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11. Monadic Confusion

Updated: May 24, 2021

(June 3, 2020)

Infusion, Transfusion….Confusion. The third way that the monad dilates is through the consummation of matter and the identity of the soul and personality. The meaning of the word confusion - though literally to ‘fuse with’ - is linked to the idea of being ruined or defeated; and this is definitely part of the subjective experience of the soul-infused personality. The dark night of the soul is the experience of loving consciousness ‘failing’, being used up and falling into emptiness, the void of unknowing. In the future, when the Shamballa and monadic teachings are more widely spread, there will be a greater understanding, expectation and therefore preparation for this experience. While the effect of the penetration by and into the dark light of the life principle is confusion, the outcome will be revelation.

In cosmology, we have the image of black holes ‘feeding’ on stars and matter, forming accretion disks around their event horizons. In an earlier teaching, I gave you information about the Temple of Ezekiel which is the Atmic plane correspondence to the ‘Temple of Solomon’ or causal body on the higher mental plane. This Atmic temple is like the accretion disk around the black hole of the monad. Some of the material falls into the black hole and some is sent back out into the environment accelerated and energised by its close encounter. We see these powerful jets from entities like M87. These emissions of cosmic rays are passing through matter and are the equivalent of the third aspect of the monad or the Will. They are ‘darkness added to light’ in the high end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The effect of the second aspect of the monad is like the gravitational waves sent out by black hole mergers.

The third aspect of the monad becomes the first aspect of the soul on the Atmic plane and passes through the jewel in the lotus (and the Will petals of the causal body) to awaken its counterpart in the physical body - kundalini. When the darkness in matter and the darkness at the core of the soul realise themselves as an essential unity, then the third initiation is taken and the at-one-ing work of the soul flowers towards its eventual completion at the fourth. The soul knows itself then as a sheath of solar fire - a bridging principle whose role it is to bring the darkness of Spirit and the darkness of matter together in itself in order to produce conscious self-realisation.

The work is done.

Prior to that time, the mission of the soul is to shine its light - both into the personality and also into the monadic spheres. When the light of the soul can shine, with the aid of the dark light, into the highest and lowest planes of the cosmic physical, then its work as a bridging principle is complete. It can proceed no further and confusion sets in. It is only the monad that can suffuse the next greater sphere - that of the cosmic astral and physical planes combined; and the soul must therefore give way to the principle it finds both inside itself and beyond itself. The monad fully activates the jewel at the centre of the causal body, precipitating the final burning or supernova-ing of the soul body before it collapses back into its dark core. The ‘isolated unity’ of the third degree is linked to this process. A monad at the fifth degree is one who can fully claim ‘isolation’. I sol ate - the 'I' of the monad has consumed the soul with its dark fire, and the black hole that is left will gradually be merged and absorbed by the monadic life of the galaxy.

It is not just stars that a black hole consumes, but matter of all kinds. Monadic energy passes through the soul and is required at the second degree to break the hold of the astral identity at the core of the body-mind. From that time forward, there is also a passing through of the energy of matter - specifically the lower two planes - to the Atmic plane and from there to the monadic core.

We call this whole process that takes place between second and fifth degrees 'the rising of kundalini.' It results in the fusion of base and crown at the third degree, the destruction of the causal body at the fourth and the fusion of monad and body at the fifth. The rising of kundalini is a dual process that involves the simultaneous descent of the dark light via the soul into form. It results in both the expansion of the second principle, its full absorption of the personality and the passing through its ‘body’ of the matter of the lower planes. In cosmology, our sun does not yet have the mass for supernova - the solar Logos has yet to take the third cosmic initiation. Our system will end with the sun first becoming a red giant and expanding to take in its inner planets, including most probably the Earth, at about the time the Milky Way and Andromeda are coming together.

After this, the sun will throw off its outer layers as a planetary nebula and collapse into a white dwarf. Eventually, the core collapse will result in the crystallisation of the carbon into a giant diamond or jewel. Astrophysics holds a key to metaphysics - or ‘as above so below.’ The archetypal patterns and destinies of the human soul are written in the stars.

In terms of the initiations, the period between the first and the third mark the time when the integrated personality is at the centre of the process of evolution. The soul is at the centre between the third and the fifth, which is recognised by Hierarchy as the truly ‘human’ stage. The life could be said to be fully monadic-centric between the fifth and seventh initiations. However, at or around the time of the fourth initiation and beginning at the third, the process of identification allows for a synthesis of these three stages of evolution. That synthesis allows for the revelation of the fourth principle or that which underlies the threefold development of the solar system and the human being alike.

Before opening up this synthetic triangulation further, I want to introduce you to a topic we could call ‘the kundalini of time’. As you are aware, the matter principle propagates itself via the three wombs and seven children in time and space. The monad is that which ultimately overcomes all the divisions so that they are realised as one - a singularity. Its effect on time and space, cosmology would say, is to ‘warp’ them. This, however, is the effect registered while we are confined within that time and space. The true effect is to completely negate them. This results in the revelation of that which they veil.

When kundalini rises in space, it moves through the seven planes or vibratory states of matter. This can be the chakras, the seven planes of the cosmic physical or the seven universal planes - the process is the same. As it moves through the planes, it burns up the ‘webs’ of separation between them which have allowed for sequential development. A plane focuses or contains energy so that it can develop attributes or qualities. When our awareness or attention is focused, it allows us to ‘concentrate’ and this is particularly the effect of the fifth ray. Without this concentrating influence of time and space, the result would be ‘confusion’: too many energies mingling together so that our awareness is overwhelmed. This is like trying to listen to many radio stations at once.

There is a time, however, when this type of confusion is desirable. The development of consciousness is complete for that phase and it is replaced with the dark current of unknowing - or 'direct knowing,' as it is sometimes called.

In the individual human life, the seven cycles of twelve which make up the Uranus cycle of 84 years are divided into three stages of 28 years ruled by Saturn. For the first 28 years, the personality is being developed; for the second 28 years, the soul is being unfolded; and for the last 28 years, the monad should be the centre. The current human civilisation is not soul-centric and so this development is interrupted in the prolonged adolescence of the first stage but nevertheless, the pattern is still trying to play itself out. When the soul is developed in the middle stage, then it should open up the possibility for the flow of kundalini in time between the first and third stages. What this looks like in an advanced soul is a strong sense of destiny guiding the personality, even when it is busy focusing itself on body-mind development. The future is able to penetrate the past via its invisible cosmic rays.

Time kundalini will flow in the opposite direction - from the past to the future - and will become the energy source for monadic expansion. In psychological terms, this means all the unsolarised parts of the early development process (all those parts of the personality that were not able to receive love or healthy development for whatever reason) become fuel for the expansion of later development. Understanding this could really accelerate human development.

At present when there is enough soul unfoldment in the life, it is natural for unprocessed material to emerge from the unconscious to be healed. In societal terms, we can refer to this as the emergence of the shadow and we have already covered the effect of Shamballa impacts on this process for humanity. If there is not enough soul presence, then the effects of this uprising can be regressive: dragging the awareness back into early stages of evolutionary development. We see this in the expression of mob psychology, or being overtaken by unprocessed primal energies. When the soul is able to hold presence via monadic contact, the result is healing, integration and expansion of soul as a result of it being fueled by energies that were previously repressed. There is a third possibility, however, and that is simply the passing through of the unprocessed energy directly from the unconscious to the superconscious or from personality to monad. Here the soul principle is not seeking to heal or integrate the personality energies into the soul itself. When the monad is active in this process, it draws the material ‘through’ the soul rather than into it via the awakened core of the soul itself. This is called ‘running the dark current.’ In the chakra system, it is the flow of energy in the sushumna channel. In the seven cosmic planes, it operates as a result of the realised synthesis between the first subplane of each plane.

In the process of initiation, the soul ‘masters’ two-thirds of each plane before it can shift to the next one. This means that up to a third of each plane (comprising matter of the top three sub planes of each plane) remains unsolarised even though the ‘centre of gravity’ of consciousness (or the focus of soul awareness) has moved on and up. It is the matter of these higher subplanes that can be drawn up and utilised as fuel for later development via the monadic process of identification.

Let me expand this concept of the kundalini of time to the rounds and the races, which is the way the esoteric tradition teaches about the unfoldment of planetary consciousness. Earth is the fourth scheme of the solar system and we are in the fourth round of that scheme. We are currently in the fifth sub-race of the fifth root race of that fourth round. Thus our location in time can be referred to as 4:4:5:5 with each iteration being a small fractal of the one before.

Here is the outline of a system of seven in time.

  • It is a system of 3, each triple.

  • The third and fifth overlap to make the seven and are therefore dual in nature.

  • Self-awareness begins at 3.3 and ends at 5.5 (yellow sphere).

  • The fourth is the centre of the soul as well as the system as a whole.

  • The second and sixth are the centre of the two dualities of matter and spirit.

Another more synthetic way to express this system is given below.

The unconscious ring of the first and seventh forms part of a whole which is essentially dark - the darkness of prima materia and the darkness of pure spirit. This darkness remains impenetrable by the solar light. In between the darkness and the light of awareness is what may be termed the subconscious and superconscious (Jung’s unconscious) which is essentially instinctive and archetypal. In the realms of the human energy system, this is unified when the serpent of the astral light (an early aspect of kundalini) is lifted up to the ajna centre. In the rounds and races, this links the second with the sixth. The realms of self-consciousness - or the strictly human phase of evolution - fuse the third, fourth and fifth. Because the third and fifth are stages of overlap, the purely self-conscious stage could be said to be between 3.3 and 5.5. In other words, the first three sub-stages of the third and the last three of the fifth form part of the instinctual spheres. We are told that the separation of the sexes took place during the third race (3.3) and we are currently in the fifth sub-race of the fifth root race (5.5) so we can see the importance of the current times. We are integrating the dualities once again, and passing out of the self-conscious realm into the instinctual life of the monad. Tantric practices are everywhere reappearing, designed to regenerate the hermaphroditic nature of the human soul and eventually inform the singularity of its androgynous origin. The remaining energy of the second sub-race of the fifth root race (the Arabian) is needed to help form the sixth sub-race, which is slowly forming now in the ‘ring of fire.’

According to Blavatsky, the sixth subrace of the Aryan root race will begin to evolve in the area of the United States in the early 21st century. This sixth subrace of the Aryan root race will be called the Australo-American subrace and is believed by Theosophists to be now arising from the Teutonic subrace of the Aryan root race in Australia and in the Western United States (many individuals of the new subrace will be born in California) and its surrounding nearby areas (i.e., the Australo-American subrace is in arising from the Anglo-American, Anglo-Canadian, Anglo-Australian and presumably also the Anglo-New Zealander ethnic groups). The sixth or Australo-American subrace will "possess certain psychic powers, and for this the pituitary body will be developed, thus giving an additional sense, that of cognising astral emotions in the ordinary waking consciousness. We may say that in general the sixth subrace will bring in wisdom and intuition, blending all that is best in the intelligence of the fifth subrace and the emotion of the fourth.” -Wikipedia

As the influence of the monadic or sixth plane penetrates into awareness, it has the effect of lifting the astral or second subplane up into consciousness. Emotional and erotic intelligence is the result.

This is part of the cosmic process of our planetary Logos taking the second cosmic initiation. A hint is given here concerning what to expect during this period of the Shamballa Impact.

Matrix of Time and Space

The above image can give some idea of the way space and time form a matrix that allows the process of evolution to unfold. In terms of the whole solar system, we are currently in the 4th round of the fourth scheme which places us at the centre. What is revealed there (to use archetypal language) is the Presence of the Father in the Son. The soul is aware of itself as the middle principle of a triplicity, able to embrace both the monad as the centre of the spiritual self and the emotional body as the centre of the personality. The Buddhic plane is the plane of at-one-ment and when an incarnate group of the fourth kingdom (humanity) is able to take the fourth initiation (the crucifixion) together, it can form a spiritual mass that will demonstrate a synthesis of the three centres - Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. Such a centre will be the meeting place and clearinghouse for the dark current of kundalini in both time and space to flow. Humanity as a whole has its own base centre, and the unintegrated energies of the past must be fused with those emanating from the future in order to generate the fourth ray singularity of 2025. I have given you in the above outline much to consider and many hints that, if followed, will result in revelation.

Warping of the Space-time matrix by various centres of mass in cosmology.

Transmission from Bruce

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