment.

Transmission from Bruce

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