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12. Cosmic Beings

Updated: May 24, 2021

(June 10, 2020)

Now that we have looked at the three different ways that monadic development takes place, we can examine the integration of the three and the revelation of the fourth.

The three vehicles of identity on the cosmic physical plane (namely the monad, soul and personality) are a triple expression of a singularity, in the same way that the human mind, emotions and body are an expression of the integrated personality and therefore vehicles for soul and monadic expression. We are part of great beings called, by the esoteric tradition, the planetary Logos, the solar Logos and the galactic Logos. Human beings are living cells in their sentient bodies. Our planetary Logos is taking the second cosmic initiation, which means the soul mastery of the astral body is taking place but is not complete. This means that currents of astral energy from the cosmic astral plane sweep through the etheric body of the cosmic physical plane (the Buddhic plane, where the ashrams are, is on the fourth ether). Those currents sometimes express the material desire nature of the planetary Logos and sometimes the spiritual desire nature, in the same way that human desire alternates. Mastery of the emotional body involves the capacity to choose which emotions move through and where that energy is directed. This involves presence, awareness and will.

On the cosmic physical plane, the Hierarchy is the name given to those souls consciously operating on the middle three planes - the Atmic, Buddhic, and mental. These planes are permeated and swept through with energies from the cosmic astral. Hierarchy are able to hold steady because they are connected with Shamballa on the top three planes. Shamballa holds the Will and purpose energies, which give direction to the emotional and etheric-physical levels.

  • Shamballa - expresses on top three planes of cosmic physical - aligned with cosmic mental plane

  • Hierarchy - expresses on middle three planes of cosmic physical - aligned with cosmic astral plane

  • Humanity - expresses on lower three planes of cosmic ether/physical - aligned with cosmic physical

These three centres are the expression on the cosmic physical plane of the life of a great being - actually three great beings. When they are able to integrate - when the purpose in Shamballa is consensually expressing through the will of humanity - then we will have the establishment of the Temple of Power on the physical plane. The first great being is our planetary Logos. The second is the solar Logos, or the entity expressing through the solar system. This being is taking the third cosmic initiation and therefore fusing soul and personality under direction from the monad. What this means is that on the three lower cosmic planes, there is operating both the will and the desire of two cosmic beings that are at different stages of their evolutionary journey. It is the role of those in Shamballa to ‘at-one’ the Will energy of these great beings in our planetary life. It is the role of Hierarchy to seek harmonious union between their desire natures and the role of humanity to make manifest that union. Therefore the integration of the soul and personality of every human being is a part of this cosmic process in the same way that the integration of planetary and solar chi is required in the etheric chakras.

Take time to work with the Law of Correspondences, consult the charts of the different levels of being given earlier and grow your sense of the vast interlocking field of energies involved. This will help you align your own process to the cosmic process and accelerate evolution.

Every human personality will be swept into motion by forces coming via the cosmic etheric planes. Whether the response is to the desire nature of the planetary Logos or the love nature of the solar Logos will determine how quickly the integration of soul and personality can take place. The ashrams of Hierarchy are solar in the sense that they are consciously responsive to the emanations of the solar astral nature. Our planetary Logos is known as the divine rebel, which refers to that stage of development when the nature of free will allows for independent action. This is also the same process that allows for humanity to act independently and rebel against the soul. At the time of the second initiation, the disciple knows what they ‘should’ do and want to do but their astral body is unable and unwilling to follow that through. This represents a lack of Will and requires a ‘monadic touch’ - in effect a ‘Shamballa impact’ - to overcome.

There is a third great being operating through this system and that is the galactic Logos - the being who expresses through the galaxy. Our solar Logos is in conscious connection with the Life of that being and is able to pass the spiritual energy through its body to impact the consciousness and form of the planetary Logos. This is the metaphysical equivalent of cosmic rays passing through the heliosphere into the magnetosphere of earth. The temporary fusion of the Wills of the solar and planetary Logoi is made possible at this time in planetary evolution as a result. This has a cascading effect upon Shamballa, Hierarchy and humanity, precipitating the current 49 year crisis.

So on the cosmic physical plane, we have the integration of the three monadic rays, the three planetary centres and the three aspects of every human being as a byproduct of cosmic process. Each individual, as an expression of the divine life, has the freedom to choose whether or not to align with this process and to take advantage of the available energies - or to resist and go their own way. There is no morally ‘right’ choice in this matter, but there are direct consequences in terms of both the outcome for humanity and the educational opportunities for the soul. Humanity ‘as a whole’ has chosen to align, and we will see the result of this choice play out in the decades ahead.

It is important to remember that those who align are now working with more subtle energies of the higher cosmic planes and these, while exponentially more powerful, take time to work out on the physical plane. Those who rebel effectively focus all their energies within the lower planes, which makes them more effective in the short term but this focus also crystallises them and makes them brittle and ineffective in the longer term. Motivation by fear and desire is potent, but also limiting in both time and space. It has the effect of quarantining humanity from affecting cosmos, but also from being aided by it.

Let me make the lines of division clear. Those operating from the rebellious will, i.e. will that is not aligned with the greater levels of being in which we live, are relying on the life force and free will inherent both in themselves and in the planetary Life. As this life is not being reinforced by deeper levels of the Life force of cosmos, it carries inherent fear and the need to conserve that life. This expresses through all levels of human society as hyper-individualism, self-protection and the hoarding of resources. This rebellion has educational benefits in that it teaches independence and self-responsibility, as well as focusing the divine Will in matter. It is like the rebellion of adolescents that is a necessary stage of development. But the enshrined power structures of the world are currently running on this form of fuel, and it is running out as quickly as the oil reserves.

Those operating in alignment with the solar will are increasingly bypassing the existing power structures - effectively rebelling against the rebellion - and anchoring themselves in soul. These are what is termed the New Group of World Servers - a growing centre within humanity that is expressing the planetary soul in the midst of a personality-dominated culture. They have access to far more extensive resources in the subtle and shamanic worlds, but not as much access to the physical and material resources that the first group has. This is gradually changing through the applied power of love, aided by the disillusionment of the masses with the existing power structures.

The purpose of these transmissions, however, is to lay the groundwork for a third force within humanity - those who already have some development of personality and soul and who choose to align with the monad. This alignment with their own monad links them with Shamballa, with the cosmic mental plane, the cosmic monadic and ultimately with the galactic Logos. They work with and learn to wield the dark light that precipitates a clear crisis between the will of the personality and the soul; and ultimately this dark light fuses them together into an integrated whole. The integration between the three planetary centres of Shamballa, Hierarchy and humanity has a much higher correspondence in the integration of the monadic levels of galaxy, solar system and planet. Follow these lines of connection, for they will form your ‘life lines’ in the times ahead.

Alignment refers to the conscious reaching up of a lower level of identity to connect with a higher order or fractally larger level of entity. The reverse is also true - the larger can affect the lower. This can be through a direct transmission of the higher Will as well as through the permeation of the matter of the lower spheres by the more subtle matter of the higher. These are the masculine and feminine modes of vertical interaction. When the will of the lower entity is separated from the higher (an act of independence which, when prolonged, becomes rebellion), that will limit the permeation of the matter within its ‘ring-pass-not’ (effectively like a cell membrane) by matter of a more subtle nature.

In the aligned human being, the desire nature of the astral plane becomes the vehicle for expressing the loving consciousness of the Buddhic plane, which in turn is the vehicle of expression for the Life energy of the monad. When the human personality chooses independence, it breaks its own experience of this energetic chain of transmission (but does not change the reality of the different levels). This is why it is often pointless to speak of higher influences to a person or a culture in the grip of scientific materialism, because the identity is created and defined by its denial and independence from these energies. The current culture on earth will not be changed by education or debate, but rather by the revelation and demonstration of divine power.

That power will be expressed by a group in both its masculine and feminine aspects. In other words, both by their alignment with the higher will and also by the expression and transmission of the potent energies of the higher planes through their physical and etheric bodies. This combination will release stored energies in their bodies and the Earth itself, resulting in material as well as economic abundance. Thus they will be able to combine both the soul power of the second group and the material power of the first. They will therefore be beyond both the battle and the need for energy exchange that occurs between them. Compromises and corruption will no longer be part of power dynamics.

As the integration between the three planetary centres takes place, the energy of the cosmic astral plane, carrying its own more subtle energies (the cosmic Buddhic and monadic), will increasingly permeate our cosmic physical plane.

This is the manifestation of divine desire in alignment with divine Will. The effects of this will be the opposite of the ascension or uplifting of aspects of human identity into the planetary etheric planes. It will be the precipitation of those subtle energies into the three worlds of human expression.

The end of the rebellion of the personality of the planetary Logos will result in the reunion with other civilisations. Earth will effectively be consciously re-joining its soul family in the same way that when a human being releases themselves from their emotional attachments, they begin to approach their ashram and soul connections on the Buddhic plane.

Which brings us to the subject of so-called ‘alien’ contact. Due to the focus on materiality and the split between soul and personality, this contact is typically addressed in two ways. Either the focus is purely on the subtle planes through higher consciousness transmissions, or the focus is on the physical dimension of space ships and alien life forms. The first can be dismissed in the same way that the personality can dismiss the soul - a lack of demonstrated potency in the three worlds. The second runs counter to the current scientific understanding of the universe and would require faster than light speed travel and a potential clash of technology and culture. When viewed in the dark light, however, it is obvious that there is a precipitation process occurring. The subtle dimensions can manifest in the three worlds and then be absorbed back into them in an inter-dimensional process. In the same way that the ashrams on the Buddhic plane will eventually manifest on the physical plane, the solar and planetary ashrams have their own manifestation process.

As the Temple of Power is built on the physical plane (one aspect of which is the landing of the planetary temples), there will be an increase in phenomena from the subtle worlds in the physical dimension. Once again, because these cosmic ashramic connections are a part of the soul life of the galaxy, they have full respect for the free-will principle and the right for personalities to rebel. Their manifestations therefore will become apparent to those who are aligned with the planetary soul and will be dismissed or feared by the forces of the status quo. As more and more of humanity open themselves to soul contact, so the planetary Hierarchy will become more and more open to soul support from other civilisations that have already passed through the initiation that Earth humanity is on the brink of. This also forms part of the coming Great Revelation. Humanity, when aligned and integrated with Hierarchy and Shamballa, will realise itself as part of a single being of cosmic origin and dimension. The inspiration arising from this slowly manifesting revelation will see the beginning of a culture so vastly different from what is now expressing, as to be virtually unrecognisable. Even the sudden appearance of civilisations, like the Sumerian and Egyptian, in areas where there was mainly subsistence farming will not compare to what is coming.

Therefore consider what resources lie behind those standing for the soul of earth. Not only the whole of the planetary Hierarchy and Shamballa - all those who have found their own way to freedom on Earth throughout history - but also the soul and monadic Life of the galaxy and cosmos. Countless civilisations all connected on the subtle planes. There are no ‘bad aliens’ or enemies in this cosmos. These are projections of humanity’s own state of evolution. The prison of the personality is that it is confined to the three worlds, where there is no apparent way out. The windows of the prison look out over thousands of light-years of receding space and time. The only exit is transdimensional, via the Buddhic plane and eventually the monadic. This exit is also the entrance to support from other dimensions that will eventually be able to manifest and reveal the prison as the garden it truly is. In this way, galactic civilisation is naturally protected from the immature expressions of consciousness growing within it.

The very act of rebellion by our planetary Logos has effectively confined us into a cosmic quarantine, in the same way that addictions and depression are often a result of a lack of genuine connection.

Therefore, find compassion in your hearts for those who will steadfastly hold to the old order of things and deny the emergence of the soul. Despite the temporary control exerted by their personalities, their souls are experiencing great suffering. They also inflict this on those around them, in a lonely struggle they cannot win and ultimately do not want to win. They, too, unconsciously long to surrender to love when their vigil is over.

The more awareness limits itself by focus within any dimension, the more it energises that dimension. Limitation generates creativity, and the immense fertility of the earth is due in large part to this ‘confinement’. When the confinement ends, this generated power is able to flow into the wider whole. Just as that greater whole permeates the lesser with its subtle matter, so the rising of the contained energies in the lower vitalises and liberates matter on higher planes. This is the effect of rising kundalini and Earth is a potent source as a result of the lengthy confinement and rebellion.

Thus all rebellion is ultimately just a learning in the exercise of divine Will, and eventually produces its own creative addition to the richness of cosmic evolution. There is a mystery hidden in the relationship between the planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, and the planetary spirit. The manifest life of the earth spans three cosmic planes and it is on the lowest plane - our cosmic physical - that cosmic kundalini is coiled. Kundalini in the human and in cosmos is one half of the manifestation of the monad in matter. It, therefore, does not respond to either personality or soul, but only activates when there is monadic contact, either directly or via the soul.

Earth then - and by extension Earth humanity - returning into its cosmic ashram, does not come in disgrace; but, like the prodigal son, is welcomed and honoured for the unique gifts, experience and accumulated energies it brings. The effect of the future Earth civilisation on other planetary cultures will be to empower them and support their manifestation into denser matter. Do not assume that other civilisations have been through the same process of evolution as Earth. There is one in particular which forms a duality with earth, and there is now a growing connection in consciousness between them. This particular civilisation has its home on the subtle planes of the system. They have great gifts to offer in terms of the soul initiation of humanity, and yet they have much to learn in their own growth and development. Similarly the Hierarchy, as they prepare to externalise, have to acclimatise themselves to re-enter a world of much greater density, difficulty and suffering than they are accustomed to. They can externalise in three different ways. They can materialise themselves through the process of consensual impression of those willing within humanity. They can directly materialise themselves in what is termed a mayavarupa - their subtler energy bodies temporarily clothing themselves in matter of the lower three planes. They can take physical birth via relatively awakened and sensitive parents and go through the normal process of development.

Expect to see the same process occurring in connection with other civilisations, and one in particular. Those sensitive and willing to come under impression will find them more and more available on the mental and astral planes. Increasingly there will be manifestations occurring in etheric matter, especially plasma. They will gradually learn to manifest more fully into physical plane matter especially with the energetic help of larger segments of humanity who will become attentive to their presence. Humanity can aid this process by channeling Earth energies towards them in the same way they channel the energies of cosmic consciousness to humans. In rare circumstances, they will also incarnate as part of the human family. This is a great act of loving sacrifice and they will form a living bridge between the civilisations.

Transmission from Bruce

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