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17. Sex

Updated: May 24, 2021

(22 July, 2020)

Sexuality is the active expression of the soul in the body. In the physical/etheric body it operates on the third, fourth and fifth subplanes. In the personality it expresses through the emotional body and links the mental and physical planes. On the cosmic physical plane it operates in alma, buddha and manas. In some sense, sex is soul - the terms are interchangeable. Soul is the middle principle of sentience, whether it is operating in the physical body of human or a galaxy. Once this is clearly realised, then a further subtle distinction can be made. If sex is soul operating in the body, then it is the force which results in evolutionary awakening. The soul, in this sense, is the source of radical awakening. The relationship between soul and sex is critical to the emerging seventh ray age.

Vertical sex on the cosmic physical plane is the soul bringing together the monad and the personality in consciousness. Horizontal sex is the coming together of the ashrams. Tantra is undertaken from the midpoint of the Buddhic plane. Non-dual tantra is the result of monadic inflow at the centre of the Buddhic soul, opening it to the radical life. This last is what will draw the group of fourth degree initiates who will hold the Shamballa energy in humanity, together.

In order for Buddhic polarisation to take place, there must be a freeing from the causal body. This process is the higher octave of sexual Tantra. In Occult Cosmology, I indicated that one of the important differentiations in the seventh ray age will be between sex and sexual energy. Tantric practise helps free the erotic force from its purely physical expression (bodies coming together) to emphasise its energetic (etheric bodies coming together), and then integrate them. There is also a focus on learning to circulate the sexual energy throughout the body.

Under the influence of the monad, the soul is able to free itself gradually from being anchored in the causal body identity. Operating via this identity is like engaging in physical sex. It brings one (causal) body into connection with another. The energy of Buddhi is the equivalent of sexual energy - it is not confined to the forms of higher mind and operates as a field of connectivity in which those forms arise. Circulation of Buddhi also becomes possible, both vertically between the planes and horizontally on the Buddhic plane itself, which contains the ashrams as whirls or mandalas within it.

Once the soul is able to operate free of its identity, circulate energy and find its ashramic resonance, it is then able to function through its personal identity again in a way that results in integration. This is how the process of externalisation is occurring and it is the result of the organising effect of the Shamballa force and the operation of the energy of Freedom pouring in through the fourth cosmic path.

Freedom lifts the soul from its identity, reconnects it with deeper dimensions of itself, makes it aware of its ashramic affiliations, re-patterns them according to the divine blueprint and then manifests again in group formation under Aquarius. Along the way, it ravishes the core of the soul with the experience or non-experience of its eternal, unmanifest nature.

This process can be traced from an individual atom of matter, to a human being, to the individualised identity of a planet in cosmos.

The monad is the source of power and holds a portion of planetary purpose stored as a reservoir of energy on the monadic plane. It is thus the source of our political power. The personality is the source of our material wealth - being both the harvest of the planetary evolutionary process and the gift of the lower three kingdoms to the soul. Thus the relationship between power, sex and money should ultimately be a healthy reflection of the relationship between the monad, soul and personality; or on a planetary level, between Shamballa, Hierarchy and humanity.

What is currently manifesting in Earth civilisation is a deep distortion of this triplicity and a degradation of the relationship as a result of a lack of love.

Politics is based on mental ideology rather than monadic alignment. It seeks to control the economics through debt-based currency rather than sharing the abundant gifts of nature. Economics is based on survival fears, rivalry, greed and the hoarding of resources rather the flow of energy to that which needs to be nourished. It seeks to control the political process by buying influence to protect its separative interests. Sexuality has become commodified, abused by power, traded for money and disconnected from its sacred source in soul.

The restoration of the mysteries, the founding of temples, the coming seventh ray age of Aquarius and the externalisation of the world soul are all expressions of the reset required in the relationship between these three energies. The restoration of love between them involves the revelation of their divine nature and sacred union with their higher principles. That love will come through the sexual energy in the same way that freedom will arrive through the political and abundance through the economic.

This does not mean that sex has to become more loving - that is an attempt at behavioural change caught up in a duality which will undermine it. Love must be revealed as its root, its true nature.

Money must be revealed as an expression of the abundant gift of matter to spirit; politics as the willingness of spirit to give itself freely to matter; and the soul of sex, then, as the desire to bring those gifts together and to allow them to flow into each other. The soul arises out of love, offers itself as a bridge, and then disappears in the union. When sex remembers its origin as soul, and the soul its origin as love, then the sexual force will be an expression of that love in manifest action.

This is the flow of energy between the planes of 2, 4 and 6 - each themselves the middle principle of a triplicity. Second ray monads will specialise in the restoration of this flow.

One of the difficult problems arising out of the abstract idealism of the sixth ray age has been the demonising of the triplicity of power, sex and money. They have been seen as somehow inherently evil in and of themselves, because they lure mankind away from its higher objectives. This projection of blame is an avoidance of the responsibility of engaging these energies with integrity.

The soul, under impression from the monad, is able to penetrate to their cores and reveal their true nature. They are, in fact, the divine trinity arising out of the matter aspect in a mirrored form. Demon est Deus Inversus.

  • When human beings lack connection to their inherent power and freedom, they experience a feeling of powerlessness and can react to limitation with rebellion. The inner experience projected out is ‘We are not free.’

  • When human beings lack connection to their inherent abundance and creativity, they experience a sense of insecurity and can react to their environment with fear/hoarding. The inner experience is 'We are not safe and supported.'

  • When human beings lack connection to their inherent nature as love, they experience a sense of isolation and can react to others in loveless ways that objectify desire. ‘We are alone and unloved.’

Sexuality, as a pure instinct on the physical plane, brings bodies together in union to produce more bodies. This operates on the three middle planes of the etheric and connects to the physical body via the gonads. The planes are all interconnected parts of a great whole, however, and this instinct of life creation is the mirror of the spiritual instinct on the first cosmic plane of Adi. This sexual instinct on the etheric plane is then ‘worked through by the desire of the astral plane.’ If that astral desire is not consciously connected to Buddhi via the soul's antahkarana then it will seek in the sexual connection with others the love that it is disconnected from. It will objectify them as the target of its deepest desire and then seek to control its relationships. The desire for connection arising from a deep sense of disconnection is the source of the addictive nature in relationships of many kinds. If you could but see - it is the divine nature of the soul in mankind and its compulsive longing to reconnect with its origin that leads, when misunderstood, to the most dehumanising of behaviours.

When the desires of the emotional body have found what they truly seek in connection with their own Buddhic nature, and through that with their monadic source, then sex becomes the agent for transmission of monadic love. Indeed, it is monadic love that is revealed at the heart of sexual desire. It is thus transfigured.

Let me be clearer. When the antahkarana is emphasised, then what is revealed is the whole which is expressing itself through different levels of relationship. When the sutratma is emphasised, then what is revealed is the one Life expressing itself as the spirit in the core of all identities. When matter or the black dragon is emphasised, then what is revealed is the one animating Life curled up inside all forms. The sexual impulse itself is the direct offspring of the duality of the monad on the atmic and physical etheric planes. More I cannot say.

Now I would like you to take everything I have laid out about the operation of sexual desire to the cosmic planes. The sexual instinct of the larger Life in which we are a part plays out on the planes of the triad (atmic, buddhic, manasic - the planes of the soul). That instinct is swept by the astral desire coming from the cosmic astral plane. If that desire is disconnected from its Buddhic nature then it will seek to fulfill its longing through the sex impulse and form. This is the root of the materialism on the planet. The impact of Shamballa force from the monad of the Logos will break that misplaced desire and this will have an enormous effect, not only on the sex life of humanity but also on their liberation from the causal body. The Sirian energy of Freedom flowing along the fourth cosmic path combines with the Shamballa force to generate a great upliftment, analogous to the lifting of energy, from the solar plexus to the heart.

Much effort from Hierarchy has been needed to offset the inflow of disconnected cosmic astral desire from periodically sweeping through humanity. As the initiation takes place, this desire will become more and more imbued with cosmic Buddhi - the energy which we know as the ‘presence of divinity’ or the fourth divine quality. That presence will result in the rapid filling of the ashrams on the Buddhic plane as the sexual instinct of the Logos is revealed at the heart of the fourth kingdom. Think this through.

The effect of all this upon the sexual expression of initiated human beings will be threefold:

  1. There will be a pronounced shift in the quality of energy flowing through the sexual experience. It will become more and more ecstatic where there is a soul connection, and less and less active when there is not. Evidence for this is already occurring.

  2. Erotic energy will be consciously used in building collective fields - the physical reflection of the ashrams - and in the circulation of energy through those fields.

  3. The flow of energy from the monad, via Buddhi, through the emotional body and then the erotic, will enable a deeper connection to the devic life of nature and cooperation in the founding of temples on the physical plane.

In essence, when erotic desire is realised as an expression of love and freed from its attachment via identity and body, it will seek to make of itself a connecting energy that bridges between all seemingly separated points within a field. It will express its innate intelligence by bringing together all dualities, both vertically and horizontally, so that their gifts for each other are fully shared in ecstatic union.

Sex will be monadic love, landed.

Transmission from Bruce

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