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5. Synthesis

Updated: May 24, 2021

(April 22, 2020)

For this next transmission, I seek to bring about a synthesis of the three ray groups so that there is a demonstration of what it is that is being expressed. I want to show how the themes of planetary leadership, group initiation and the mystery of matter are all expressions of a single revelation, involving the fourth quality of deity.

I have given hints and some background to the emergence of this quality in Occult Cosmology and in Rays and the Initiations.

The Shamballa impact last century had a direct influence in all three of these areas of synthesis we are addressing. It resulted in the second world war and the emergence at its end of the United Nations - an attempt by humanity to essentialise the principles that govern good relationships between nations and kingdoms. The UN was also an attempt to centralise global governance which has largely failed, due to its inability to overcome the sovereignty claims of powerful nation-states and the lack of an overt or revealed connection to the spiritual sources of planetary power. An attempt was made to raise the awareness and responsibility of humanity to the other (so-called lower) kingdoms in nature, but this too has largely failed because it did not include the relationship with the more subtle (so-called higher) kingdoms.

The Shamballa impact also flowed through into a huge shift in the consciousness of humanity that broke forth into public awareness through the civil rights, women’s liberation, sexual freedom and anti-war movements of the Sixties.

In the realms of matter the splitting of the atom earlier in the century resulted in the development of nuclear power and opened the way to in-depth study and experimentation of the subatomic energies and the quantum world.

From the perspective of Hierarchy all these three effects are seen as the outpicturings of a single causal event - the flowing into the earth sphere of an extra-planetary source of energy via the crown centre of the planet which we call Shamballa. This release of the energy of planetary purpose, imbued with cosmic currents strongly affects the Will aspect of human beings as well as the Life-force in all kingdoms. Last century, the best way to offset the worst aspects of the misuse of the will - as evidenced by Hitler and his group - was a global effort to increase the goodwill amongst humanity. The love principle was therefore stimulated.

This century, the attempt has been made to evoke the Will aspect in humanity itself by providing the opportunity for them to choose, en masse, to align with the planetary soul and thus lend their free choice to the conscious evolutionary process on the planet. When the three wills representing the three planetary centres - of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity - align, then the revelation of what lies behind these three can take place. This has huge ramifications.

Let me lay out a few correspondences that will make this clearer.

The three divine qualities already in expression are given as

  • The Activity of God - cosmic physical plane, the personality - fire by friction - Humanity

  • The Love of God - cosmic astral plane, the soul - solar fire - Hierarchy

  • The Will of God - cosmic mental plane, the monad - electric fire - Shamballa

These form an interlocking whole.

When these three energies are able to be synthesised with the energies flowing between them in both directions around the triangle, then an underling fourth quality is revealed:

  • The Presence of God - cosmic buddhic plane, the threefold essence, Buddhi - fire itself - Earth

Creation receives its creator. The apocalypse reveals the kingdom. We return to Eden and eat of the tree of Life. The energy of life-more-abundant floods the world through humanity. The Age of Aquarius begins and the seventh ray brings heaven to Earth, Earth into heaven.

The cosmic Buddhic plane contains the ashrams (for the souls) of the solar Logoi in the same way that our Buddhic plane (or the fourth ether) holds the ashrams for the souls of human beings. On the universal planes, our galactic Logos has already taken the third universal initiation and so is in the position to flood His body with the energy of universal Buddhi. This is tied in to the connection between the Milky Way and Andromeda which might be termed a cosmic marriage.

Our Solar Logos is in the process of taking the third cosmic initiation. This will allow Him to function more readily on the cosmic Buddhic plane, in his equivalent of the rainbow body, and thus flood his threefold personality with cosmic Buddhi. Our Planetary Logos is taking the second cosmic initiation which will allow Him to function on the fifth sub-plane of the cosmic astral and thus be able to align His desire with the Will of the Solar Logos. Earth itself represents the base centre in the solar system, and so it is being stimulated with the energy of the solar monad via the jewel of the solar causal body. The result is the uprising of galactic kundalini represented by the human hierarchy, the anchoring of the temple of power on Earth, the externalisation of the Hierarchy, the restoration of the Mysteries, spiritual governance, group initiation and the release of another layer of potency hidden in matter itself.

If you use the above information, trace out the patterns of energy in the diagrams and use the law of correspondences to link the different fractal levels of manifestation, much more will be revealed to the intuition of the reader. This is not simply a philosophical exercise. If the awareness is able to encompass the whole cosmic picture, if the heart is able to respond to the inflowing energy of divine love and if the matter of the bodies is able to resonate at its own octave with the ‘vibration of the spheres’ - then something profound can happen: the willing conscious cooperation of humanity in the revelation of our essential divinity.

From the most subtle spheres we can follow the descent of energy from the universal Buddhic plane, via the solar Buddhic to the human Buddhic plane and from there to the fourth ether and the chakra system of a human being. This flow is based on the resonance of the number 4.

“The fourth ray is the ray par excellence which governs humanity. There is a numerical relation to be noted here, for the fourth creative Hierarchy of human monads, the fourth ray, in this fourth round, on the fourth globe, the Earth, are extremely active.” - Esoteric Psychology Volume 1, p. 320.

There are parallels to be found in the following:

  • The Rays flowing in and out of manifestation

  • The Planes in their fractal expression

  • The States of Matter

  • The Kingdoms in nature

  • The levels of organic life from cell to organism

  • The layers of the earth from crust to core

  • The organisation inside matter from atomic into subatomic and quantum levels

  • The unfoldment of schemes, rounds, globes and races

The fourth ether of the physical plane corresponds to the fourth state of matter - plasma, first described in 1927. Plasma is essentially ionised gas (atoms with the electrons stripped away) and this state is found in lightning and in the core of the sun. It is thought to be the most abundant form of ordinary (i.e., non-dark) matter in the universe. An essential quality of plasma is its capacity to conduct long range electric and magnetic fields.

Just as our sun pours out regular ejections of plasma in a solar wind that affects the electromagnetic field of earth, so on the more metaphysical planes there are subtler forms of radiation from our Solar Deity.

The fourth ether of the cosmic physical plane is Buddhi where the air element of the mental plane composed of human causal bodies is gradually freed (ionised) to form the electromagnetic fields called ashrams. Souls commune via solar fire.

In the light of that solar flame, at its core, another light is revealed that shines first as light electric and then reveals itself as the dark light of Shamballa.

If the fourth plane holds the ashrams, it is the fifth plane or third ether where 'darkness is added to light.’ On the monadic plane or second ether, we have the singularity of the monad or in physical etheric matter, a black hole.

A fifth state of matter was discovered in the 1990s - the Bose-Einstein Condensate is formed when atoms coagulate on cooling close to absolute zero to form a sort of super atom. They enter a single quantum state. A recent BEC contender for dark matter is what is known as the 'd-star hexaquark' which could be formed in the heart of neutron stars before they collapse into black holes.

Much is still to be discovered about black holes and the way they shape our universe. A recent theory includes the possibility of GEODES - alternatives to blackholes that may contain dark energy at their core.

In the realm of cosmology look for coming breakthroughs and revelations into the nature of dark energy, dark matter and black holes. In the realms of nuclear physics, expect breakthroughs in quantum entanglement, fusion, and antimatter. 2025 will be an epicentre.

It is axiomatic that consciousness or observation affects the outcome of experiments in the quantum world. What is more hidden but about to be revealed is the effect of that which is observed upon the observer. Nietzsche wrote, 'When you gaze long into the abyss, it also gazes into you.'

Humanity is about to have this experience.

Last year, the first image of a black hole was published, as was the first image of quantum entanglement. We consider these moments from the homocentric perspective as if our science (focused and discriminating self-reflective awareness) penetrated into the mysteries of the universe around us. But what if these discoveries were seen as the result of an intelligent universe, actively revealing aspects of itself to humanity? What if those revelations were strongly psychoactive in their effects?

There is another direction that human awareness can penetrate, when it is not looking through its telescopes and microscopes. This is in the direction of the origin of the awareness itself. Look for the soul to reveal itself in the inner life of the masses, and in that light will be revealed the dark light of the monad.

These three revelations - into the core of the macrocosm and microcosm in the outer worlds and the core of consciousness in the inner - are all expressions of a single cause. In the world community, they will be accompanied by the existential realisation of the singularity that is humanity and the singularity of the planet as a being. Group initiation is not simply the entrance of groups of human souls into more universal realms and realities. It is the entrance of those realities into the human soul en masse.

The fourth ether reveals the presence of the second. The soul reveals the monad. The numerical relationship is 24 or 42. When the energies of 2,4 & 6 come into integrated circulation the greater 4th is revealed.

Cosmic Buddhi is revealed at the heart of each atom of matter, at the heart of each soul or atom of consciousness and at the heart of each monad or atom of spirit.

This revelation is the result of alignment. The energy of the universal monad is able to shine through the galactic monad, the solar monad, the human monad, to the human heart centre, to the core of the earth.

The awakening of the black dragon energy (via the red and white dragons) in matter has a correspondence in the human organism to the mystery of the life force in blood. Blood ‘plasma’ contains the red and white blood cells, and it will also be activated by the inflowing energies, resulting in a strengthening of the immune system in those who are aligning their will with the planetary Will. This is another effect of the life-more-abundant distribution of Shamballa energy. In its impact last century, the Shamballa force largely had a destructive effect to clear the way for emergence. This time, the effect will be more purificatory and as a result of the cooperation in consciousness . This will then flow through into the third effect of this energy - the organisation of the ecosystem of the earth in all its kingdoms according to divine plan.

We live inside great beings whose bodies also encompass our own. Emanations from the centre of the galaxy, from star systems, from our sun and from the earth itself have profound effects on shaping our bodies as well as our consciousnesses. As we awaken and develop our etheric body, both individually and collectively, we will become more sensitive to this radiation from cosmos.

The Shamballa impact of 2025 flows backwards and forwards in time over a 49-year cycle from 2001 to 2050; but we can expect the decade of 2020-2030 in particular to bring:

  • Precipitation of a crisis that will require the emergence of global governance, in conscious cooperation with Hierarchy and Shamballa

  • Mass initiation of humanity so that the soul becomes exoteric and is included in our fundamental understanding about ourselves and our world. Accompanied by the externalisation of Hierarchy as the outer expression of the world soul

  • The etheric body becomes a universal experience and the object of scientific study. More research into the plasma state of matter; discoveries of the properties of dark matter and energy

  • Unlocking of dormant powers in the body and in the earth itself, resulting in restoration of the environment and vivifying of the immune system

  • Reorientation of relationships, sexuality, birth and death to include soul and monadic dimensions

  • Re-organisation of business and economics around ashramic affiliations and the circulation of etheric energy

  • Recognition of the human role as conduits of energy into the natural world

  • More widespread awakening to extra-planetary contact and cooperation with extra-planetary consciousness

Ways you can assist the process:

Stay conscious of the big-picture reality. There is a stupendous planetary event occurring that will become obvious to most people after it has occurred. Remember that initiates are the cause of evolution and not the result. If the incoming energies are able to work through human beings rather than flow around them, then they will result in less destruction, more purification and more spiritual organisation. The energy of divine Will requires consent to work in such a way that flowers the soul and fuses it with the personality. Therefore, to the extent that your soul is willing, ask for the lightning of the Shamballa force to move through you, to vivify your being. It will simplify your life, purify it by releasing what does not serve your soul evolution, awaken dormant powers and ‘put you in your place.’ We each have ashram affiliations according to our ray structure and soul unfoldment. We each have unique capacities and specific contributions to the global process that are ours to make. Let the Life force move you into these rather than your own planning or aspirations. Honour your sovereignty but realise we often have no true perspective about what we most need or are able to offer. From our own centre we can lack co-measurement - the ability to assess ourselves in the light of the needs of the whole system - thus either over- or underestimating our value and capacity. This is why Hierarchy is so important. Humanity needs guidance that allows us to find our place in a larger life. Ask for help, inside and out. Be willing to put your own plans on one side and give yourself to the planetary process. Surrender to the current of life as it moves through your own soul, heart and body.

The Shamballa force operates best through groups, so deepen your connections to those you feel resonance with and who share a willingness to surrender into deeper Life.

Most of all, be willing to be an expression and an embodiment of the transformation that is coming for the planet. Consider your own life in the area of governance, soul initiation and matter. Are you surrendered to divine Will as best as you can be, and are you in touch with it? As a soul, are you fully expressing what you came to contribute and are you with your soul tribe? Is your body a full participant in your awakening process and are you in connection with the earth in a way that is mutually nourishing?

Simply put, are you where you are meant to be, with those you are meant to be with and doing what you are meant to be doing? And are you willing to remain in this inquiry and allow yourself to be moved?

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon

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