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7. Wesak and Earth as Cosmic Shaman

Updated: May 24, 2021

(May 6, 2020)

It is the Wesak full moon, which marks the high point of the spiritual year - at least in terms of light. In this case it is the light within light, the light of Life or the dark light that I want to focus on. The annual inflow point for extra planetary energies into the soul of humanity has a time - the Taurus full moon - and a place - the Wesak valley at Mt Kallas in Tibet. This once-a-year event is linked to the once-in-100-years event of the Shamballa impact, which is linked to a once-per-millennium event and so on - fractals of the number 1 and the first ray. Esoterically, all major changes in civilisation and culture can be traced back to the inflow of subtle cosmic energies into the field of Earth.

In Occult Cosmology, I pointed out that when a civilisation such as Earth is able to reconnect in consciousness with its galactic origin, then this has a two-fold effect. On Earth it is registered as the coming of the Avatar or the Great Revelation. In the centre of the galaxy, it is registered as ‘a returning dragon’.

The awakening of the dark energy stored in the earth, the connection with the galactic centre, the coming of death-which-is-life, the initiation of civilisation, the anchoring of the temples - all form part of an interlocking whole.

Humanity is still coming to awareness about the power of its awareness as well as its origin. In Esoteric Astrology I indicated how dangerous it might be to focus group awareness on particular points in cosmos, in that case the star Betelgeuse, because of the effects that inflowing energies might have. When the civilisation of Earth has truly been initiated into its Aquarian era, it will begin to function as a cosmic shaman. In other words, Earth as a whole will become increasingly sensitive to cosmic currents and the sea of energies in which it lives.

Humanity has a significant role to play in this sensitivity, but it will require integration with the other kingdoms in nature as well as synthesis within humanity itself. This is why the Ashram of Synthesis is critical at this evolutionary time.

A destiny awaits for humanity, far vaster than its preoccupation with its own internal cleavages and its attempt to survive on a planet that it is quickly making uninhabitable. This is a destiny that can only be engaged as a whole - a single entity - humanity. This entity then must recognise its role as one kingdom in a seven-fold being, which is Earth. Then Earth can take its conscious place in the grand adventure of cosmic proportions. Then Earth will be a sacred planet - one definition of which is a planet that has been able to consciously integrate and at-one its kingdoms into a functioning whole. Earth itself is the cosmic shaman, and we are cells within that being consciously integrated.

In order for this to take place, you will see how important it is for the Aquarian civilisation to replace the Piscean. Let me give you a simple definition of this transition. It is essentially the replacing of the 'I' in the centre of the individual with the 'I' of humanity. Or to put it another way, the 'I' in the centre of the individual is revealed to be simply an extension, or ray, of the 'I' of humanity. Piscean consciousness is solar - the goal was for the individual to awaken as a soul, to pick up his or her cross and follow the example of Jesus, or Buddha or another of the many individual members of the human race who had achieved solar-hood. The self-realisation or salvation of the individualised self through a graded series of initiations or expansions.

At the cusp between civilisations, the process of group initiation has been instigated. This bridges the individual with the collective. The 'I' of the group gradually impresses itself upon the 'I' of the individual. The gap between a planet and a sun is not so large, involving the integration of a group of seven or ten. The gap between a star and a galaxy is another level of scale, involving the integration of billions of other beings.

Identification begins to take over once the process of group initiation reaches a certain point and the individual soul forms a direct relationship with the whole. In esoteric language, the soul can connect with Shamballa and the lord of the world as well to their ashram via a member of the planetary Hierarchy.

For Aquarian civilisation to begin, the 'I' of humanity must have replaced the 'I' of the individual and this with the conscious consent of that lesser 'I'.

The symbol I have given you for this next phase of the teaching is that of the black hole at the centre of the galaxy. This is the symbol for the monad and identification, just as the sun (or later, Sirius) is the symbol for the soul or group initiation. Symbols have layers of significance and I seek to draw your attention toward the underlying reality. Last year, in 2019, astronomers formed the first image of a black hole - in this case at the centre of the M87 galaxy in Virgo. For the resolution required, a telescope the size of the whole planet was needed. To achieve this, a global cooperation was required with hundreds of individual telescopes, in both hemispheres, on the ground, underground and in space. These observation points had to be synchronised and the data collected, centralised and processed in order to form the image. Further, the image had to be formed by processing data from the whole electromagnetic spectrum - from very low- to very high-frequency waves.

The symbol has within it the teaching required. Every serious student of identification should have upon their altar this image, formed by the cooperative efforts of a planet in viewing a galactic core. The Andromeda galaxy was the instrument for humanity’s leap in awareness when we recognised that our own galaxy was simply one of billions. The so-called M87 galaxy will also reveal itself over time to have a significant role in our intergalactic relationships. In fact, I can give some indications as to the future astrology. The existing zodiac can still be used, as it indicates a sphere in space around the location of the planet. The signs and planets of exoteric astrology are valid as they reveal layers of meaning. Esoteric or soul-centred astrology added the layers of the stars and the constellations as they pour through the zodiac. Monadic astrology will bring in the effects of the galaxies as they reveal their influence on the evolving psyche of earth. The M87 core, for instance, has the mass of six and a half billion suns and is a significant source of high-energy cosmic rays. A start can be made by locating the other major sources of cosmic rays and plotting them around the zodiac. These include supernovas, pulsars, galactic cores and quasars.

The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a global initiative involving more than 100 telescopes that will bring an increased resolution of more than ten times current capacity. It is likely to bring great advances in our understanding of astrophysics over the next decade. What a pity it is that the realm of metaphysics does not keep pace with its scientific counterpart. If that were so, there would be initiated groups all over the world, cooperating in turning the antennae of the group soul toward the cosmic sources of inspiration at this critical time of earth’s evolution.

The effects of cosmic rays upon the evolution of matter on earth is only just beginning to be investigated. The effects (of their inner counterparts) on consciousness are even more potent and yet the serious, coordinated exploration of this by humans is in its infancy. I offer you ways to accelerate the evolutionary step ahead by shifting your focus beyond the realms you know and are familiar with. It requires a major effort in overcoming the inertia and in training new sensitivities, but the results will be profound.

Some steps you can take:

  • Work with your groups and seek to quickly replace a group of individuals with a group entity operating through a field of individualised selves. This is the process of group initiation and requires the willing surrender or consent of the individual self to the process. Once this has progressed to the point that it can be trusted, then move as quickly as possible to identification. Surrender or merge the group entity at the centre with the one Life of humanity, and then the one Life of the planet. This is spiritual organisation, wherein the individual cell is now knowingly and cooperatively part of a whole. Now the whole, through its many parts, turns them in the same inner direction, or orientation.

  • Orient to the galactic centre not only as a symbol, but as a source of inspiration and inflowing potency. Know where the physical location is in the sky (27 degrees Sagittarius in the zodiac) and be able to locate it. Know when the galactic centre rises and sets in your location and when it is overhead. Create rituals that orient yourself to it in time and space. Put the image of the galactic core of M87 on your altar and in your group space and contemplate its layers of significance. Meditate individually and together on the core of the Milky Way or M87 (which is monadically one with all galactic cores). Seek to become sensitive to the inner emanations from this source. Synchronise global meditations using the group causal fields, in the same way that the telescopes were used.

  • Create altars or dedicated places on the land where the specific alignment with galactic core energy is undertaken. Seek to transmit the equivalent of cosmic ray energy into the earth at that point so that the Black Dragon energy begins to awaken and flow. Involve your body in rituals and practices that circulate the energies both from the earth and from cosmos. Use the entry point at the back of the heart for galactic chi and activate your dark body.

  • Realise that the explorations of the cosmic world and of the subatomic world are not separate from the evolution of your own consciousness/body and that a radically new civilisation is coming. In order to play a part in that coming, shift your focus now so that identification with the whole, the one Life is at the centre of your heart. The inner mystery of the galactic core is at the centre of your consciousness. The dark ecstatic current of the awakening Black Dragon is awakened in your body.

This teaching on synthesis requires that the whole being is brought into alignment. Soul, heart and body vibrating with the dark light of spirit.

One further point to contemplate. The teaching on the seven rays is related to the soul, consciousness and the process of group initiation. The bridge between the soul and monad includes the spectra on either side of the seven rays of light. In the electromagnetic spectrum, this links the ultraviolet with the infrared. The saturation of the earth with microwave radiation in the infrared spectrum (5G, cell phones etc.) needs to be balanced with the ultraviolet end of the spectrum - the cosmic rays. Do not concern yourself with the politics involved but rather, see all the unfoldments as part of an interlocking whole that includes the ozone hole over antarctica, climate change, 5G, dark matter/energy, cosmology of black holes, civilisation change, and your own inner awakening. Stepping back from all of the events occurring on the planet, see them as outpicturings of a single process instigated by the soul of the earth, with the consent of humanity. Shift your attention, then, to what is coming and begin to play your part as a conscious cell, identified with the whole vivifying life of this cosmic shaman, Earth.

Transmission from Bruce

Deep Dive from Jon

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