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6. Power and Purity

Updated: May 24, 2021

(29 April, 2020)

There is a story about the Master Morya - how he sent back a hand-woven carpet because it had a single thread that was out and he wanted it to be unwoven and redone.

On the other hand, in Chinese culture, craftsmen make sure that every masterpiece has an intentional flaw.

Power and purity are deep companions and have wrought much havoc together. In the name of racial, sexual, social and religious purity, so much damage and oppression has occurred.

Our flaws make us human. There is a crack in everything.

What unites the first two stories is awareness.

In the first case he noticed the imperfection and wanted it fixed. In the second case the imperfection was intentionally created.

The first ray brings an electrical presence that both vivifies form as well as potentially destroying it. It is the ray of life and death, of beginning and endings. It is a ray of power. There are so few first ray monads in incarnation on the planet because they bring this power onto the physical plane.

At this time leading up to the Shamballa impact of 2025, and with Pluto in Capricorn, the first ray is flowing potently into matter and into the body-mind of humanity. It brings destruction, purification and new life. It marks the end of a civilisation and beginning of a new one.

Let me lay out the way in which these three expressions work.

Firstly, destruction. Old forms are released. These can be physical forms but also thought-forms, emotional patterns of behaviour, ideologies and so forth.

The first ray produces cleavage and creates separation. That which needs to die is separated from that which needs to be purified and that which needs to be vivified.

The major psychological danger with the use of first ray force is projection.

When imperfection is not in our awareness, it operates in the shadow and is projected out. Now we direct our will towards the destruction or purification of that which is apparently outside of us.

This is why we are told that those wielding the first ray must use it on themselves first.

Humanity has yet to learn about power. They are still trying to demonstrate their capacity to love.

Most power is therefore corrupt, and it is this corruption that Pluto and Saturn will reveal. Corruption occurs when those who wield power do not hold themselves to a higher standard of purity than those they lead. This is why the world needs governance based on both high principle but also the living embodiment of those principles. We need to willingly elect our saints - those men and women whose lives are a demonstration of power applied to themselves first.

However, in the light of their leadership, humanity will be forced to see themselves as they truly are.

Poor leaders demand purity of others and accept their own weaknesses as inevitable.

Those who are fitted to wield power demand purity of themselves and accept weakness in others, while at the same time inspiring them.

Weakness here does not mean vulnerability. Weakness occurs when a part of the body-mind has not been fully solarised and is therefore operating independent of the love principle.

This is why, for the first ray type, there can be no ‘halfheartedness’. It demands the full surrender to life. If parts of the psychology in both the individual and collective sense is split off from the rest, then it will project out and be unowned or operate unconsciously. This is weakness: unconscious imperfection and projection.

Most leadership in the sixth ray age, and exemplified in America, is aspirational and idealistic or simply pragmatic and ‘realistic’. In the first case, flaws are hidden or projected as the attempt is made to live up to idealistic principles. In the second case, flaws are celebrated and even deified. We see this in the election of leaders who epitomise shameless self-interest and material pragmatism.

The first ray neither accepts flaws nor hides them. Its attention is focused on the monadic reality that underlies all forms. The perfection it seeks is not to be found in manifestation, or by adjusting forms in an attempt to make them conform to an inner archetypal pattern or ideal. The first ray is not platonic in that sense. The first ray asserts the underlying perfection in the midst of imperfection. It asserts the infinite in the finite, the eternal in the temporal. It is lord of life and death because it has its root in that which is beyond the coming and going of forms, civilisations, galaxies, universes. The first ray IS. Pure Being.

In the presence of this being, both consciousness and form are electrified. Impurities in the form surface and either are cleared or projected out. Forms that are unable to handle the charge shatter, and new forms are stimulated into expression. While Being is beyond consciousness and form, its presence inside them is quantifiable. Forms proliferate and circulate. Consciousness expands and spirals. Being dilates and penetrates all.

While Being itself is not definable, its entrance into the manifest worlds is. The symbol of the black hole illustrates this. It can be small or large. It can be supermassive at the heart of a galaxy, or tiny at the core of an atom. Either way, it bends the spacetime around it and is the source of Life. Therefore there can be more or less ‘Life’. When there is more Life then there is more chaos, more destruction and more birthing. This plays out in human life as well as in other kingdoms. The Shamballa impact last century produced the great destruction of forms that was the world war but also the so-called ‘baby boom’ afterwards. Expect that this century as well, but expect it to be more consciously attuned towards purification. Last century it was the flower of youth that died on battlefields because the Will was largely bypassing Hierarchy and hitting humanity directly. This time humanity is calling on the aid of Hierarchy, and so the Will is passed through the planetary heart centre.

Death there will be, but its purifying nature will move through the soul and not just hit the form. Souls who are ready to leave incarnation, those whose ‘wills’ are not fully committed to being here, will have their opportunity for release. There is a direct correlation between the will-to-live and the immune system. For those able to see with the eyes of the soul, Death will appear amongst humanity as a friend and an ally, rather than as a frightening figure of the unknown.

Death wielded through the soul will not come as war. The world war resulted from members of humanity receiving the power of the planetary monad and directing it themselves towards a purification based on their ideology (Hitler and his group were but one example of this). When that energy of death (which is life) is passed through Hierarchy, then it finds its way into humanity as an expression of love. Humans will not experience their death as coming at the hands of another member of humanity in battle - which breeds long-term distrust and fear - but as coming from nature. Death by natural causes.

In many cases, that death will therefore be consciously consented to by the soul. Those in touch with their souls will know this, and this will contribute to the emergence of the soul as a known and experienced phenomenon in the human family. Many will foresee their own death and when it comes, it will be experienced as a release. The principal obstacle to the emergence of the world soul is humanity’s fear of death. The only way to change this is to confront it and discover that death is not a frightening enemy but a sweet friend. Nature knows this. Humanity has forgotten.

Humanity has so contracted away from this truth and shored itself up against it that death is having to arrive unconsciously. War, terror attacks from the outside, depression, self-destructive habits and suicidal impulses from the inside. This is death forced to get under the guard. When there is a surrender to death and a recognition of its intrinsic part of life, as simply a transition to the more subtle planes of existence, then it will come in benign and friendly form.

When the spectre of death is transformed, then the higher kingdoms of nature that exist on the subtle planes will be able to form a conscious part of humanity’s life experience, and guidance from the soul will be normal.

This will also change mankind’s behaviour towards the kingdom below it - the animal kingdom. At the moment, animals are treated in horrific ways by humanity because of their need for their bodies as food. It is not eating animals that is the major problem; it is the lack of recognition that animals have souls and the lack of love and care in their treatment. The soul of the animal kingdom is naturally and even devotedly willing to offer up its forms to the forms of humanity if they are needed. It is a shocking travesty that this devotion is treated with such callousness. In fact, the callousness is caused by the hardening of the heart against this same devotion. When a kingdom denies the presence of a soul in the kingdom below it, it is itself cut off from the love of the kingdom above it. For humanity to receive the descent of the love of the fifth kingdom of solar angels, it must restore right relationship with the third kingdom, the animal.

That love first takes the form of treating another as we would like to be treated. When humans have not faced and surrendered to their own death, then they naturally project this onto animals. Deciding not to kill and eat animals is a developmental phase which reflects humanity’s desire not to be killed or eaten (incorporated into the body of a higher kingdom). It is an advance on unconscious killing but still interprets being loving as not causing harm (and death is seen as the greatest harm) to the form. When the soul of humanity is in communion with the soul of the animal kingdom, then there will still be a huge transference in both the forms and the consciousness between the two. But this communion will be lovingly expressed and a happiness unknown before will become present in the animal bodies of humanity.

The higher octave of being killed and eaten willingly and lovingly is the relationship between the human kingdom and the fifth kingdom or the kingdom of souls. Just as the forms and consciousness of the animals make up our body, so the body/minds of humans make up the forms of the fifth kingdom via the ashrams on the buddhic plane.

When death comes via the soul, it comes in awareness first. It asks for the willing surrender of the ego or the separate individualised identity of the human soul. The individual becomes aware that, on a deep level, it is being asked to die. If there is no consciousness of this process, then consent can take the form of suicide, or death by accident, or projected out onto harming others.

If there is consciousness and love, then the identity can surrender; and when this happens, it finds itself resurrected or incorporated into a larger body - the body of the soul which is naturally found in one or other of the ashrams which are the subtle ‘organs’ of the planetary being.

Therefore we are trying to prepare the consciousness of humanity by letting them know the following:

Death is coming.

As much as possible, we are trying to offer that death by natural causes - i.e., outside the will and hand of humanity.

This death is an ally and it only wants to take that which is willing to die - i.e., souls that give their consent on inner levels of awareness.

Being willing to die is not limited to the loss of your form, but is essentially aimed at the death of a separate identity.

At the physical level, the presence of death will either produce a rapid deterioration of the body, resulting in physical death; or a galvanising of the immune system and a strengthening of the overall vitality.

At the emotional level, the presence of death will produce an ending of relationships based on fear, control and co-dependence; and a strengthening of relationships that are anchored in love and soul resonance.

At the mental level there will be a breakdown of the old ideological systems based on separation, and a flowering of the soul-in-mind sourced from the ashram’s communion with Life.

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon

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